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NTA Update

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NTAHQ, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. NTAHQ

    NTAHQ Dedicated to protecting the future of taxidermy

    NTA Updates

    By unanimous consent of the NTA Officers and Board of Directors I have been directed to post highlights, up-to-date current events and offer timely information about the National Taxidermists Association. We believe this information will promote an open dialog and provide a positive link to taxidermists nationwide.

    •The NTA attended the 74th annual North American Wildlife Conference.

    •The Taxidermists Emergency Relief Fund was able to assist 2 taxidermists in recent months both with fire to their studios.

    •The NTA gave $1,000.00 in support of the CWD Alliance.

    •Nov. 14, 2009 Virginia confirms the state’s first CWD infected whitetail deer. The VTA was contacted to offer educational materials to all taxidermists at their upcoming show in March 2010.

    •John Jackson of Conservation Force successfully acquired the release of over 500 crates containing foreign trophy shipments owned by American hunters that were held for erroneous fish and wildlife violations. A spectacular victory for all of our national taxidermists to say the least. Thank you Conservation Force and John Jackson! Thank you to those donors that help the NTA support Conservation Force.

    •Several SCI members contacted the NTA Conservation Committee with assistance to aid American polar bear hunters with less expensive locations to store trophy hides during the current ban on this species. A highly reputable Canadian taxidermist offered each hunter one year cold storage at the rate of $100.00 per year per hide. As opposed to the $600.00 annually per hide they were previously being charged.

    •The NTA Board at their annual Winter Board Meeting recently held in New Orleans, LA by unanimous vote voted to abolish the affiliation requirement with the new NTA bylaw amendment, to take effect January 1, 2011, The NTA shall make provisions for the cross affiliation with other wildlife conservation groups whose bylaws are in general agreement with the NTA bylaws and strives to promote taxidermy as an educational occupation that seeks to conserve wildlife through the preservation of specimens by using the highest standards in the art.

    •NTA Judges July 14-17, 2010 Springfield, Illinois
    Whitetail Deer -- Rick Carter
    Gameheads -- Greg Brumfield
    Life-size Mammals -- Vince Gallegos
    Fish & Reptiles -- Frank Kotula
    Waterfowl -- Harvey Zeigler, III
    Birds -- Nancy Crocker
    Commercial--Frankie Thompson

    •NTA Judges Committee for the next year will consist of Mike Kirkhart-Florida, Harvey Zeigler of Illinois and DeWayne Dewey of Wyoming along with chairman Joe Kaiser.

    •For many years the NTA has included a $12,000 AD & D insurance policy with your membership. As a reminder there are three additional items to this policy that are a complimentary part of your NTA membership:

    •Emergency Evacuation Benefit-You will receive covered emergency evacuation expenses reasonably incurred if you suffer an injury or emergency sickness that warrants emergency evacuation while you are outside a 100 mile radius from your current place of primary residence, up to a maximum of $25,000.00 for all emergency evacuations due to all injuries from the same accident or all emergency sickness from the same or related causes.

    •Repatriation of Remains Benefit-If you suffer loss of life due to injury while outside a 100 mile radius of your current place of primary residence, the insurance company will pay for covered expenses reasonably incurred to return your body to the current place of primary residence, up to a maximum of $5,000.00. Covered expenses include, but are not limited to, expenses for: (1) embalming or cremation; (2) the most economical coffins or receptacle adequate for transportation of the remains; and (3) transportation of the remains by the most direct and economical conveyance and route possible.

    •Rehabilitation Benefit-If you suffer an accidental dismemberment or an accidental paralysis for which an AD &D or paralysis benefit is payable under the policy, you will be reimbursed for covered rehabilitative expenses that are due to the injury causing the dismemberment or paralysis. The covered rehabilitative expenses must be incurred within two years after the date of the accident causing that injury, up to a maximum of $5,000.00 for all injuries caused by the same accident.

