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Kelly Wild From Montana

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Chiefs, May 16, 2010.

  1. Chiefs

    Chiefs Member

    I am trying to find out if anyone knows this guy Kelly Wild from Belgrade, MT?? I bought a Mule Deer Cape that he posted on here and paid him 2 months ago, and have seen nothing. He has responded a couple of times saying he is sending it, but I have still seen nothing.
  2. nanygoat

    nanygoat New Member

    My son took a bear to him three years ago, paid in full (oops) for a mount to be done. Still no bear, checks all cashed, no answer on his phone, no one to answer his door. He is a scammer!!

    My son called the police today and reported the bear stolen, he is now going to take him to small claims court.

    Warning: Do not use Kelly Wild!

  3. I have sold to him as well as a few on here and had no problems at all. He was a great guy to deal with in my opinion. Jess sifford
  4. maxman

    maxman Member

    Sounds like he's not such a great guy!
  5. wildpits

    wildpits New Member

    he is actually i great man he has gotten busy and i assure you that he means well, i cant speak for him but none of this is intentional and i guess those with negative coments are perfect and have never done wrong
  6. Bangle

    Bangle New Member

    I've dealt with him before, and everything went perfect... :(
  7. nanygoat

    nanygoat New Member

    To Wildpits,
    Thank you for your comments, no, no one is perfect, but three years? Checks all cashed, over $900.00 worth. And refuses to communicate? A legit or busy man would never forget his customers. Good customer service, and a good business man goes above and beyond to help his customers. Not one that hides! Or in this case steals a bear and over $900.00. Why do you think he won't answer his phone? Why does he not answer the knock on his door? Why is he in hiding? If this were you, how would you feel? I believe my son has been more than patient in waiting. Now it is time to take serious action! Police are investigating. Then on to court!
    Not fair!
  8. Alaskamt

    Alaskamt New Member

    Kelly wild is a joke his son got nailed for running drugs into or from Id to Mt . He has Three of my mounts a one of my friends . He told my friiend that he had to round up 20K for a lawyer for his rotten kid. He told him he would be more than glad to give him the rest of the money he owed him .... still has not done a thing . maybee he is trying to do what his son did to round up the money??
  9. Matthew Burden

    Matthew Burden New Member

    This guy is a thief. I took 2 fish to him about 15 years ago. I wrote him A 2 hundred dollar check. I think he cashed it before I left town. Contacted him several times after that and he told me how busy he was. Have never heard from him since. Haven't seen the fish , and haven't got my money back. Beware of using this guy.