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Does Anyone Know Jim Hess

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Mammoth Hunter, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Mammoth Hunter

    Mammoth Hunter New Member

    I got in touch with Jim of ,Wildlife Pride Taxidermy Decor, through this forum and gave his name to my friend Ken, who is a antler buyer here in the interior of Alaska. In November he sent him four big sets.
    He has not heard from him in almost four months. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

  2. he does this to everyone he deals with
    i can get you his address if you want
    pm me & let me know

  3. NID-20

    NID-20 Active Member

    Sorry to here that Hess got another victim. He cannot be trusted.
  4. did he get you too ?
    Join the club
  5. rudeetutu

    rudeetutu New Member

    Mr Hess so kindly went into a consignment agreement w/ us for the over 62 pieces. He did everything he said EXCEPT FOR MAKING PAYMENTS ON IT.Acts like the good ole country boy as he smiles and rips you off. We are currently taking him to court.

    Please beware.

    Here is his info:

    Wildlife Pride Taxidermy Decor
    1029 185 th ave
    Maquoketa , Iowa 52060
    email taxidermyjim@yahoo.com
    owners Jim & Wendie Hess
    CONTACT PHONE # 563-503-6489

    He goes by the names: Taxidermy Jim aka: buffalo95 aka: hoof horn & home outfitters aka: wildlife Pride & Taxidermy Decor

    If you can provide me w/ any other info, it would be greatly appreciated as it is apparent he MEANT to steal from my mother.
  6. jorgy

    jorgy New Member

    Here is the number to the Jackson county sheriffs office (563-652-3312). I would also contact the DNR at 515/281-5918 and they can direct you to the agent in charge of Jackson county. This type of thing is on here a lot. It is called theft by deception in Iowa and is a crime. If you can show they were valued at over $1000 it is a felony.

  7. now thats good to know
    throw the book at him !
  8. rudeetutu

    rudeetutu New Member

    Folks. Thanks for the info. If you by chance come up w/ anything else on Jim (or Wendie) Hess, please let me know. Especially where he works out of.....I was told he is building an out building for storage (propably all the stuff he took from my mother and didn't pay for). Where he hangs out, what his family does. Anything and everything would help. Cold beers on me when I come to Iowa to collect, which will be in the next month or two. Thanks much. Shame on Jim for taking from a Widow the only thing she had left that was worth dollars that were desperately needed. d :'(
  9. harvest bc

    harvest bc New Member

    I am only 20 minutes from him I will pay him a visit and lean on him a little for you
  10. i can take you right to his place
    i have the unfortunate displeasure of seeing him here in maquoketa every now & then :(
  11. Teanna  Hulke

    Teanna Hulke New Member

    i have bad spelling.

    To Mammoth Hunter: Yes, you are correct Jim is aware he owes Ken money. But he owes him around 900 dollars and it will be payed. his intentions are not to "rip you off". we are sorry for the delay and i assure you, your friend will get his money.

    Steve Morehead: You sir, happen to be very incorrect. We quit doing buisness with you around 7 years ago because we didnt like the circumstances you insisted on using for buying and selling pieces. We didnt rip you off, we terminated buisness with you. and even now after not having contact with you for so long your still a nuisance. You have no clue what goes on at our household and have no right to tell a woman you dont know (Dianne a.k.a rudeetutu), how YOU believe we live and act, let alone run our buisness.

    NID -20: "Victim" ay? You again really have no clue what goes on. We run an honest and trustworthy buisness, but everyone has there flaws. We dont to steal from people, and lie to our customers. I dont think we've victimized any of our customers.

    Diane: Yes,were in consignment with you. So you get paid AS YOUR PIECES GET SOLD. We have paid you almost half of the total value of the collection, be patient. " Please beware"? how ridicilous to say. the money we make from our buisness goes to food, bills, and occasionally clothes for my brother and myself. The building we have happens to be a barn and was rebuilt to replace the pole/horse barn that was taken in a bad wind storm and thrown accross the road. Dont believe me ask any of our neighboors, which we do not owe and happen to be our friends. the barn, yes for now, is used for storage because it isnt not finished. Where we hangout happens to be our patio usually sitting in lawn chairs talking about our day. Our family is just like every other. We eat sleep, and work around the house or yard. He does not go by the name Hoof Horn & home, and he hasn't in several years. To give his personal information to any person who own a computer or internet is rather unprofessional.