    •NTAHQ is proud to report that the NTA has again come full circle not only with its optional health insurance through Allstate Insurance Company but also working towards additional options for our membership on the near horizon. Several of the programs being considered for voluntary member participation are supplemental heath, additional AD&D insurance, full term life insurance, travel accident as well as disability income. After working through several managers, we are awaiting final approval from the underwriter and will have the information made known as soon as it is finalized.
    •$12,000 AD& D Insurance Reduction Schedule--With regard to the complimentary AD&D Insurance Policy which NTA members received, please note that the amount payable for a loss will be reduced if an Insured Person is age 70 or older on the date of the accident causing the loss with respect to any Benefit provided under the Policy where the amount payable for the loss is determined as a percentage of his or her Principal Sum. The amount payable for the Insured Person’s loss under that Benefit is a percentage of the amount that would otherwise be payable, according to the following schedule:

    70-74 65%
    75-79 45%
    80-84 30%
    85 and older 15%

    Premium for an Insured Person age 70 or older is based on 100% of the coverage that would be in effect if the Insured Person were under age 70. “Age” as used above refers to the age of the Insured Person on the Insured Person's most recent birthday, regardless of the actual time of birth.

    •A special thank you to NTA Members and supporters Tony and Beth Walls of Tennessee who represented the NTA at the NWTF Convention recently. NWTF contacted NTAHQ requesting our assistance in conducting their NTA sanctioned taxidermy competition. As their convention was the same weekend as the NTA Board Meeting all of our Officers and Board Members were automatically ruled out from participating. Tony and Beth Walls of Tennessee graciously accepted the tough assignment and we all owe them a heartfelt thank you.

    •An enormous thank you to NTA members Jeff Martin of Second To Nature Supply Company and Archie Phillips Supply Company for donating funds to purchase a new computer for the NTA. The computer which contains NTA member data and NTA competition points data was extremely out-of-date. Be sure to thank Jeff and Archie for the generous donation.

    •The NTA Board voted unanimously to present Honorary Memberships to Mr. Henry Wichers Inchumuk and Mr. Stephen Quinn.

    •NTA Awards 2010 Announces New Live Sculpting Division-- First: Carl Akeley Sculptor Title, Recognition Plaque. Second: James L. Clark Sculptor Title, Recognition Plaque. Third: Robert H. Rockwell Sculptor Title, Recognition Plaque. Eligibility: The sculptor must enter in his or her name, but can be sponsored by a supply company. Supply companies can sponsor no more than two sculptors in the competition. The piece with the highest accumulative points will earn its sculptor the title of NTA Best Carl Akeley Sculptor. Second highest will be NTA Best James L. Clark Sculptor and third highest will be NTA Best Robert H. Rockwell Sculptor. If there is a tie for any of these positions the judges will be asked to cast ballots for those pieces only. Interpretations of all rulings or regulations (and any rules not provided for) will be decided by the Competition Operations Committee. If you have a specific question regarding competition rules, contact the Operations Chairman @ [email protected]

    •At the 2010 NTA Winter Board Meeting it was agreed to place the NTA Judges Profiles on the NTA web site. Profiles contain a list of those individuals that have been certified as skilled judges by meeting certain requirements which include current NTA membership and a onetime Life judge’s fee. Prior to placing on the NTA web site, a list will be published in the April-May-June Outlook. Please reference the list for your name. If you are listed this means you are lacking in one or more areas to remain an NTA judge. You may need to submit your one time Life Time judge’s fee ($50.00) or a current membership renewal in order to remain current in the profiles. If you have new information which you believe needs to be updated i.e. new categories which you qualify to judge or subjects you care to provide seminars on as well as a current photograph these may be mailed to NTA Headquarters or emailed in JPG format to [email protected] In order to reduce the size of the profiles the NTA no longer lists past judging experience and sketches. If updated information with regard to membership renewal and life judges fees are not returned your name will be absent from the Judges Profiles. Please contact NTA Headquarters as they can assist you with further inquiries. It is highly suggested that competition chairpersons contact NTA Headquarters to reference current, renewed membership and judging status of all persons prior to choosing a competition judge.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Cindy Crain
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