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Some People Do receive parcels and lie they did not and pretend to be Good peopl

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Njohn, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    Some peoples here who you think are good are Thief they will receive you parcel and say they did not see anything there. I will get back with the details.
  2. Let me know the details, and I will type it out for you. :)

  3. guideman1

    guideman1 New Member

    I always get a tracking number or a confirmation signature.
  4. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    About two months Ago i send some skins to a member here in Mechanics ville He received it i will not even tell me when i track i see that he has receive of i have send another parcel . he said he did not fine anything in the parcel and make me to belief it was stolen and lets wait for the other one. i waited until the other one reach and i also track to know he has receive but he confirm these and promise to pay but he will not pay till date . so that has made me to know the other one ha receive but lied.
  5. I'm gonna come right out, and say that he's talking about me. But only giving you half of the story.

    I think he is scamming ME here, and he is threatening me with tarnishing my name here, if I don't send him money.

    First of all, he sent me some skins, I recieved the package, signed for it, and it was EMPTY. First I thought he was scamming me, but after talking with him for a while about another package I was going to recieve from him, I decided it was just shitty luck, and something must have happened, someone must have stole the skins, something. I don't know.

    When I recieved the second package, I told his to give me the information so I could send him the money, and I would send a little extra, to try and help compensate him for the skins that never made it. He demanded that I send $100 compensation, and from then on HOUNDED me about sending the money, over and over and over again.

    I did recieve the second package, and did need to send him the money, so I went to the store, got a western union transfer form, and noticed he didn't give me enough information. SO NOW, the money is late, because he did not give me all of the information necessary for the transfer.

    I think he is scamming ME, here. Begging for $100 for skins that I never got? I don't think he ever even sent the skins to begin with. I think he sent me an empty package, and expected to fool me into sending him a whole lot of money for it.

    I'm going to the post office today to send the money for the second package. If the information he has given me isn't enough AGAIN... I don't know what I'll do.

    But Njohn, don't tarnish MY name on here, and tell half of a story, when you are causing problems.
  6. Rhasputin does he talk like he writes?? If so it probably is a scam. Good luck
  7. Missouri Creek Studio

    Missouri Creek Studio Black buck Walnut pedestal

    You know if you request UPS and ask for signature, it cures a lot of problems. Same goes for sending payment either certified or registered or a notification that funds were picked up via Western Express.
    Guideman is right on. It provides proof to both parties and cuts down on the scams.
  8. Confirmation doesn't help anything IF the box is empty when it arrives....

    SO you signed/driver delivered an Empty box....

    I've gotten them before mostly because People CANT BOX. and the item rips thru the packaging and ends up in some werehouse worker's pocket.

    I would have never offered to replace the cost of the items. It isn't my fault the seller can't box.
  9. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    very easy to do some detective work here for me. what was the weight of the box when you recieved it?????????all boxes are weighed. its mandatory. reweigh the box and youll know for sure it it was indeed opened or sent empty!!!!
  10. Bangle

    Bangle New Member

    If the item really was "stolen" it should be fairly easy to see if the box was tampered with or opened then resealed with another layer of tape...if it didn't look fishy when you received it, then I doubt a postal worker opened the box to steal the items. I have a close friend that works at the local Post Office and she has told me stories about boxes getting broken into then sealed back up by delivery workers etc...and almost every time, she said the reseal was noticeable and didn't look right. It's also a very rare occasion...very few postal workers would want to risk their job and livelyhood on opening up a box on the slight CHANCE that there MIGHT be something of value in it.

    I'd also like to say I've participated with Rhasputin in a trade, and our trade went smoothly and excellently, there was good communication and everything was just as described etc.
  11. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

  12. avie

    avie New Member

    I'm gonna go with the person (rhasputin) with credibility and almost 1000 posts over the person with 3 posts and broken english. I'd send the second package back. good luck
  13. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    If he could tell us the weight of the box he receive then i will say he did not because i know the weight of the package if i had wanted to scam him i will not have send him two package when he has not pay even for shipping for one . All the information i gave for the western union transfer was ok i even ask which information is lacking but he could not say anything i still say he is a thief. he has never say the truth at any time when he receive package he will not even say he has receive is that honesty?. If he likes let him pay for what he has but i advise anybody to be careful when dealing with him he is not a Good person.
  14. I've also had dealings with Rhasputin and she was a pleasure to work with!
  15. OK Lets get a cpl things lined out ,,, HE is a SHE ,,,,, THERE thats done ,,,, and anyone who knows Rhasputin knows there are no honesty issues there , always on the top shelf with her dealings
  16. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    If this package was coming from another country then U.S. Fish & Wildlife inspected it. There should be a 3-177 (form) in the box. If no 3-177 then the box was empty.
  17. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Same here.
  18. X3
  19. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    She said she will send the money yesterday but she has not even write me to explain things so how do we see this act is that honesty as she claims.
  20. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    I want to know what you will do . You cause me to say you are a liar cuz you have never say the truth to me . if post here that you will pay for the second parcel yesterday but you have not so what else?