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Hellhound Sculpture- Completed

Discussion in 'Wildlife Artwork and Crafts' started by Knuxtiger4, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    You know most of this was a ado about nothing. Some of you might recall a guy named Patrick Rummans. Most will be hard pressed to find a better bird guy that Patrick is, but IF I RECALL, Patrick went out and created the AFLAC duck and other animations (If that's incorrect, SOME TAXIDERMIST sure did along with the GEICO gecko.)
  2. navajo

    navajo New Member

    i have a couple ideas for a display they may or may not be what you are thinking but one idea is do some really dark gray or black dirt add a few jagged 1-4" dark rocks around then add some mahogany snake grass to your liking(if you want it to look like it is in hell maybe add a pool of lava in front of it) idea number two is more on the lines of a haunted house type display. do something similar to my first idea but maybe instead of the snake grass do another type a lot thinner the color them black add bigger rocks definitely add a stream of lava a real bright red and orange color then add paint all the grass in a few different colors of glow in the dark paint same with the lava but only in the red and orange. then highlight the high points or just the outside edges of the rocks. just ideas

  3. I was think on it today, I was indeed thinking of some dark dirt, maybe adding in ashes from my fireplace to make the ground looks destroyed in a way. I do like the idea of some jagged rocks and the dead grass. Only thing is that I would have to use real rocks for one and two I have no clue where to get some dead grass. I would imagine a craft store might have some of the stuff, but I don't know. I need to first think about how to make a base for it and stuff like that. I mean this might take months to create due to money and the fact I'm not at all great with the saws. But do like some of the ideas you suggested.
  4. animalxii

    animalxii New Member

    i think it looks great. Its nice to see something different once and a while. Don't let what others say get to you, its their opinion. Bush it off your shoulder. keep up the good work ;)
  5. Thank you. =)

    I have to do some repair work on her though. I came home one day and saw her jaw hanging badly (maybe she saw something shocking) and I need to reinforce the head. I'm taking her to a mall in NJ next week to show my woodshop teachers who will be there for a show. I just need to figure out how to get her in my car better.

    I also have had a few people who might be interested in smaller version (hellpuppies). So I'm waiting to see if people are actually going through with it. Only thing is that I'm probably going to exclude the ribs and vertebrates and they would be made of faux fur. But I have to see what happens. =)
  6. animalxii

    animalxii New Member

    thats a sweet idea. you could always use fewer ribs or smaller ones from a small mammal on the pups. lol make then little spike horns! hahaha better post them on here if you do make some. and make sure you get your $ out of them. i remember in one of your 1st posts that you were only going to charge something like $350 for them, if i remember correctly. I would charge like $1000 just because its so creative and a original design. just an idea. Im sure you put of tone of time into it as any taxidermist would :)
  7. Silverose01

    Silverose01 Proud member of LTBBOI

    Smaller version could be fox or somthin
    I dislike faux fur and would not buy lol even if I had money
    I think faux fur takes away from the realism
  8. yeah i agree with not using faux fur... you will find it will be harder to do then using real fur... Trust me been there done that.

    And to determine the price you want take your materials... and what you want to make per hour...

    Like this

    Materials - 175$

    Dollars per hour- 50$
    Hours needed- 10

    you get 675$ if u take 10 hours and want 50$ an hour. Of course you can make that more or less ect ect.
  9. I'm still figuring out my pricing on such pieces right now. Someone might be interested, but request faux fur, which isn't a problem, I've done two other creatures, both made of faux fur. I do agree the faux fur just doesn't make them as real, which was why old Mirage end up with real over fake. But I'll figure something out, I still have yet to get my first commission, so once I do I can figure out pricing.

    As of the hellpuppies, my rough idea was to either wrap the body (really don't want to) or to use a Kit Fox form because they are very small. I'd probably use a Fox skull, probably a Red Fox for the head. I doubt I could do lighting in the eyes because of the size of the skull, but I can try. =) The horns would probably be very small antlers or broken points from one. The vertebrates and ribs I haven't figure out, I would assume coyote ribs and vertebrates would work, but I found it was hard enough to get the bones so I was thinking maybe the pups wouldn't have the exposed bones until they are older? I haven't figure out what animal would have to be used, it would probably have to be a coyote pup or a fox even, but I'm not sure. Not planning to make one right now, but someone is interested. If I was to rough a price, might be around $200 to close to $300 if it was all animal parts.

    And I'm laughing now, I probably can write up on my hellhound species now. ;D

    I'll figure out something with my pricing.
  10. I'd love to mount something like this one day... <3
    Maybe even put some animatronics in it! :p
  11. hawkflyer

    hawkflyer I'm not short, I'm fun sized.

