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Discussion in 'Molding and Casting' started by steveo, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. steveo

    steveo Guest

    What would be the best type of material to pour into a cast to replicate the look and feel of a fish? Soft plastic type material?
  2. Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster Guest

    please explain......you would "cast" in a mold....the negitive......the "part" or "cast would be the positive end result......what is your mold made of, and what do you want to cast?

  3. noah

    noah Guest

    Early on in molding and casting I poured MOLDING latex (Chicago Latex) into a plaster mold and came out with a hollow, SOFT, very flexible fish. I would suppose to do a GOOD job, you would have to put much more molding latex into the mold to get a soft cast that would retain its shape.

  4. nep75

    nep75 New Member

    Silicone is another option. PlatSil Gel-10, is a great rtv silicone. A lot of special effects guys use it as it's very flesh like. It would be tougher and not shrink like latex and take a lot less time to set up. If you're doing latex, then it will have to be backed with a foam of some sort. Latex isn't really designed to be cast solid, it would never set up in the middle as it has to evaporate to cure.
    ~ N