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Surry Community College Judges

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by jtcjr, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. jtcjr

    jtcjr Member

    I am finally able to list all judges for Surry mini courses

    Fish Professional Randy Life Amatuer Vincent Fleming
    Reptiles Pro Tom Voyer Amatuer Tom Voyer
    Wt Shoulder Pro Tommy Hall Amatuer Vincent Fleming
    Mammals Pro Chris Barnhardt Amatuer Billy Breen
    Gameheads Pro Chris Barnhardt Amatuer Billy Breen
    Birds Pro Dane Bisel Amatuer Brett Defreitas
  2. Do they take personal checks?

  3. jtcjr

    jtcjr Member

    They did last year.
  4. Paul C

    Paul C New Member

    When I judge its CASH ONLY! (lol)
  5. That's what I was getting at!
  6. jtcjr

    jtcjr Member

    Write the check to me I can make sure the right color ribbon you wants gets on your mount if theres enough zeros on the end. Seriously good luck to all of you that compete, and remember to take all info and improve your mounts. Remember all judges don't see things the same way .
  7. Eric N

    Eric N New Member

    Hey John, is that 2 L's in your last name.
  8. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    That's a whale of a lineup. Everyone should get a solid critique. This is a great show.....come if you possibly can!!
  9. Anybody know when they'll have the seminar schedule?
  10. im4dux

    im4dux New Member

    I don't know about the rest of the schedule but I will be doing a seminar Friday morning at 9:00 (mounting standing waterfowl) and another at 7:30 pm (Fri also). In the second seminar we will be doing a marsh habitat for the duck mounted earlier in the day. Both should be fun seminars!
  11. Thanks guys. Tentatively, my three seminars are as follows
    Thursday 2-4;40 skinning and fleshing an alligator
    friday 9-11:00 mounting and finishing alligator
    friday 2-4:30 mounting a coral snake or king snake with cast head and sculpted body
    saturday 8:30-10:30 mountiung tarantulas and scorpions as habitat additions

    Hope to see you all there!!!
  12. BeachBuck

    BeachBuck New Member

    How does it work?Do you have to sign up for certain seminars?Or first come basis?
  13. When you enroll, you put your top 2 choices down. I don't think you really ever don't get your 1st choice. It just helps Surry make sure they have a big enough room for each seminar. You couldn't tell it by my mounts, but I've learned a lot there. It's well worth it to go.