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NTA Updates

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NTAHQ, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. NTAHQ

    NTAHQ Dedicated to protecting the future of taxidermy

    October 9, 2009 the NTA Conservation Committee was contacted by an officer of the TTA as well as an NTA/TTA member with regard to the local zoning board demanding a cease and desist order for [A Taxidermy Studio]. An official two page statement was sent to the NTA/TTA member on the day said board reconvened and proceeded to vote in favor of NTA/TTA member, keeping his business in full operation.

    The NTA Conservation Committee was able to assist 14 taxidermists successfully obtain their Federal Migratory Bird permits.

    The NTA Conservation Committee was able to assist 6 taxidermists successfully procure their USDA approved facility licenses.

    The NTA Conservation Committee is attending the upcoming 75th annual North American Wildlife and Natural Resource Conference held March 26-30th, 2010.

    TERF Chairman Mel Kincheloe of Kansas along with committee members EJ “Eddie” Johnson of North Carolina and MaryLou Crabtree of California are requesting any donations of supplies be forwarded to the Crowne Plaza in Springfield, Illinois for a fundraiser “Clean Up Your Clutter To Help Another.” For additional information on where and when to send your donations contact Cindy @ Headquarters for details nearer to show time.

    A big thank you to NTA Member Andy Nimmons of Georgia for the donation of photographs for the 2010 reference photograph. This year’s reference photo was a Wild Boar. Be sure to say thank you to Andy for his generous donation.

    Dates and times for the Springfield, Illinois Convention Summer Board Meeting will be on Tuesday, July 13th at 3:00 p.m. and continuing on Wednesday, July 14th at 8:00 a.m.

    NTAHQ has been contacted by Mr. J. Appenzeller, Photo Editor for Outdoor Life Magazine. Mr. Appenzeller requested 2010 convention information as well as several photographs which he plans on publishing in their April issue of Outdoor Life.

    The NTA is extremely privileged to have the commitment of Life Members Ken Edwards and Larry Blomquist. At each convention Ken and Larry photograph competition entries and provide the NTA with a beautiful presentation at their awards banquet. With members such as Larry and Ken the NTA can and will prosper for years to come

    Watch-Group Targets the Humane Society of the United States

    An organization called the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) has launched a watchdog project dedicated to analyzing the activities of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Not only are they scrutinizing the organization's fundraising and spending, but they are exposing the organization's true use of donated funds.

    According to the CCF, HSUS gives less than one-half of one percent of its $100 million budget to hands-on pet shelters, despite using images of abandoned dogs and cats in its TV fundraising ads and telling donors that their donations will help these animals. The fact is that HSUS does not operate a single animal shelter. Nor is it legally affiliated with any. So, where is the money going? Hunting Report readers and taxidermists which receive John J. Jackson's Conservation Force Bulletin monthly already know that HSUS is a leading anti-hunting, anti-meat interest group that organizes and bankrolls PETA-style propaganda and litigation with a huge legal staff.

    To kick off its campaign against the HSUS, the CCF ran a full page in The New York Times, illustrating the animal rights organization's failure to support pet shelters. You can see it on the CCF web site, where it also is posting a growing document library on HSUS, a database capable of tracking dozens of nonprofit and for-profit organizations making up what they call "HSUS's sprawling financial empire," and a blog and news section. You can check it out at http://humanewatch.org.

    The amount of financial support that HSUS and its international affiliates have acquired only emphasizes how much organizations like John J. Jackson's Conservation Force need the support of taxidermists and hunters to counter these groups. Right now, Jackson is litigating against US Fish & Wildlife over trophy importation rules and regulations that were supported by the likes of HSUS and other organizations like it. He has also fought to defeat proposals to uplist various species to Appendix I, including urial sheep, desert bighorns from the Baja Peninsula and most recently the African lion. To support the important work Jackson continues to do for sportsmen everywhere, visit their web site Conservationforce.org to. (Segments of update provided through Hunting Report)

    At last summer’s convention, $3,238.00 was generated from auction donations and merchandise which were designated by the donors to go to Conservation Force. These funds were deposited into the NTA Charley Haynes Wildlife Conservation Fund Account. Any person who is unconvinced about joining the NTA would get their full dues value just with what “Conservation Force” is doing for our industry. More to the point, being represented as taxidermists at all the major conferences held around the world we get inside knowledge of any proposals that could have a negative and adverse effect on taxidermists. This includes monitoring anti-groups that would be keen to put us out of business and also monitoring the Federal Register on a daily basis. Every victory won by “Conservation Force” translates into business for the taxidermy industry. Whether it is from trophies being brought directly to our members, or the forms, hide paste, eyes, panels, tanning and habitat materials used, our members, including our supplier members, benefit directly from the efforts of “Conservation Force.” This is a membership benefit which allows our members to see how committed we are to protecting their future. As a note to our new members, money donated/designated to CF comes from the NTA Wildlife Conservation Fund. All funds donated by our members to NTACHWCF are to be used to protect our rights to hunt, fish and practice taxidermy.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Cindy Crain
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