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Soooooooooo if I ran for president of the NTA.....................

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by michael p., Mar 12, 2010.

  1. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    That's B.S., that's exactly what your intentions were. The definition of the word: any evil condition or thing that spreads destructively; blight. If you refuse to answer the many questions that have been asked of the board, then you would be better served keeping your mouth shut. In an attempt to make Jan look small, you have made yourself look classless.

    BTW, that disease has effected every family, not just yours.
  2. Michael - even if you were to win via write in - it would be like take the captain's position on a ship that appears to be sinking -- your efforts would be better applied elsewhere - -


  3. Mason

    Mason Active Member

    I agree with Cole,

    "USING" a very RARE and upbeat story about cancer in the way you did. Was VERY classLESS!
    I would say, we have all dealt with cancer. Many of my family members have fallen victim to this disease!
    I watched my 16 year old best friend /Nephew, I had the honor of growing up with. Get eaten alive by it. I was 16 at the time also.
    That had to have been the Most devious use of a great thing I have ever seen?
  4. Both Carter and Janelli did what they wanted------to get this thread off track LOL !
  5. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    Michael I would vote for you but as others stated it would be a waste of time. The UTA has a opportunity to grow right now and replace the NTA I would like to see them have a convention as well as a competition and keep their original focus. Presently I'm not a member of either but do plan on becoming a life member of the UTA shortly.
  6. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Well folks, here's the deal in a nutshell. I have spent the last 24 hours communicating with several friends who are much wiser than me in their experience dealing with not for profits. I had decided to completely leave Taxidermist's out of the equation and get some unbiased honest opinions. What I found out left me shocked and actually a little disturbed ::) I will put it sweet and simple. Anybody serving on that board from the President on down can and will be held financialy responsible if there is any truths to the claims of financial discrepancies.

    I am not accusing, I am not saying that there is, although it has been almost a year since these questions were raised and the NTA has done absolutely nothing to clear them up, even going so far as refusing to let 2 former board members speak and present findings to the board about them as they were put on the agenda to do.

    When I mentioned this fact to a friend of mine who serves as the President on a major Co-op board he was floored. He asked "what would you want to even be involved in that mess for?" He said that if there are distractors you put them at the top of the list so they can have their voice heard first. He said that at their board meetings there is a man who has made it his job to monitor them and he is a royal pain in the a$$....he is still a member though and his voice "must" be heard so they listen to him and even go to the point of checking out his complaints and/or accusations and simply give him at the next meeting. "it's a simple part of doing business he explained".

    He later sent me this and said this is "gospel" when it comes to non profit boards....he then asked if the NTA met any of this criteria?

    At its most basic, accountability is having to report to a certain constituency (for example, to stockholders in the case of for-profits and to the public in the case of nonprofits) about what an organization is going to accomplish and also the status of achieving those accomplishments. Accountability is being responsible and accepting the consequences of the actions of the organization, whether those consequences are positive or negative. Progressive and socially responsible organizations take that definition of accountability even further and see themselves as being responsible to "stakeholders" -- to groups of citizens who have a direct or indirect interest in the operations and effects of the organization.

    My simple answer was "no".

    I have always been an optimist by heart, after deep long conversations with business aquaintances I trust, I had to break my own rule of being optimistic and become a pessimist in my view toward the NTA. There is too many unanswered questions that the BOD refuses to answer. Also I would advise anybody sitting on that board to resign and run like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned one thing firmly last night and this morning....if there are ANY financial improprieties that have happened in the past or present, there is going to be one group held accountable for those actions and one group only and that is not the people whom did those acts, it is every member presently sitting on the NTA board of directors. They will consider you 100% responsible because you have the power to take action.

    The one thing I found most astonishing was when another friend told me that the current board by their action of not letting those 2 men (Harry and fred speak) speak to the board (after having been placed on the agenda) that they had, at their own will given any future prosecutor what is legally known as "culpability requirements". He said who ever advised an entire board, whether it be an attorney or another board member to not let those two speak had to be the biggest "dumb a$$" advisor possible. He said even if it is not true, you still let the person(s) speak so that there is no culpability on the part of the board to "cover up".

    After talking to my friends I have realized that I love my studio and home way too much to ever EVEN CONSIDER BEING A PART OF THAT BOARD. I asked the friend of mine from the co-op if he had any advice for the current board and he said for them not to trust that the organization is providing them "Directors & Officers insurance" and to get their own personal policy.

    Good luck NTA, i'm actually sorry I even looked into what the consequenses could be.....they are scary!!

    John Janelli, I think you just provided a HUGE EXAMPLE of what is wrong with the NTA. For months people have been asking questions from board members here and they have went completely unanswered. Well a board member finally rears his head and uses it to chastise, not answer another Taxidermist. If the repetition of these actions were not so common one could find the humor....unfortuanately, there is no humor to be found. Taxidermist's have been screaming and crying for answers, but yourself, Joel edwards and RJ have only snide, smart ass remarks to reply with.

    No wonder Cindy had to write and post that letter, you 3 do not even have the intelligenge or capability of doing so in a respectable way. Hope you 3 do not forget your 5 gallon buckets in July, that NTA ship because of you all, is sinking faster and somebody is going to have to bail water.

    For all of you asking me to put my energy to a more positive resource like the UTA, consider it done (RIGHT NOW!).....I have had enough of these clowns. I love Taxidermy and i'll be damned if I sit around and give sound advice to people too damn stupid to take it. The chips have fallen and I am done.......hello sunshine!! It's a new day!
  7. So do you want to be on the write in?
    I would and will rejoin just for this.
    Gregg Ielfield
  8. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    You can write me in just to make them smile, but DO NOT JOIN TO VOTE FOR ME! I am not running. I am not eligible and would turn it down if I were. You do not understand the liability that would come with even being a board member of that organization at this time.

    Seriously, if you are a member of the NTA, and want to do a write in for President, write "Ronald McDonald". A clown could do a better job than what is being done now.
  9. dc taxidermy

    dc taxidermy Me and My Baby's senior picture

    Mike I just paid my dues, I've got a pen ready to write ya in. LOL