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I need some time

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by ajwoodman88, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.....just wanted to throw this out in the open. Before some of you start going FBI and making accusations, njjohnson, (Nick Johnson), is not this Allen guy and is not related to him in any way. In fact, Nick Johnson is my brother and yes we live in Illinois and this other guy lives in Indiana but what does that prove. Nick, like me, read through this thread and formed an opinion on all that has been said. He chose to speak his opinion and I chose not to speak mine. You can get worked up over what Nick said, but don't make accusations that he is Allen or related to him. Come on guys - take it easy on the guy. It sounds like he's had it rough. I would rather some of these comments be left to PM's where people like me that go reading it don't even have a chance to comment. Honestly I have nothing to do with this and don't have a side to take but I just didn't want you guys making false accusations against this guy because there is no conspiracy going on here. Just wanted to clear that up. I feel bad for both sides - i understand wanting your money back but at the same time no one but Allen knows whats going on in his life. Just my 2 cents - I'm just glad I'm not a part of all this. Sounds like a mess! I hope it all gets worked out for both parties.

  2. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    I think you are missing the point. At one point in time these guys cared about what was going on in Allen's life. Along the line they quit caring about it.............looks to me like it took months. Allen needs to realize that he made a commitment when he took peoples money in exchange for work to be done....now I am guessing that was before the problems in his life started but it damn sure doesn't give him the right to break a commitment....so either refund the money or ship the goods but at this point it is the customers who have the right to choose which should happen. He had no business spending their money until the work was complete. Just look at where that got Craig Bells aka horntrapper aka bellsbigbucks

  3. Like Patrick said - that deposit money was probably spent a long time ago. Pretty common among taxidermists too. They use the new deposit money to pay for previous supplies on other mounts. Instead of paying forward, they are always paying backward. You can get by doing that for a while but then it catches up with you. Especially when you are broke and quit your biz and then realize you have a freezer full of work and no money to buy supplies to finish it. I doubt any of you will see any money.

  4. I completely understand. I just wanted to clear up that nick johnson is in no way shape or form tied to allen. The rest is between you who are involved. I hope it all works out. I just lost over $300 myself in a deal gone bad. I understand the frustration trust me. I see the point you are making for sure. It sounds like a bad situation for all involved! Good luck to all!

  5. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    No Chris Mr. Nick Johnson ran his mouth telling Joe he was a cry baby basicaly. Maybe you should tell your bro that Joe has done more for this site than he could ever possibly imagine. Back in the day Joe spent countless hours on here trying to compile a list of who to and not to deal with.........all the while getting ready for a new addition to the family.

    Joe I hope the little one is doing well BTW
  6. blkbearklr

    blkbearklr Yep I am retired living off my sugar mama!!!

    Patrick, thanks for asking she is doing great, we have learned alot from each other these past two years. It is hard though with momma being deployed but we are making it.
  7. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    Well I should probably keep my big mouth shut as it seems every time I don't I get in a wreck, but so be it. The man took money, does not matter a hill of beans what is going on "NOW", he took the money and needs to make good on it. This has been a bad year for everyone and I have seen countless people come on here, take money then have some kind of "so called" problems. Now if your 6 foot under or in hospital I can understand, but when you get out take care of business. I too have robbed Peter to pay Paul, but I never hung anyone out to dry. So you tell your cell company you have to pay it out or tell your bookie he has to brake your fingers. Make good on what you said you would do. Leave the crack alone and get to work!!!!!!!! You were man enough to take the money, NOW be man enough to pay it back!!!!! Okay I said my piece now jump my tail if you want......
  8. Alan B

    Alan B Member

    My 2 cents... If the guy can stop to take a piss then he can stop to call or email as I have said in past situations communication is the key if not then they are ducking responsibility! it takes two seconds to let someone know whats up if you can't refund or send product then you shouldn't have spent deposits or taken on the business in the first place now that you have Man up and take care of business!
    And Njjohnson get a life if you see nothing wrong with the way this guy is handling his business then you need to be on the do not deal with list as well (You are already are on it in my book)
    Joe keep it up and hopefully this guy will grow a pair and make it right with you!
  9. Ok I am going to give my opinion and if you don't like it oh well. As I have always been told opinions are like A**holes everyone has one.
    But in my opinion if the guy is going through a rough patch in his life I say give him six months and if he can't come to some type of agreement with you then by all means legally go after him. If he is ducking you and avoiding you again go after him. It sounds like this guy is going through one heck of a rough patch in his life and maybe he didn't mean to not have your product done or whatever but maybe it is in no way his fault. If he cannot access his shop or his computer then he might have no means of communication with you. Maybe he spent some of your money buying material for your projects. But to file a internet fraud claim against the guy when he has had good dealings with people on here before is ludicrous. Go file a small claim against him in court and leave it at that. I seriously hope for those of you filing fraud complaints you never have anything go wrong in your life and if you do I hope you find normal understanding people. Cause those of you trying to get the guy locked up are some real works of art. And for that you would be put on a bad dealings list if I had one. But I have a couple people I deal with and that is it. I won't deal with any one else unless I am comfortable with the person as a human. And to be a human in my book you must have some sort of compassion and as some of you have shown a vulture has more compassion.
    That being said I wish the man that is going through this all the luck in the world by the sounds of it you need it. And like was said before this is when you find out who your true freinds are.
  10. njjohnson81