    Harvest B&C: "lean on him a little" awkward.
  12. rudeetutu

    rudeetutu New Member

    ummmmmm Teanna Hulke another aka: Jim Hess.

    No that was NOT THE AGREEMENT. The agreement clearly stated the AMOUNT was to be paid in 6 months, and that ended on Feb 24 2009 and NO you have not paid over 1/2. Your first payment (which I begged for) didn't even come until AFTER the agmt end date. To date you have only paid approx almost 1/3 and have choosen to HIDE.

    I don't care about your family, bills, etc. All I care about is my mother and the fact that you took w/o paying.

    Your life is not my problem. My problem is your lack of effort to make things right, you sold and did NOT turn that money around. You owe and the Default Judgement will arrive in the next 2 wks. Then we can process w/ an asset search and sheriff sales.

    Any that fact that you BLAME everyone else for your problems is BS. and I can't believe Wendie kisses your kids w/ that mouth of hers.

    Quit making yourself out to be the victim and pay up.
  13. hey there jim & wendy
    why did you create a new account on here if you are such a straight shooter
    EVERYONE that knows you knows what you are... a straight up crook
    so you create a new account to make it easier to pull a fast one on new people here that don't know what you are
    you people amaze me because you continue to rip people off & have no conscience
    & are able to look people in the eye & smile while you do it

    i can name at least 5 people that you have riped off
    if you want me to post their names & phone #'s so people can check it out i will

    & here's another thing folks.....
    they chose to use wendy's daughters name to create a new account to rip people off with ?
    that just shows you how sick & crooked these people are

    & for the record i will do whatever i can to help rudeetutu
    with her lawsuit against you
    oh & one more thing , it was 3 years ago that I refused to do business with you

    as far as the circumstances i insisted on i didn't know that wanting to get paid for something that was sold was unreasonable but it is painfully evident that that's the way you people operate

    i really hope that rudeetutu is successfull in the law suit against you & you people BOTH of you are finally brought to justice !
  14. Teanna  Hulke

    Teanna Hulke New Member

    Actually. Steve. it is teanna. oi.
    they arent immature and wouldnt make an account in theres daughters name. but i thought it would be smart to hide my email so Diane wouldnt email me too. And no my mum doesnt kiss me, i dont let her. you will get payed. im not claiming to be the victim? i stated facts. "Any that fact that you BLAME everyone else for your problems is BS". who am i blaming? steve who have we ripped off? theres PLENTY of people in maquoketa who would call you a crook and a liar. "& here's another thing folks.....
    they chose to use wendy's daughters name to create a new account to rip people off with ?
    that just shows you how sick & crooked these people are" what are you trying to prove? your really not intelligent at all? i commented on this. i made this account. i, TEANNA, am sitting here right now replying to this.
  15. That's a step closer to the funny farm.
  16. buffalo95

    buffalo95 New Member

    Hey every one here we go again and no I am writing from my account first of all and my Daughter did her account because she felt she had a right to do so ............anyway first Of all on my account with Dianes Mother yes I did agree and enter into a contract a contract of witch I have paid a sum of $12,000.00 twards no that is not all I owe and yes I still; Owe her Mother and yes I have fell behind due to slower times and other personal issues that I do not feel I have to reviel for there is still something called privesy in the USA I think but not really anymore . My contract also stated that it could be extended if I were paying ..............I also tried to offer Diane A minimuim of $1000.00 a month untill paid in full this was maybe 2 to 3 months ago she said that was not enuff Ok so what am suppose to do from there I wish the 70,000.00 I have been srewed out of in buss over the years that them people would be willing to offer me monthly payments .....that might just help me pay the people I owe ..........also I was asked to send a summins into dianes attorney in witch I did 3 0r 4 weeks ago and was waiting for a responce from him none . In that there again I made the offering of wanting to pay the 1000.00 a month and more if I could ..................for some reason I guess everyone just thinks I have a ton of money and living hi on the hog ...................with asking Diane this and as well as sending my summins to her attorney I can't see how that is not trying to compley and resolve the matter ...........I don't know how that is called hiding..........as well know not all the pieces are sold we are still doing our best to sell and if I were to return pieces Diane said she will sell them for what ever little bit she can penneys on the dollar and after all that I am still suppose to pay the priemium price and loose all that money to ........that would be a hell of deal for me and a real wise buss. decission .............another thing for all the people on here there are plenty of you on here that I have done Buss. with selling or buying with know problems always paid and product always shipped I don't understand why that is not being posted only the bad get posted on this F***ing site and I don't spend my life on here Like Steve Morehead trying to stir shit up ............I actaully work for a living thank you for reading JIM HESS buffalo95 and not ashamed of it sorry that it happen like this yes but I am not a thief nore did I steal anything I just have Det like alot of other people in the world but I guess I am the only one on here with that problem................
  17. buffalo95

