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Removing Silicone Chaulking

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by rac1965, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. rac1965

    rac1965 New Member

    I applied silicone caulking to antlers before degreasing and whiteing in BO. What is the best way to remove it?
  2. The first time I did it, I caught hell getting it off. The way you put it on makes all the difference. Get it on the burr real good, but just push it up the antler so that it just lays on the outer edges of the groves. Makes a world of difference in removing it. Also use the cheapest stuff you can find. Other than that, be prepared to take about 30 min. per antler to remove. Small ice pick and pocket screwdriver work wonders. Just so that we are on the same page, use 100% silicone

  3. EMX

    EMX New Member

    When whitening with heat peel them off...once it gets hot they will peel off in a piece or two.
  4. justin_b

    justin_b Just sayin...

    You'd be better off wrapping saran wrap for 4 or 5 inches up the bases. Apply Silicone over the whole saran wrap and overlap it onto the antler a half inch on each end. You will only be dealing with removing the portion that didn't have saran wrap underneath it.
  5. roundman81

    roundman81 New Member

    Is there anything that you cam put on the silicone to soften or dissolve it, without giving it time to damage the antler?
  7. MattHCT

    MattHCT New Member

    Gee, I thought this whole sillycone application was the best thing since sliced bread. :).
  8. frogtoes

    frogtoes New Member

    Roundman, I have use paint thinner on the silicone to get it off. My first time using silicone was NOT a good one,...
    I like the saranwrap idea though that Justin has. But Paint thinner and an old toothbrush worked for me.
  9. dull blade works for me be careful though. never had a problem, it stuck to the antler thru the process very well
  10. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    You can buy silicone remover over here ( uk) , not sure what it would do to he antler though . It softens the silicone and it more or less wipes off.
  11. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    I always shudder when I see the words "dull blade" given as advice. I know Ted is saying (dull won't nick up the rack as bad), but head his warning. I have cut myself up pretty badly more than once because I got lazy about changing out blades.
  12. Skull Farmer

    Skull Farmer New Member

    Learned a good lesson here. Never use a fan to dry the silicone. The fan will make the silicone dry and bond to the horn like you have never seen. Took an hour to get just one side off. Whats bad is that it took 4 heads before I figured out what was making the silicone bond to the horn. X2 Toxic use the Dollar Store brand it comes off the best.
  13. lol i know what you mean but i'm just too affraid to damage the antler, i know it would be a quick fix but try to avoid the damage all together.
  14. I peeled some off last night, almost came off in one piece, get cheapest stuff you can find, +1 onTom M EMX advice on taking it off warm. I think it was cool on the last head, but it still came off easy