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degreasing beaver hide

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by skullplate, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. are there any good tips that you all can give me on degreasing a beaver hide?
  2. Bear Claw

    Bear Claw New Member

    type " degreasing beaver " in the search bar below your avatar and it will pull up 2 pages of previous post about the subject ;)

  3. thanks
  4. Well, I would take the hide from the pickle after 3 to 4 days and bring it into a room temp soak with dawn and water. Just remember if you do not agitate the water and hide you wont get much grease out. It works best if the hide has been fleshed well, I don't have a shaver but I flesh by hand and it gets them to a workable level. After degreasing and rinsing well I would put it back in the pickle for a day or two, Try looking in the tanning section for better info ... LOL
  5. Yeah.....I know how to get rid of it, not perserve it lol.