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Speed Shaving

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Rhino, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Boxie

    Boxie New Member

    I just watched the video and that was very F-A-S-T! Awesome!! The most impressive fleshing machine trick I ever had seen was when I watched Joe Meder flesh the fat deposits out of the eyelids on a whitetail. Now that was some kind of finesse!!
  2. That machine would cut me to shreds. I have to lay my shoulder down on the machine or I cant walk due to bad back. I have even thought about making a pad for the machine.

  3. heet

    heet New Member

    i would have needed a box of bandaids after that.
  4. bubba z

    bubba z New Member

    I think I have a few nicks on my fingers from watching damn his fingers get close to the blade
  5. TD

    TD My GGG Grandfather John "Tanner John" King b 1820

    Nice Show Aubrey!!!! Your almost as fast as Me......... ;D ;D ;D ;D JK
    When did you sneak in My shop to film that??? Cant beat that Ole Reliable but that top exposed area has whooped me at two times and bad.............
    Didnt get Me when I was shaving but when I got off the machine and left it running, like a dummy........ lol.............

    I just timed My self to see how fast i could do one and it took me 13 min on a WT cape (18 " neck Y cut)........
    ........but you know to Me that doesnt mean doodle.......... I can run three like that and Im done lol.........Stay on that sucker 8 Hours a day at the same speed , Now that's Impressive!!!!! You Da Man!!! Keep up the good work.......... ;)
    Thanks for the Show...............
  6. Shelby,
    Your shaving machine is set up like a taxidermist would set one up in house. It is not set up to maximize your production. First thing I recommend is put your right side guard back on. That is important to help keep the hide safe at the bottom and keep your right hand away from the back side of the blade.
    Second thing can be handled a couple ways. The motor needs to be lowered to the floor or you can move the entire machine forward to get the motor under the edge of the table. That way you can get to the right of the machine. The way it is set up in the pictures prevents you from comfortably accessing the right side due to the motor placement.

    You will have to get used to the new setup, but it will pay off in the long run when you have many more years on the machine. Posture is extemely important when you startadding up all the hides you are going to pull across the blade. Make the setup as comfortable as possible and you will enjoy using your machine more.

    If OS gets the time, maybe he can post some pics of what I am talking about with what we refer to as a comfortable setup (Unless he is saving that for paying customers :D). Remember, you will spend 8 hours a day on these things at max volume.
  7. Shelby that cape master from Keith is perfect the way it is.
    Some would say your shaving backwords ---I say bull ! Ive shaved on every machine and postion on a shaving head starting in 1981, There is
    very little dif between left side and right side. Except one big thing ,from where you are standing you can see what your going to shave and what you have shaved without moving your head an inch . It is the best postion for your back you dont have to lean over the machine. People with very bad backs can shave that way.
    Hell I can lean up against the side of mine for hours .Proper shaving on that machine takes forearm not shoulder and back. If I stand quatering on my mine it takes my back and neck and shoulder just a matter of minutes to start telling me something is wrong. Anyone can shave the way they want its what works for YOU ,but I can tell you right now that the boys in Keith's tannery shave a cape every bit as fast as anyone ---Ive seen it, and they shave just like your standing.
    Try it in a different postion and you can decide.
  8. I've tried the other side on a slightly different machine. TOTAL FUBAR. My hands are always where they aren't supposed to be and in the blade. And the Movements just don't flow. Behind the machine is useless... my arms are too short to manuver the hide on the table. I'm shaving Short person style! I actually stand more at a 45 to the blade on the left side. That way my arms are in a good position, I can use the machine as a lever point and I can watch the hide as it comes off the blade. And it works for me! That is what matters. I personally don't have a use for that right side blade guard. I have it, put it on once to try it and didn't like it. So its now a shelf ornament.

    Although I need to get the blade reground... that one saw a hide that was more gravel, grass and pine needles than anything... Its still good for fleshing but shot for decent shaving...

