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no respect

Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by justin33, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. AFWS

    AFWS The lost Robertson

    That is pretty slick ;D Cole I posted again ::)
  2. justin33

    justin33 New Member

    That's a pic of the porch, not the turtle. :D
    See, no respect. LOL
    I am not wanting to disrespect any of the board, judges, or any other artist at any show. I just would like to see more people bring reptile taxidermy to the forfront. I know there will always be more deer at a show, but we should respect all aspects of this field. Some of the original art pieces were awsome. And took way more time and creativity than any turtle.
    I learned more from this years show than I have in a while, and I can't begin to tell you how valueble the orginization has been to my learning curve. If it weren't for great judges and helpfull members, (and a bet), I would have never attempted reptiles four years ago.
    As for this piece, I don't know if I'll show it again or not.
    Have about 3000 AR rounds to use up. ;D
    And don't worry, I will be bringing a reptile next time.

  3. Ross, nice mount and habitat. I agree with Cole, don't retire it just yet, and keep creating. Make more master pieces and forget the politics. In a little while the people will see what's going on and in the real sense of it all, what we recreate from nothing is what really counts, especially if it's realistic and natral... So, go for it man, go!!!!!!!!
  4. Justin Gresham was the creator of this piece. :)
  5. GC

    GC New Member

    Justin, I have never met you before so I hope it's ok that I drop the pic on here for this thread. I am a bird guy, but I made several trips to this piece to look at it and snap some pics. Take that thing to another show and see how it does. I could see that as a WASCO winner very easily. I am in no way an authority on reptiles, but when a mount is artisticly done I really take notice whether it is a snake, pig or bird! I think it was a great piece....keep up the good work.

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  6. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    The piece is without a doubt an award winning piece, but there is a story line that goes with it that is worth telling also.

    Here's my version of what Justin told me; a little boy is out playing, finds this turtle. Puts it in a bucket with rocks and water. As all little boys will do, he wanted to save it for a pet. Mother calls him into the house, and he ran to her call. Meantime, the turtle tips the bucket over and is escaping. It's happened to us all in one form or another at some point in our life.

    I thought the story line was as cute as the mount itself.

    Personally, I think Justin did a great job of depicting the story.
  7. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    Justin, I'll give you the same advice that I was given. When you go to the Big show and other state shows and you blue but still get beat by one point for BOC what do you do? Give up? Nope don't even think of it man. Just go to other shows. Hell I went to the Ohio show because since they post things on here and have open communication and are willing to work with out of staters I found out that they had over 230 pre registered mounts. Now if your looking for the competition and you know with that many mounts there has to be some reptile mounts right. Well go to the bigger shows. Ohio had the most reptile mounts out of any show I have ever been to or heard of besides the World Show of course. You did well with that turtle, TAKE IT TO OTHER SHOWS! I had a pretty well known taxi on this site (a fish guy) tell me to take my gator to other shows and not to retire it so I took his advise and I did go to other shows. You have guys saying retire your mount and some of them say that because they can't mount a piece that strong, don't want the competition, don't understand the time you put into the mount, they honestly believe that one show is enough for a piece, or some of them just like to bust your balls. LOL Regardless do what you feel. If you think you can do better than why not take it somewhere else. On the flip side, just because you take a mount to one show and do very well with it, doesn't mean you will do that well at another show, so you have to be prepared for that. It happens! Don't fool yourself it does and can happen to anyone but thats the chance you take going to other shows with any winning piece.

    I SAY TAKE IT! Great job and I knew the story without Tim writing it out. Anyone that has ever had a pet turtle has had that experience and got it just by looking at the mount. Congrats, and get use to being a "reptile bass terd child", we all are.. Just ask Kerby! ;)
  8. Dan, what do you know? ::)

    BTW, congrizats @ Ohio, man.Awesome.
  9. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    Absolutely nothing. Like kerby says I just play a taxidermist on the internet. ;) Thanks Ross.
  10. bw

    bw New Member

    This was by far one of my favorite pieces in the show. The second I looked at it I could hear the little boy screaming.."MY TURTLE IS GONE!!!" I went back and looked at it several times. And it's one of the few pieces I did that to.

    I think everything Tim said is pretty well spot on. It might also be noted that this was not the highest scoring piece in the show. There was a masters entry that scored a 96 also. Masters pieces are most definitely judged more strictly, I think we all agree on that. But if you are scoring mid 90's in Professional, it's to your benefit to think seriously about moving on up. It would have easily blued in Masters as well. Then you would have been in the running for BOS. And don't think that little pieces with obscure specimens can't do well. Remember the baby Possum from a few years ago?

    If it makes you feel any better Justin, I have been a "victim" of the same situation. If score was the sole indicator, I would have 3 Best Pro Entries instead of one....as well as a Best of Show. Many of us have been in the same situation. Believe me, I can sympathize. I have been competing since the late 90's and I have never won a single special interest award.

    It's hard to compete for BOS when the winner sculpts his own mannikin's, pulls off a WIDE open mouthed whitetail, and puts it all on a simple and pretty little base. Unless Jody decides to put together a run of the mill deer, on a commercial manniken and keep the mouth closed....the rest of us have to find ways to gain extra points with the pieces we mount. The original manniken alone gains him a lot of points that we have to try and make up for somewhere.
  11. So Illinois does not have a BOS in pro and masters?
  12. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    No Ross. A BOS can only be 1 best. And that comes out of the advanced division. Best PRO entry is what Justin was referring to. There were several BOC in the PRO division. From those several, a single piece is decided to be BEST. Justin's was one of those BOC pieces in the running for Best Pro Entry.

    Side note for Justin; Brother, you won the bet!! You now have also backed it up not once, not twice, but three frocking times....OK!!! You the man! I personally know where that drive is coming from, but trust me.......IT WILL HAPPEN!!!! That other Best Pro Entry that you and I talk about was NEVER backed up. Not even with a subsequent blue ribbon. Now I think you and I both know that something smelled about that back when it happened. That air will always stink, so let it go and breathe the clean air. You scored a 96 dude!! BACK IT UP FOCKER!!!!! :p :p :p