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Some People Do receive parcels and lie they did not and pretend to be Good peopl

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Njohn, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. bulldog4949

    bulldog4949 "Mounting your Memories"

    Why should she pay for both? You scammed her on the first one by not sending anything but an empty box. That says a lot about you right there. Now you are harassing her behind this site as well as this thread. You don't even speak clear, which says a lot about how scammers work. Get over it...I would not pay you twice either!! Period!!

    Rhasputin did you get a weight amount when the box was shipped??
  2. Hmm, I always thought you were a weird DUDE. :D

  3. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    She has already done more than I would have.
  4. rebel

    rebel New Member

    What dose that mean?
    If you didn't have the money you should not have agreed to pay for it you owe him for the second box and should send the money right away!
  5. She DOES have the money, but not the information to get it to the seller.
  6. rebel

    rebel New Member

    all you need is a name and address
  7. Bangle

    Bangle New Member

    No, there is more information required then just a name and address (with out of country anyways). I've done transfers to Canada before, gone to the Western Union to get a form and then only had to head back home to collect more info because name and address was not enough.
  8. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    To send western union you have the name , country ,city postal code and i have even ask what other information you need but you don't want to say if someone has gone to western union are these information not ok. If there is something you need then say you need this information because i don't now any other information needed for western union transfer.
  9. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Member

    I think you should pay the man his money. If there is nothing wrong with the item you received, and it is what you wanted then he should be paid. Whatever happened with the first box happened. But he obviously tried to make it right. If you send it back wouldn't he be loosing his shipping and time? You should pay the guy for the service he did and the product you received, and know better not to have deals like this over seas next time. If I'm sending money out of the country, you can bet your ass I'm doing some research. JMO
  10. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    It will be better for her to say she is not having the money now rather than saying he could not pay because of information and when i ask he could not tell me what is lacking and also every time i meet her online she sign out of the forum it that not enough reason to say she is not straight.
  11. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    Can someone just answer me a question? I gather this is about a bat so my question is how much does a bat weigh?? Just curious cause I keep hearing you guys tell her to weigh the package
  12. burdman

    burdman New Member

    Obviously he sent the first box empty, who would open a box and steal a bat skeleton? I would think they would see what it was and seal it back up. What country is this guy from? I would try to send the money one more time but I sure as heck wouldnt give him any money for the empty box.
  13. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    This is what happens when you have children masqerading as adults. You got what you ordered, pay for it.
  14. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    I am not asking Her to even pay for the first box that contains two cevet cats skins which she is claiming of never receiving but asking him to pay for only the bat which she says she receive and if she is not paying for that it means she actually receive the first box with the skins and use tricks not to pay . If you can reason this the first box worth $265 she said the box was empty and now the second one is just $45 she don't want to pay how will you believe the first box was empty as claimed.
  15. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    And another complain when i meet her online in the forum she will always sign out is this not enough reason to say she does not want to pay.
  16. rebel

    rebel New Member

    ok let me get this straight she agreed to pay you $265 for some civet cats skins
    but a week ago posted this http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,209289.msg1479518.html#msg1479518
    something dont add up here not only that but several people have asked what the weight on the tag said and that has not been answered (and every shipping company has the weight printed on the label)
  18. Njohn

    Njohn New Member

    You are getting it she is trying to trick me i know she actually receive the skins because when the package got to her she did not tell me until i track and ask her that is when she came with the story of an empty box. some people are trying to protect him without getting all about that If i actually want to trick her would i have send a second parcel when i have not receive any money from him. Cuz the second parcel was send when the first one has not been delivered could a scammer does that . some people are calling me bad i don't mind cuz i am new in this forum and i accept that which is the reason i accept to send all this before taking any money. I am not very interested in the money but want to prove to every one that i can not cheat any body and to say Rhasputin is a bad person.
  19. The plot thickens:


    So apparently these two go all the way back to January 16 when Njohn was accused of being a scammer then with his civet cats.
    Then, Rhasputin (he/she) tells the world she is too broke to buy earliners and assorted supplies to complete her first mount. I am asking myself "How many earliners can you buy with $265 that supposedly went for civet cats that supposedly had been offered for a year with no takers.....etc., etc., etc.

    I think this thread has become a personal argument that needs to be hashed out somewhere other than the For Sale section. This is not the appropriate place and both participants have generated enough suspicion to bring this whole argument to a point that the judge would toss it out. Pay for the bat and get it over with. If you can't get the name, address, and pertinent info through a PM, then there is no way ya'll are going to figure this charade out in public.
  20. trevor

    trevor New Member

    it does not add up and with her post of not having money and wanting free or cheap stuff and then not giving a big thank you for the stuff she did get .
    does make you think she might be trying to pull a fast one on the guy. but like they say two sides to every story and no one else has seen the box and its contents if in it or not. who ever did wrong has to live with it. but that is alot of money if you don't have any looking for free stuff.