    njjohnson81 New Member

    its funny how the moderators of this site will allow a thread like this to be posted where all you **** sticks are just arguing and calling out "this njjohnson" guy, but delete other valid threads that are letting people know the real crooks on this site. By the way Patrick, let me see your badge...you too Mr Joe smo if you guys really are FBI lets see the badge. Its funny how fast you all jumped in and did some snooping and had a huge ridiculous story that we were cousins and probably working together and all sorts of total bull shit. You all need to take some time off and read a mystery novel or somethin. Satisfy this big gum shoe attitudes you got. Take some time off anyways to get a life as you pointed out i need to but as you can see i made one post days ago and all your life revolves around is who is on the "LIST" and boo hoo hoo he said this and it hurt my little emotional feelings. Grow up seriously and quit the internet bullying shit... LAME And don't tell Chris what to tell me. I am perfectly capable of seeing what you sissies write on here even if i don't check these forums like its my job. You all claim to be professional on here and you are proving to act like the kids at pizza hut i used to manage back in the day. Everyone so caught up in their little world of taxidermy and this site like its the only thing that matters. You have no idea how life really works do ya. If $170 matters this much to you then i can fully understand... You probably are one of those pizza hut kids with a bunk ass job sitting at home eating romain noodles and butter bread.. I piss on your $170.

    Love, Nick
  11. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Way to go Nick. 4 posts and your pissin everyone off because you have the same last name as crook that lives one state away from you. Could it be a coincidence? Yes. But how is everyone supposed to know that? If someone from NH screwed someone over and they had the same last name as me, I could understand why people would question it. GET OVER IT!

    And let me tell ya, these days $170 is a lot of money. Not to mention the fact that someone got screwed. That alone is worth posting, I don't care if it was $4.

    I guess I'll go eat my Romain noodles and butter bread now.

    Love, Redwolf.
  12. I have only read 2 of your posts and I can already tell, you are way out of your league!
  13. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    About 3 weeks ago Allen came on here with new email address and all and said he wanted all of us who where his "Customers" to contact him. WHAT FOR? Have not heard a word from him and when I sent a email recently it came back Undeliverable Mail. So looks like more drama to have to deal with or just take what blkbear( Joe ) was so considerate to post as far as contacting authorities and take that route. I only hope not just Allen feels this wrath but his wife as well because she is just as responsible for all this as he is.
  14. Wow....just wow, really?

    While yes, people should haven't been calling you out, you have no right to be calling them out either. Really it sound like to don't give a sh-- about people who are losing money because people come on here and scam us. I do have to say that Patrick does a great job with tracking down these scammers and has them taken care and I respect him for that because he is nice enough to go out of his way for others. And yes, $170 is a lot of money to me and I'm sure its a lot of money for Joe as well for him to be upset that he is out $170. But of coarse you don't seem to understand that. Just you wait, once you get scammed then you'll be crying as well. And as far as I can see, there's no "internet cyber bullying" going on, just some customers upset over the fact they are out some money.

    And really do you know who these people are talking to? Most of these guys have been doing taxidermy for years and have a name out there, they are not "pizza hut kids" as your apparently making up. Really from the way you are posting stuff, your acting like the kid.

    But oh well.

    And Joe, I hope you are able to get your money back.
  15. Alan B

    Alan B Member

    Final Touch...I agree with you but the dude was on here May 30th and if he can get on here he can send an email that tells whats up. Your right though we should give everyone a chance but I think the chances have run out for this guy regardless of what your situation is communication is cheap. and Nick thats the biggest load of crap yet if $170.00 means so little to you why don't you put your money where your mouth is and send Joe that amount!
    You have NO idea whats going on in his life wheather the $170.00 bucks will make or break him I do know one thing if his wife is deployed we owe that family a lot more than the mouthy bullshit you are spewing right now!
  16. Wow...nick, that has to be one of the most inappropriate responses I've seen in a while. To many folks out there (me included) $170 is a lot of money. If you've got an extra $170 to piss on. Then once your done, rinse it off and send it over my way! ::)
  17. blkbearklr

    blkbearklr Yep I am retired living off my sugar mama!!!

    Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to say thanks for the ones that are backing me up. I dont agree with going after someone for a 170.00, to me it is the fact. Meaning, if there was some good communications between us I would give that guy a break. If he manned up made a valid attempt at letting myself and others know that he does not have anything right now but he will make an attempt. This being said a lot of you do not even know that 3 weeks ago I talked to Allen, told him to come on here let people know that he owes them money, for them to contact him and start from the farthest person out owing and start paying them back 5-10.00 a month. I also told him to put me at the end of the list. I can wait on the money. I hate the fact that he comes on here tries to make an attempt and then flakes out when people are TRYING to work with him. So give him 6 months I would say YES, I would give him 5 years if he made a VALID attempt. Some of you will just not figure it out until it happens to you.....

    And you NickyBOY cupcake........ The comment you made about a pizza delivery, if you look at the Avatar in the corner of my picture even you being so young and dumb would see that is not a pizza delivery uniform. I am retired I have more money coming in a month at the age of 39 then you will ever see. You stand behind a computer and talk nonsense little boytoy talk. I have underwear probably older than you are. So for not having money, I have enough money in one of my accounts to buy your parents house and kick you out on the street. So do yourself a favor, the next time you want to type something on the computer that puts you so far out of your league do yourself a favor reach over grab a hammer and smash them lil fingers of yours. So sorry if this post hurt your feelings.

  18. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    Nick Nick Nick

    So why don't you just tell us how a former Pizza Hut manager goes from rags to riches. It sounds like a true American Dream story to me...LOL You're sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong so my advice is to pull out or not come on here and cry about the consequences. You are showing us nothing but a two faces little punk attitude with just your last 2 posts
  19. lonewolf44

    lonewolf44 New Member

    i would take the money even if the pee was on it hahahaha but this is not my place to be talking
  20. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    Where is the dead horse?