    buffalo95 New Member

    FOR STEVE MOREHEAD and the people on here to read

    Steve First of all a feel you are a slime yourself so the feeling is muetuel I guess and yes it has been longer than 3 years ago that we broke our ties of buss. One thing you forgot to mention is the thousands of $$$$ I made you over the years all over the country working my ass off while you sat at home smoked your joints and snorted your lines . I am not out to say shit about peop[le but you want to talk about me the way you are and talk all your bullshit I guess I have right to say what I know about you and yes as my Daughter said there are plenty of locals around here that think you are a crook so you have obviousely made some bad dealings as well in buss. I had invoices for all I paid you and as well you got Coppies everytime I paid you but you just did not keep them and when I tried to settle with you you just claimed it was more ...............not true I can't help it you don't do your paper work and keep it because we do as well you Kept several pieces we had togeather in your posetion and I surly did not get a check for those . I quit doing buss. with you because I was the one doing all the work paying all the road expenses shows labor motels exced. but yet you still got 50% because you had money invested. Im sorry but for me the #s just wernt adding up to make it worth while and once I quit making you all the easy money thats when you became the prick you are, comming over to my house all strung out on your bowl and thretning my famaliy ya thats just the person I want to do buss. with anyways people I am not the type nor do I have the time to make a soap opera out of this so I will not be on here reposting to all these other comments just don't care Iknow what I have to do to take care of things with people and that is that and that is why I have not been on here to tell my side of the story and Steve you can rot in Hell good day everyone :D ;D
  18. rudeetutu

    rudeetutu New Member

    Jim. Apparently your daughter is as dumb as Wendie.

    Why are you always the victim? Plain and simple, there was an agreement made, and you defaulted. Agreement was to end on Feb 24 2009 w/ the possibility of extension. You TOOK the items in AUGUST and had 6 months to pay on them, ending Feb 24, 2009. YOUR FIRST PAYMENT (even after you sold the ivory, lion and whatever else on your way home.... you didn't turn over a cent) did not come until APRIL of 2009, w/ mostly small payments thru the summer and THAT WAS NOT THE AGREEMENT! Then finally you send a bum check and again blame it on someone else.
    So....again, why are you the victim. You took and didn't pay. So how does that make you the victim? How are we, my mother and I in the wrong - because we want you to own up to the contract and pay what you owe?
    Hey we all have hard times, and yours are a constant excuse. You are bashing all these people, but I don't see any defense on your end. You TOOK AND YOU OWE - plain and simple.

    AM I WRONG TO HELP COLLECT on behalf of my WIDOWED MOTHER? You knew how much she needed that money and you screwed her. So therefore you are in default. OUR attorney has nothing to say to you......you are in DEFAULT by all standards. SO PAY UP! You got plenty of breaks....and your offer of $1000 per month is a joke. If you were going to do that - why not MONTHS AGO. You didn't make good on the bad ck, ignored our calls and emails.......and make yourself out to be the victim. Plain as day.......you are not the victim......yet you proceed to cry that you are.
  19. Teanna  Hulke

    Teanna Hulke New Member

    oi cuntbag, why dont we **** off ay? im 14 not 40 like you. you think your so cool bullying jim through the internet and trying to make him look bad, how ****ing immature. jesus ****ing christ. xD

    oh yeah, im rude sometimes. :)
  20. redwolf

    redwolf New Member

    You guy's are pathetic. If you can't get your point across without getting personal and insulting family members why even do business in the first place? Things will go wrong, and I realize it sucks, but come on. Show some integrity for crying out loud.