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Found horse with C02 cartridge in mouth...

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by grygon, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    NO2 is nitrogen dioxide, it is a brown gas and a component of smog. It is toxic...


    Perhaps you are referring to N2O. Commonly Referred to as nitrous oxide or "laughing gas"..It to can be hazardous..

  2. I'm absolutely wrong. I was thinking that they used this methodology as it simply displaces the oxygen, thus asphyxiating the animal.

    I looked into it and the toxicological effects are obvious at much lower concentrations.

    Sorry fellas, I'm an idiot.

  3. bowkill

    bowkill New Member

    I agree with cyclone its like saying the bullet didn't kill him it was the blood loss and shock to the body the Co2 does kill and can knock you out quick, I walked into a room where a bulk co2 tank had been leaking, it had a smell added to it for saftey, it only took me a few seconds to get out I was already light headed and near blacking out, Worst part was smelled something funny so took in a deep breath to get a better idea what it was not a good idea. We have added co2 detection alarms to all our buildings with bulk tanks flashing lights at the door and audible alarms now.
  4. Spysar

    Spysar Member

    No one ever said whether it was punctured or not. If it was used in a pellet gun there would be a small hole in the skinny end.
  5. Spysar

    Spysar Member

    You can't imagine anyone cramming the cartridge into the horse. Well I bet no one could imagine anyone pulling one out of a carcass either....but it all happened......
  6. Alright, I think we beat this dead horse long enough ....LOL