    I actually really like this machine. I can shave on it all day(or as much as the phone will let me) and not feel it. My problem is that the big guys (beef, buffalo and moose) outweigh me... Too much to wrestle up onto the rack to drip.... I've done them but I'd rather do Foxes and Coyotes, and Lambs and Kids all day.(They pay WAY better anyway)
  9. TD

    TD My GGG Grandfather John "Tanner John" King b 1820

    I once went to a seminar in Tennessee where Willis of Dixieland taxidermy Supply Co. had demonstrated his machine.He works it from the front by pressing the hide against the blade with the palm of his hand.He was pretty fast at it.......and that's because of the many hours he had spent on it..........
    I bought a used machine once that was set up that way and you couldn't work it from behind........To me it was worthless because it slowed me down too much.The guy I bought it from had a lady that worked for him that could use it and was good on that machine.He sold it because no one else could use it when She had quit..........I wound up getting rid of it too..........
    I sometimes use that technique on My machine when I have a large hide like a bear or an Elk.........
    The machine I have now has a seat built on it and it just the right height......... and I have the lower part of My blade set for the Majority of My shaving, This way my arms are lower and its more comfortable.........The blade is set for thinner shaving a little higher and I will sometimes bring My cape up for thinner areas..........
    David ..........I still have these blades to send you.............They are boxed and ready to go......... Ive just had so much goin on lately I haven't had a chance to get them off to you.............Ill call Ya just before I send them.............
  10. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    Well I tried standing on the right side of my machine, and it took a little bit, but I think I could get used to it, I was able to pull alot longer swipes I still went to the left side when I got to the edges and up in the face area, I only cut one hole today and it was about 6 in long lol but luckily it was on the back of the hide that got trimmed off. I think I will keep practicing from the right side because even though it took my longer my arms and shoulders didn't burn as bad as when shaving from the left. You guys have opened my eyes.
  11. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    Shelby, I held the cape out and stretched it open, in front of the camera, but the guy filming stopped the video, as soon as the deer hit the table. The guy filming, also filmed me shaving a wt cape, just before that, when I slammed into a bullet. Took a minute to steel out the damage done by the copper.

    Next time, I WILL MAKE SURE, TO HAVE MY MICROMETER HANDY :mad:, to measure the thickness for yall!

    Hudson, you wouldnt want to have to mount that cape? :mad: LOL-LOL? It was shaved as thin as it could be, and still keep the hair in it! You have a hard time comprehending something like that, BECAUSE YOU CANT EVEN COME CLOSE TO DOING IT!

    Lets see. I have been shaving AT REAL TANNERY's for over 20 years, but I dont know how thin a cape should be? Or was I leaving it thick, and lieing, by posting the video, pretending to correctly shave a cape?
  12. I wasn't implying anything, OS. I just wanted to see what it looked liked as far as how close to the eyes, lips and nose, how far up the ears and how much you shaved the legs, And how your method of shaving compares to the other major tanneries I have used and myself(Since I would love to use Your employer for a few things like some large african pieces and horses but they won't even send me a price list).

    I hate bullets... But what I hate more is people that shoot animals with bird shot... ESPECIALLY NOT THE KILL SHOT! so its all grown into the hide and you don't know it until you hit it. Another thing is .... WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SHOOT A MUSKRAT WITH A SHOTGUN WITH BIRD SHOT!?!?!?!?!? And then bother to get it tanned......
  13. Sarge

    Sarge A little too much Lord *hic*

    That is easy Shelby the same kind that shoot at the same beaver all summer with a 22 and then trap it the following spring and get upset when I won't buy it. Poor thing had so many .22 slugs under the skin it probably swam lopsided. He had it skinned when he brought it in and I turned it inside out. There were 12 slugs encapsulated in the hide. Was a nice big Beaver but it would have fleshed out and looked like it was shotgunned.

    Some people just don't understand that to sell fur there has to be skin attached to the hair.

  14. trapperfred

    trapperfred New Member

    damn that has to be some kind of record
  15. Fishslayer,
    If she was truly shaving backwards, she would be pulling from the left hand instead of pulling from the right. Now I am not going to argue the virtues of being professionally trained by a union flesher versus trained at a taxidermy school, but I do know a little something about muscle memory and mechanics. All I am saying is that if you are pulling to the right with the right hand, then it makes sense to be on the right side. I guess you have 1 year of experience on me since I didn't get on a shaving machine until 1982, but I would bet that I am in better shape from proper posture than most shavers that have 28 years on the knife.
    Since it has been noted that the machine is Keith's model, I have to shut up here because I have never personally used on of his shaving machines. For all I know, you may be absolutely correct in your knowledge of the machine. It may be a fact that it is easier to use as Shelby has it set up. I actually thought it was a version of a Quebec when I first saw the picture. I guess I have learned something new here.

