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Youth weekends rock

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by long spur, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. My dad and I learned to turkey hunt together. 17 years later, we are both crazy passionate about it. But, this past winter my dad found that he has two different types of cancer. He's had his entire nose removed, as well as his prostate since Christmas. The doctors have told him that both cancers are very aggressive and will be hard to beat. The reality is, this may very well be his last turkey season. On the other hand, my 9 year old son Carter, had never pulled the trigger on a shotgun before this weekend. He somewhat understands the situation with his grandfather and was very excited to learn we were going to hunt with him over the weekend. Shortly after 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Carter watched two gobblers race 75 yards across a food plot to attack our beloved "ugly boy" stuffed jake decoy. After they flogged the decoy, Carter faliled to shoot. The turkeys spooked and began running back towards the woodline. My dad was helping with the gun, but let go of it thinking the hunt was over. For whatever reason, one of the turkeys stopped and looked back at the decoy. Carter picked the gun up on his own and in his words, "folded him up like a lawn chair". It was without a doubt mine, as well as my dad's favorite hunt of all time. I don't know how often God gets involved with our hunting endeavors, but he did Saturday. And, thank you Alabama for youth weekends.

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  2. That's great. I hope your father gets to do it many times in the future too. Best wishes.

  3. beretta man

    beretta man New Member

    Man that is awesome.
  4. Gobblingfever

    Gobblingfever 100% PEER GOBBLER ADDICTION!!!!

    HELL YEAH!!! Awesome. Great story and best to your father. I am hoping my wife and son get ther first this year.
    That picture is one to be framed and incorporated into your sons mounted First bird. Awesome. Prayers for your dad and give your son a big handshake from me. 8)
  5. It dont get no better than that robbie. prayers going up for your dad......
  6. Great job Robbie and prayers for your dad
  7. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    "Folded him like a lawn chair" haha
  8. Don Houser

    Don Houser Don's Taxidermy Studio

    That is great! Congrats to your family. I have taken my 9yr old grandson out turkey hunting the last two years, hopefully this will be his lucky year. And best of luck for your Dad.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words and prayers. That really means a lot to me.
  10. duxrus

    duxrus Active Member


    I can't wait until my 3 year old gets big enough to go with daddy. Hopefully the young man i will be taking next weekend on our juvi weekend will be as lucky with watching the death flop. :)
  11. Carter,

    Congratulations on a Great bird and Great hunt. However, the best part of the entire experience was that you were able to share it ALL with your Daddy and Grandpa. You will kill many turkeys in you life.......but I will tell you for sure this one will be the one you remember forever AND will be your favorite as well. Of course when you yourself become a Daddy and your boy gets his first turkey hopefully you will have HIS Grandpa with HIM as well. This will be priceless.........Hats off to you Carter !!! Welcome to a whole new level of life in so many ways. Just remember that things happen for a reason. This entire experience was by no means a mistake or luck .........God Bless Carter, to your family and your Papa.