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Wild Boar Question to you pig guys!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by tgoodwin, May 10, 2010.

  1. tgoodwin

    tgoodwin Member

    I'm getting ready to do my first wild boar for a customer. The customer would prefer to have the original tusks in an open mouth mount. I've never done one, so I didn't know if you could buy an artificial jawset and fit the real tusks to it or what needed to be done. I'm definitely not going through the work of casting a jawset from the pig for a customer pose because I don't have the time and the customer doesn't want to spend the money. I'd appreciate any help.
    Thanks alot,
  2. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    The Noonkester jawset will allow you to do what you're asking but I'd STRONGLY discourage you and your customer from doing it. Those tusk and whets are still filled with moisture. Eventually as they dry out, they will become brittle and crack with the slightest jar. Then you're going to be trying to find the reproduction tusks that come with the Noonkester jawset and installing them to replace the snags that are left in the mouth.

  3. Kevin Halle

    Kevin Halle Well-Known Member

    I personally will never use the actual jawset for the very reason George states!
  4. procull


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  5. tgoodwin

    tgoodwin Member

    Thanks a lot guys! I won't do that now! Looks like I'll be using the artificial tusks! Thanks for the information!
  6. Can anyone confirm for me that boars tusks actually do crack and fall apart that bad after time ? Because it sounds like it's just a great excuse to do less work ! And arn't the tusks the major part of the trophy boar anyway ?

    Here's one I put together the other day with alot of head scratching , the owner managed to shoot him in the jaw.


  7. Rick Carter

    Rick Carter Administrator

    Eire, Time is money so unless you are charging a lot of $$$$$$$$$ for doing all of that, it is a waste. It does not look as good as a commercial jawset (actual casting) and wll be much more difficult to install than a commercial one. Sometimes the real teeth do crack. You are leaving the outcome to chance. You could have cast replicas of the real teeth with less trouble than you had boiling bones.
  8. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Eire, I see you're "across the pond" and I'm sure acquiring some of the supplies we routinely use here can be a bit difficult and pricey, but YES, they do age and crack. In many environmentally controlled homes, it's not as evident as it is in hunting cabins or with animals over fireplaces or woodstoves, but it does happen. Hasn't been that long ago I had to replace tusks on a mount done by another taxidermist. The customer took it to him because I told him the teeth wouldn't last. I'm not a vengeful person, but I do get even and he paid well for me having to repair what should have been unnecessary.
  9. shammy

    shammy New Member

    I mounted a wild boar for a customer that insisted on having the the real tusks installed in his closed mouth boar, tried to talk him out of it but he did not want artificial, He said if I wouldn't do it he would put them in himself. so I filled them with epoxy and installed them. At least he was warned about them cracking. I figured when they do crack then he will pay me to put in artificial tusks. Some people will not listen. I gave him what he wanted but they were a pain to get set right. And he was very pleased with the mount.
  10. BO-N-ARO

    BO-N-ARO Hunt hard but hunt safe!

    What about warthog tusks and whets?? Have you found them to also split with time??
  11. Badgerland

    Badgerland Quality taxidermy & quality deer capes.

    I have always used the artificial jaw sets. My understanding is that you can coat the real tusks to help prevent cracking, however I don't feel it's worth the risk of having to re-do a mount if/when they crack.
  12. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    I've got a client from Germany. He's hunted a lot of pure European boar and swears just a coat or two of elmers glue and filling the tusk wth elmers will prevent cracking... I'm not entirely convinced but then again I haven't tried it.
  13. Nyati

    Nyati I love tahr huntin

    It must have something to do with the climate up there in the states but I have never seen tusks or grinders crack here and there are some very old pig mounts around. Pig hunting here is a religon here and you'd be strung up if you put plastic tusks or grinders in a mount, after all that it the trophy.

    As I said I've never seen or even heard of a cracked tusk here with a pig mount, or with any of the thousands of pig jaws that are hanging up in sheds al over the country. BTW what do you guys do with warhogs then??
  14. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Nyati, your kids are probably better behaved than Americans. Mounts for the average guy hang in the den or living room or BEDROOM of a trailer.

    For wild boar, their teeth are a bit more fragile and a baseball or knocking off the wall will doom one for sure. For warthogs, I encourage macerating the skull and displaying the teeth THERE. The enamel in the wild boar will crack and split and the ivory in the warthogs is no different from elephant ivory with the cracks developing within a few years. If the teeth are truly the trophy, treat them like elephant or hippo or walrus or narwhal ivory - on its own merit. They sell Euro panels just for the tusks and whets.
  15. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    I do similar to what George does. I do a Euro mount on the skull and cast the tusks and whets to put in a jaw set. Charge a bit more for casting the teeth. The customer gets a mount with a good representation of the real teeth in the mount and I get to do two mounts for every pig I do.

  16. Your right it looks amature compared to your comercial jaw set but if I listen to some of the advice on this tread the only thing will improve is the way I use a phone !
  17. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    What happends to skulls, Warthogs and Wildboars that are to be cleaned and whitened for display? Will the tusk and whets deterate on a european mount?
  18. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    They do, but they're intact and the nature of the beast (a Euro) doesn't convey the same attention that a full mounted specimen would. Most people set their Euros up where they can be seen and not touched yet a mount seems to have that intrinsic quality that makes people have to touch it. That's when all the problems start.
  19. The last 2 World Show game heads, were won by an open mouth hog mount useing the REAL tusks,whets, and complete jaws..

    I also have a hog mount, with the real tusks mounted 25 years ago.. No Cracks...

    It can be done..
  20. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Tim, no one said it COULDN'T be done. (Would you mind telling us who had the World Show mounts and how they fared?) And I apologize if what I've said was taken to mean that the teeth disintegrate. They develop CRACKS and become very brittle which subjects them to breaking if they are mishandled in any way.