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This Is What Happened ...

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by LordRusty, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    ... when Marty Feldman tried his hand at Taxidermy! :eek:
  2. muscle20

    muscle20 New Member

    Obviously who mounted this mammal has know perception, observation and interpretation skills what so ever ! LOL

  3. timberlandtaxidermy

    timberlandtaxidermy Taxidermy Instructor NTA Certified Judge

    Not too bad! Except the bottom jaw is crooked :D
    Wow! Where do you begin?
  4. KClem

    KClem New Member

    Just a few weeks too late for the bobcat mounting competition...too bad I bet it would have done pretty well.
  5. gunner62

    gunner62 Gunners Buckhorn Taxidermy

    Here Kitty Kitty
  6. Silverose01

    Silverose01 Proud member of LTBBOI

    Oh god
    Someone needs to burn that thing and put it out of it's misery
  7. Bangle

    Bangle New Member

    The eyes look like ping-pong balls with acrylic paint lol.
  8. Silverose01

    Silverose01 Proud member of LTBBOI

    And the one looks like someone hit it with their hand and splattered the paint lol
  9. Jims Wildlife Studio

    Jims Wildlife Studio Full Time PA Taxidermist

    Now that is funny. Looks like a scary hand puppet.
  10. timwilly

    timwilly I lost my agenda !!!

    copied for reference.....thanks john. :D
  11. bowkill

    bowkill New Member

    Hey you stole that pick from my for sale site :'( ;D
  12. Cathy

    Cathy N.E.A.T President

    These are the mounts that make me think of Pet Sematary...
  13. Wayne R

    Wayne R NRA and B&C Life Member

    Now, I'm trying to remove that vision from my brain, but it may be too late.
  14. adkgirl

    adkgirl Active Member

    Wasn't that a character in a horror movie????????
  15. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    thats awesome