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Silver fox soft mount

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by LoopLoop, May 4, 2010.

  1. LoopLoop

    LoopLoop New Member

    I unfortunately have to sell my fox.. I've only had him for about a month. :[
    He was made by Foxy Creations, and I think had two other owners before I got him.
    His name is Duke and he's a Canadian Silver Fox, 50" from nose to tail tip.
    $300 shipped.

  2. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

    D: that sux that you have to sell him. If I had the money he would be with me in a heartbeat

  3. Sagome

    Sagome New Member

    i would so get him ;3;
  4. MB in NC

    MB in NC Aim small. Miss small.

  5. sugarpoultry

    sugarpoultry Digital artist and lover of dead things

    I really wish I could get him. He's beautiful!
  6. skallet roseri

    skallet roseri needless to say!

    hm, dose he have all his feet?
  7. Binx390

    Binx390 Member

    No the fox doesnt have feet, just long nubs if I remember. he was one of my first mounts for commissioners
  8. skallet roseri

    skallet roseri needless to say!

    bummer, it would have to have feet for me. very pretty silver! well made! either way i wish you luck with selling it.
  9. keelah

    keelah New Member

    oh hes so beautiful! i would buy him in a heartbeat if i didnt just get another soft mount this week, too bad you need to sell him, hope you find a buyer!
  10. DeerLover

    DeerLover Member

    I bought this soft mount months ago....this is an old post.