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First deer and lessons learned

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by j_cbivens, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. j_cbivens

    j_cbivens Member

    I recently got through mounting my first deer. I tanned the hide using Rittles EZ-100 and the hide turned out well. I do not have a fleshing machine to thin the hide and only used scissors around the facial areas. I did butcher the left ear somewhat while removing the ear cartlige. Removing the cartlige proved more difficult than expected. I used epply earliners and a buckeye mannikin for the hide.

    Problems I encountered from the begining was with the ears and liners. I quickly realized that I did not measure correct for the liners thuse causing the ears to drum somewhat. The butts of the liners seemed to be bigger than needed . I also seemed to have a problem getting the ears to line up right with the mannikin because with butts on the liners seemed to want to sit back further than I needed. After the mount had dried I noticed that the stiching around the Y incision was separating a little and also that the hide around the back of the antler burrs was pulling away. I since have used brown colored apoxie scult to fill in the gap around the antler burr to mask the gap.

    Lessons that I have learned for my next mount.
    1. Try the bondo method so I dont butcher the ears.
    2. Make my own earbutts out of clay to ensure proper size and fit.
    3. Do a better job on lip tucking.
    4. I will do a better job on stitching and use extra hide past around the stitching.
    5. I will place a roll of apoxie sculpt at the base of the antler burrs to lock the hide in after sewing.

    Please look at the pics and let me know what else can be done. Thanks to all on this site you are a great help.

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  2. j_cbivens

    j_cbivens Member

    close pic of eyes

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  3. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    whats will all the apoxy around the eyes? and the pulled back corner?
  4. Blane

    Blane New Member

  5. Bear Claw

    Bear Claw New Member

    Looks like the eyelashes are pointing up they should go down
  6. OutbackJack

    OutbackJack Member

    X3 on the eye.

    Also take a look at your ear butts they are off. The one is set high and the other is low. Also take a look at your antler burrs. Instead of using apoxy sculpt use clay. It will give you some more time to work on it.

    What type of mannikin did you use for your mount?
  7. X2 also looks like your armpits are off.
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  9. j_cbivens

    j_cbivens Member

    Thanks for the replies. I will definately get Rick Carters Video.
  10. and one reason your stitching pulled is your form was a touch to big but probally had to deal with not having the hide shaved properly also with the earliners make sure they are trimmed and test fit to make sure they have some slack inside, but if you do the bondo ears make sure you use chopped fiberglass strands in it when you mix otherwise the bondos real runny, i recently did bondo ears the first time and on my first year wasn't thinking and used bondo and forgot and its a little messy but good luck practice, practice, practice and don't forget reference pics when doing your eyes
  11. KClem

    KClem New Member

    It's difficult to tell by the photos, but I'm curious what the measurement is from the back corner of the eye to the antler burr. It looks like its way too far and is causing some of your alignment problems.
  12. Jake of cousins outdoors

    Jake of cousins outdoors Shoot like you're hungry!

    I usually don't jump in on the critique thing cause I feel they are way more experienced taxi's on here that can steer you in the right direction and my work is sub par at best. But, KClem Is right on, the back corner of the eye to the antler burr is way to long the skull should have been trimmed and moved forward towards the eyes. With this being off that didint allow the eyes to set in the right position and pulled the back corners of the eye and the shape is way off and this also didnt allow your ear butts to moved up in the right position. With the eye to burr measurement being off it will throw everything on the face off. The lashes should be pointed down at a angle and the tear duct shold be tucked better, (should be hair to hair) and taxied to the correct position. Pay attention to your hair patterns also they shold be downward to slighty back yours have all pulled back with the rest of the face. Make sure you get that hide shaved thin next time, how did you flesh your deer? You can shave the hide with knife and beam if that is all you have better than not shaveing at all. you can get a skife knife to thin the face they are cheap and handy to have to thin lips and eyes. Go to the gamehead section and Micheal P recently uploaded a butt load of deer pics and they are some great close ups of eye,nose,ears, and etc. Print them off and keep them handy for your next mount and really study it. The main thing is that you got the first done now study up and improve on the next and keep improving with each one they will get better and easier. My first was horrible hell my first 10 was horrible. Good luck and keep at it. Jake Smith