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a skull I just finished

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by siffordstaxidermy, May 3, 2010.

  1. there has been a few conversations on metallic skulls but since I have been a member i have never seen any pics. This is a nice elk I just finished and I thought it was time I showed a little of my work so here it is. Jess Sifford



  2. bosch

    bosch New Member

    I prefer the bone color but it looks really nice

  3. How's the tune of 340 sound a lot better than 175. Just for the record I like the bone color too. Jess sifford
  4. csmingler

    csmingler New Member

    looks incredibly awesome
  5. northernmontana

    northernmontana Active Member

    Looks good. Yes, I am having problems liking it for my clients. Just like the old bone look the best.
  6. DeeCee

    DeeCee New Member

    I personally like the white also, but that does look very nice. Good job!
  7. is this basically electroplating?
  8. justinj

    justinj Member

    Here's a bronze
  9. hamman


    I am not sure of the process you are doing but I bought some of the HAMMERED spray paint and came out with sort of the same look for $8. I am SURE that a truly bronzed skull would help protect it better and probably look a little better but here is a pick of one I was messing with. Several customers liked it but none have liked it good enough to have it done to theirs yet, LOL!




  10. Badgerland

    Badgerland Quality taxidermy & quality deer capes.

    I have always prefered the white natrual bone color, but, man that bronze is awesome looking. Reminds me of somethign antique or a little bit like how a raw skull found in the wild might look with some dirt stains.

    It's all cool stuff, thanks for sharing pics! Nice work by all three of you.

  11. Looking good guys!

    Here's a cape buff I finished up last week in nickel and a couple more pics in bronze:
  12. hamman


    Well they look awesome but how much does it cost to have a head done in a true bronze finish? I cant disagree that they look better than the hammered spray paint but if it cost several hundred to get one done like that, around here at least, it just wont fly because of the high cost. Heck, they already accuse me of highway robbery when I tell them it will cost $75 to have there skulls dipped in camo, and I aint making but about $10 off the deal after shipping it both ways and paying the cost of the dipping.
  13. grousehunter

    grousehunter New Member

    WOW, that's cool.
  14. justinj

    justinj Member

    I charge 125 for metalizing on a deer. Willing to do wholesale. My website is deadheadskulls.com
  15. ivywolf

    ivywolf New Member

    I prefer natural bone color, too, but...I'm a sucker for all things shiny. Jess, yours looks awesome. And the others...especially the nickel and bronze, are just too cool! Wish I could afford to have something like this done to one of my skulls. I have a lot of less-than-great quality skulls that would love a little added protection and color. You all here are tempting me to spend money I really shouldn't! Lol! :D
  16. If u have a michaels near by u can do a head for 20 bucks. It is a metal based paint made by sophisticated finishes I believe. You clean the skull, prime it and then paint it. Depending on your airbrush u can shoot the paint if not use one of those sponge lookin foam brush its easy. Jess sifford
  17. Jeremy James

    Jeremy James New Member

    Have you tried any of the antiquing with the sophisticated finishes products?
  18. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    These skulls all look really nice. I still perfer the natural whitened bone color, but this is something I might consider doing once or so. Nice work.
  19. Yes I did a badger in bronze then patina green it turned out ok. I didn't really care for it that way but it did look different and sometimes that's what the customers want. Jess sifford
  20. Joe Bear

    Joe Bear New Member

    the cape buffalo skull looks really good