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yet another Stop Rot ?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by wtailchaser, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. wtailchaser

    wtailchaser New Member

    if i apply during caping/rough fleshing, then return to the freezer, what are the steps afterwards? if i use a Krowtann, should i thaw, thin, wash (in Tide), and then apply the Krowtann? can the cape then be refrozen until ready to mount?
    also, if i use a lutan f tan, will the Stop Rot affect the pickle or the tan?
  2. buckeyebullet23

    buckeyebullet23 New Member

    You need to flesh, put in Krowtann solution, rinse in water, nuetralize, wash in tide, rinse, let it drip for a while, thin. You can freeze it or mount it then. Or you could just follow the instructions that come with the Krowtann.

  3. GWebb

    GWebb Active Member

    I have used Stop Rot prior to using Krowtan and had no problems, Apply Stop Rot as directed, Split, Rough Flesh, use more Stop Rot if you want. Place in freezer until ready to place in Krowtan the required number of days, neutralize, thin/shave cape, wash in Tide and freeze until ready to mount. :)
  4. paul e

    paul e New Member

    if i had a not so freah cape
    id apply the stop-rot and freeze it for 3 weeks at least
    when you take it out and thaw it will be in better shape than when you started
    now i turn everything when i defrost eys,ears,nose,mouth and i run it on the whell
    it works out better on the wheel after its been stop-rot treated and frozen(better than a raw cape)
    then just follow krowtann directions
  5. wtailchaser

    wtailchaser New Member