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Louisiana Taxidermist Association Convention 2010

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by joe, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. joe

    joe Member

    just seeing who will be going this year. cant wait for those crawfish.

    joe strange
  2. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    I will be there. Last year I missed the crawfish but I making it for them this year. This will be my second one and I have yet to put my comp piece together, nothing like last minute.


  3. TDP84

    TDP84 New Member

    I live in Shreveport and have never been to a convention. Is this a good one to go to? I'm prob goin to be there on sunday. Will there be supply companies there set up showing new items or is it mostly a contest? Excited about it hope i can make it
  4. txoutdoors

    txoutdoors Active Member

    Hope you dont mind a Texan joining your show. I will be there. Look forward to meeting some of you!
  5. I will be there for part of it but will not be competing this year due to haveing neck surgery and not getting anything mounted to compete with. TDP84, there will be suppliers there but Sunday morning they will all be packing up to leave and most of what they brought will be gone anyway, so if you want to go and see suppliers and such you should go saturday morning, also I am from out in Blanchard, so we are pretty close, maybe see you there.
    Joe, you have got it made in the shade this year since I am not going to compete, was going to do a redfish and put you down this year, haha, just kidding man, cant beat you anyway.
  6. Waterfowler

    Waterfowler New Member

    I plan on being up there as well. Got all my mounts done, but i got a whole lot of base work to do. I'm a last minute kinda guy myself. Look forward to meeting lots of new people. Hey Txoutdoors.... i hope they don't mind Texans cause i be coming from south of Houston.
  7. I'll be there Joe, will you be bringing another Red Fish this year??
    Jim Brown.
  8. joe

    joe Member

    no red fish this year . working on a off shore fish hind/gruoper. running out of time. ready or not i will be there
  9. Hey Joe You know I will be there. We haven't had any mud bugs this year. I look forward to doing the auction, I have more fun than anyone. Wonder what kind of cake we are having this year? If you need anything I will be leaving here April 12. Several of us suppliers are meeting at my hunting lodge to turkey hunt.
    Dixie Classic Panels
    Jim Ellis
  10. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    Does anyone have a program they can email or FAX to me...we might meander over that way this week...these shop walls are closing in on me!!!
  11. duckhntr594

    duckhntr594 Duckin' & Pluckin' Taxidermy

    I'll be there also. This is my first convention/attempt to compete. I'll be competiting in the waterfowl division, but i still have a few last minute things to finish up. I thought I was alone with the rushing/stressing of waiting til the last minute, but it seems like im not! lol
    Cant wait to meet everybody!
  12. refer to the following link for a little more info

  13. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    duckhntr594, your not the only one. My deer is mounted and slowly drying. I had planned one doing this about 2 months in advance but it didn't happen. I'm getting the final part to my base in tomorrow so I hope by Wednesday everything is put together and the finishing is done. This is only my second comp and I'm ready for the crawfish boil that's happening Friday night. I missed it last year.

    joeym, come on over.

  14. joe

    joe Member

    well i guess my mount's ready just laid the last coat of clear on it. i'lll see yall at the boil

  15. Well I was going to attend but not compete this year as I recently ahd neck surgery and did not complete anything as I was planning, but with soem encouragement from my wife and granddaughter I did get a couple fish on a simple habitat done in time so I guess I will see what a hurry-up mount can do. See yall there.