    If I can make a suggestion, definitly use real fur, and if you want to have a small boney ridge down the spine, make it out of polymer clay. That way you can make it look however you want and you won't have to worry about size. You could do the same for small spike horns. Make sure the eyes you use are large and if possible a golden color. The pups could get into some more advanced taxidermy, depending on their size. You may have to cast your own form or learn to wrap one. I'd suggest a little more research, before you get any supplies.

    If you want to make a couple of these for yourself, they would look nice playing with bones near their mother in your display. Just a thought.

    You were worried about the adult not standing on her own. If you make a knarled tree trunk standing behind her, on your display, you can attach her to it with long screws. And if you're going to sculpt a tree trunk, don't forget to add skelatal faces in it's bark. It's what I'd do if it were me. Good luck.
  12. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    Great advice if you want her to go broke. If she needs $50 an hour wage then she better charge 50 + overhead and profit averaged into an hourly rate.
  13. Yeah still trying to figure out an hourly wage thing, I would go with my current pay I get at work, but that's not enough. I was think in the range of $10 to $20 an hour, depending on what size of the creature in question. If I remember right, I think my small creature I did, Diesel was rough 3 hours of work maybe and he's about the size of a opossum.

    I mean this person isn't sure yet right now, but I'm at least preparing if someone ever does want something.

    As of animatronics, a lot of people have told me I should to really scare people, sadly I have no clue how to, but one day.... she will be moving, maybe. =)
  14. 10$ an hour.... don't do that! Your doing something that no one else is making so people will pay for it. Alot of the people laugh at me on here for making plushies... But i am making 45$ an hour and its a cushy job :) And i am full time. Sooo they can laugh at me all they want :D, If you have a broad enough audience you can sell these! i am going to start going to fairs and selling this summer, That will be interesting. Knuxtiger i got some cool ideas for ya if you have yahoo or aim or somthing.

    Aim: iknomyabcdsn123s
    yahoo: [email protected]
  15. Damn that's good. And yes, I'll PM my AIM user name, I'm on too much.
  16. ivywolf

    ivywolf New Member

    I'm late seeing the finished product, but glad I came back to check! It came out great! If you ever do get the chance to make a male, I'd love to see him. I'm a gore hound to the bone, for sure. Although, I would actually like to see you do regular taxidermy mounts, as well. I think you could do them really well. You have far more patience than I do. ;) I try skinning, get fed up and end up with just the skull/bones. lol!
  17. Well as of right now I want to mount a weasel as a non rogue taxidermy piece and then I would use another to make a quick rogue taxidermy one to sell and a last one for something else planned. I want to try to mount small animals for now because of I'm trying to save money right now. I'm still looking into prices right now but hopefully in a few months I'll get to one.

    I also realized I have a lot of foam broad laying around so I'm planning to construct a poseable body for a hellpuppie for those that are interested.

    Also need to adjust the skin on Mirage, realized that the dark fur is on one side, so that's another quick project to do is to fix that problem.
  18. IMO there's nothing wrong with using faux fur for certain things (BTW the hellhound came out great - I like the glowing head!) - it all depends on how much control you need over the finished product and if it's something you may want or need to replicate as close as possible. I use faux fur all the time on my faux mounts because I have to get a certain look each and every time and I don't have much control with real fur. Real animal fur varies tremendously (consider the work that goes into matching or dying pelts to make a coat, for instance) and since I make production items that have to look nearly the same (unless the customer requests otherwise) I want the same fur to come off the same roll I buy from the same company each and every time.

    If you are making one of a kind items like the hellhound this won't be much of an issue, though. But if you need to control the exact look and quality each and every time for every piece, faux fur would be your best bet. Either that or you have to warn your customers to expect certain degrees of variation between each piece.
  19. Thank you for the advise Schrecken. I have to say that you are really great with faux fur, best I've seen. :) And thank you for comment about the hound.

    As of right now, going to make a faux fur hellpuppy as a test. I bought enough faux fur from the craft store to make two males. I know there are company who make amazing faux fur but the only thing is it is expensive for just a yard of it plus the shipping, it tend to get crazy, thus I'm limited to whatever the craft store has. They did tell me they will get more faux fur colors coming in around Halloween so I'm hoping to get some brown fur as well. And I believe people understand that if they want the hounds made of really fur that some will be different from the others, but I'll be sure to mention it. As of right now, the people who are interested want faux fur because they want to be able to afford one. I estimated it who cost them around $125 to $130 for one with faux fur, while one made of possible rabbit fur or something else would be $150+.

    I know I need to learn more stuff with faux fur. I tried airbrush dye of the faux fur to get purple fur with poor results. This was back when I finished my senior project which was making a lifesize version of my creature.
  20. I had some decent results with dying white faux fur for a customer who requested a fantasy animal that had magenta and lavender fur (I was able to buy some colored furs but nothing that matched the customer's artwork so I had to do some dyeing) - some faux furs take more readily to dye and others don't. If you PM me I can give you some more pointers on dying faux fur and what sorts of furs to look for that are most likely to take dyes the best.