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easy way to

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Jperry, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Jperry

    Jperry New Member

    What is the best/easy way to make a bird body? i have never done any bird taxi. I have a few starlings i am going to try just cause the come in such great numbers so messing up would not be so bad.
  2. alan webfoot

    alan webfoot New Member

    if you have several sacrifice one or two pluck them for body reference,, leg position wings folded ,open etc. then skin others normal and lay the carcass on foam take lots of measurements ,,,carve it out

  3. Jperry

    Jperry New Member

    Thanks for that however I thought about that but my carving is well less then satisfactory (Really I suck) . any other help would be great!
  4. You can always wrap yoir body with elixcior and string, the was just a thred on "wrapped bodies" with a bunch of how to links. Good luck
  5. Jperry

    Jperry New Member

    Can i make a silicone mold of the carcass? Then fill the mold with foam or will that not work?
  6. kenai runner

    kenai runner New Member

    Sure. But you will still have to do some fine tuning to the foam body-carving-so just start a little farther back, and make a whole body that way. Dont even use a knife, just a rasp or sandpaper, and go slow. It may take a few, but you will get it. Plus, you will become a better carver. Good Luck.
  7. KClem

    KClem New Member

    If you are going to make a silicone mold for use with foam, you will need to make a mother mold of some type to keep the silicone mold in-place when the foam expands.