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Looking for old school photos of tanning equipment and old tools

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by LAM, May 13, 2010.

  1. LAM

    LAM Semper Fidelis, Served with pride. USMC

    Looking to put on display in a museum in Centerport , Long Island , New York; of old school tanning equipment and tools , If you are getting out of the business retiring and would like to donate items or photos follow my link and email me .

    I have in my life time built out 5 Tanneries and their is still no replacement for old school, yes we now have stainless steel and wet drums with computers so you don't have to stand on-top of the machine but after you remove the high tec. its only applying the basics of old school with a new tool. Some thing about old school and the rich history that makes this processes an Amercain icon and its disappearing.

  2. m

    m Member

    Here's an old staking machine I would like to get out of my shop. Not sure if it has any value.

  3. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    there was a old tannery in PA close by I will check with friends that worked there too
  4. LAM

    LAM Semper Fidelis, Served with pride. USMC


    Outstanding condition thanks for the photo, as for the value it's priceless to me , I had a few parts back in the 80 and made a make shift staking machine, it used to eat the hides right out of your hand's because the table would move, it was never meant to be a two piece operation ,. Never seen one still in it's frame WOW'

    A few guys are looking .wish you best

  5. LAM

    LAM Semper Fidelis, Served with pride. USMC

    Wish you all a Happy and safe Memorial day weekend

    Lewis Morales
  6. Chinchilla

    Chinchilla New Member

    Thanks will see you next week in CT ??? ???