    Hudson....when are you going to get a real job?
  16. Now Phil,
    You know that your comment won't look good on your application to work at Carolina....
  17. Dave ---------I was making reference to a post when you and Oldshaver were trying to beat me up on the old forum a few years back where you both stated we were shaving backwords !
    The problem with one sided thinking is your stuck to just that ---one sided thinking.
    You cant just take any machine and stand beside it and say this doesn't work.
    That machine is built to hang on the outside of the fleshing table -----not inside it ! This puts it back closer to and more under your body shortening your reach. where you think your out of place on the left side, and have a longer pull with your right arm is dead wrong, because the machine is closer to begin with. Other machines you would be out of place on the left. You cant do this --left side-- fleshing with any other machine that I know of.
    To be set up right it must also be fit with the top of the hood just pushing slightly on the skin in your arm pit as you stand straight up beside it. The hood is designed for this and is a very good fit. This style of shaving wont work with the machines that most use.
    I have never had an employee have back pain, arm pain, or shoulder pain in 10 years of shaving in this manner, can others say that ?
    I don't know about union shavers but I have never been to a taxidermy school to learn shaving ,I went through the school of hard knocks.
    But I do know if I were doing things like I did 28 years ago I would be very behind the times. I'm always very open to new ways of doing things and learning from anyone no matter what their experience level. You can always learn something from someone if you have an open mind. That's how I let Keith change me over to this style of shaving years ago, It was hard to change as I was shaving just like you are, and it took me months to get used to this way, after doing it other ways for all them years before.
    If someone walked in here today and said you should try it this way -----I would sure give it a go and find out, but thats just me ! ;)
  18. Dave, the guard on that machine is long enough you don't need the backside to keep the skin from going under the cutting side guard, it was pretty simple to design the foundry pattern that way years ago. You all can shave any way you want, but, as the guy who writes the checks to the medical insurance company, and workers comp. I won't have an employee in my shop working with his hand that's close to the cutting edge on the blind side of the blade, and to get the detail shaving that needs to be done to meet my shop standards you will need to work very close to the cutting edge. When randy forced me to watch the video we made ( NO THAT'S NOT AN AD! ) it actually scared me when I saw how close the old fingers were to the blade, I slowed down and paid attention the next couple days :'(
  19. Hey Slayer,
    I remember telling you that comment. Now that I see the machine in Shelby's shop, I see why ya'll were doing what you were doing. I still don't know how to comment since I have never worked with a Capemaster. If it is designed to be at the edge of the table, then that part is a given. However, I thought it was a version of a Quebec which can sit flat on a surface and bolted through the table. I guess the capemaster has a bracket that fits a standard 2 inch piece of board ie 2x4 or 2x6? I am guessing at the whole thing now.
    The union guys had relied upon the Reliable company because they were right there in Brooklyn, NY. The guy that trained Aubrey and I was 3rd generation shaving mechanic. His dad and his grandad worked on Reliables, so it was ingrained pretty deep after I finished a 2 year apprenticeship under the guy. I might have to get my hands on one of Keith's machines so I can talk a little more about the setup. The SS Poliskie and the Capemaster are next on my shaving machine bucket list.

    Do you sell the back guard with the machine? If it is not used, then why send it out with the machine...or am I misunderstanding?

    Also, a lot of people are giving OS a hard time about the detail shaving. OS might not be at liberty to say, but he has a team of face people that detail with a knife/scalpel and a small face beam. That is why he doesn't have to detail like a lot of us who don't have the support system that the big tannery has. For years, Rick actually did the face work until he could get some help trained. Rick was known as a large game taxidermist until he quit to run his tannery. He knows what it takes to send out finished capes no matter what the shavers are actually throwing on the floor. Just some FYI before OS gets beat up too bad:)
  20. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!