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Brown Bear just finished

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by George Dante, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. OutbackJack

    OutbackJack Member

    That is an amazing all around piece. The best thing will be seeing the customers face when they see it for the first time. Great job!
  2. That is a fantastic piece....and the habitat is outstanding (tree stump is amazing) and it all works very well together.

  3. cwt

    cwt Active Member

  4. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.


    Utterly fantastic! True Museum Quality ... but then again, what should one expect from a Museum Man? Love the expression, eye roll, and the naturally mottled color of the lips and mouth, not to mention the Bears great looking nose! Great alteration! And what can I say about that stump? I'm speechless ... at a loss for words ... and for me that saying A LOT! ;) ;D Right there in this mount is the result of knowing ones subject, using references, and taking the time to create such a piece as this! Totally "WOW" and his feet are planted squarely on the ground! It is so nice to see someone more concerned with the tradition of this field rather than what's current! Right-on!

  5. How much time is in the entire piece?
  6. strutinh

    strutinh Member

    doesn't get much better than that !! I love the stump!! I can only imagine the time you have in that piece alone very impressive !!
  7. beautiful work that stump is amazing
  8. tomdes

    tomdes Me my dear and Fall BAZZ!!!

    Both pieces are fantastic George, you have to equally compliment the habitat because its as good as the mount itself (and probably took just as long, if not more)
  9. cooper669

    cooper669 New Member

    That bear is awesome but the habitat takes the cake. Looks truly real
  10. npaden

    npaden Member

    Very nice, but I saw that very first picture with the bucket under the bear's backside and thought, "surely someone isn't going to make the old expression about what a bear does in the woods into a mount!". :eek:
  11. Curt

    Curt Family Life member of the NTA

    WOW!!!!! I'm sorry, let me pick my jaw up off the floor. That is GEORGOUS... WOW!!!!!

    DROPPINEM New Member

  13. Shane R.

    Shane R. Member

    Beautiful mount and that stump is unreal! Awesome, awesome job!

  14. I really appreciate the kind words, on behalf of my staff and I we thank you! We love doing these pieces, the challenge is always fun and getting to share it makes it all worth while.

    Some wanted to know about the time......about 5 weeks total.

    Thanks again,

    PS. Museum man John??? Lol, I don't know, we work for a lot of museums but those are some mighty big shoes to fill! I don't think they could ever be filled.
  15. WOW! I wish , I wish , I wish I could make a stump like that LOL! Great job!
  16. jevic035

    jevic035 Member

    Great looking bear and habitat .
  17. That is AWESOME.........!! Hey George, tell Mike to give Dustin a call if ya don't mind..........lost his contact numbers..............at least your getting some work out of the guy!! lol

  18. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

  19. BearB8

    BearB8 Active Member

    X2 Unbeieveable detail. And the habitat is stuning. Looks like you went out and cut a chunk of the earth and placed it on the base. :eek:
  20. Gatorjaw

    Gatorjaw New Member

    The highlight of that piece for me is your stump and base work. I make all my habitat as well. Congrats on a nice piece!