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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by PLTannery, May 17, 2010.

  1. Three horses... Flats, Lifesize or Capes. Prices don't include shipping.

    Lifesize Skins- Skinned your way- VENT, RUG, Cased, Dorsal, or Saddle Cut- Turned, Fleshed, Salted and Tannery ready. $500 Plus shipping.

    Capes- Short or Long Y or Modified Y, Cut Extra Long for any pedistal mount. Turned, Fleshed, Salte and Tannery Ready- $250 Plus Shipping.

    Flat Skins- NO Face, NO Hooves, Fleshed and Salted and Tannery Ready $250 plus Shipping.

    PAYMENT IN FULL AT TIME OF ORDER ONLY. VISA or Mastercard Preferred. Paypal possible.

    Buyer pays shipping.



    Horse 5- Smaller Paint Pony Cross- Pictures will be posted as soon as possible
  2. damn i wish i lived closer to you, i'd buy them live haha

  3. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    so sad to shoot em.....they'd be better off in the wild
  4. pennsport69

    pennsport69 Member

    pm sent.
  5. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    Sorry Stephen,

    As much as we would love to believe that, the sad fact is they are domestic Horses, and as such, would not fair well in the "wild" at all. The saddest fact of all is that they have to die for no damned reason other than they are now no longer wanted. That's the tragedy! That bay is a beauty!

  6. Actually these horses were all given a chance to be "Wanted" They went to a youth riding program where the students work with unbroke horses and train them to be rideable. All of these are either permanently Lame, or Vicious/strikers. And really of no use to anyone. BUT if you want to save them I'm sure you could...
  7. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    The plain truth for me is since losing Rusty, the pain of his loss is still too raw to even entertain the notion of giving my heart away like that again. I wish I could, but his loss is the worst I've ever experienced. I just hate to see this happen. No horse is irretrievable from bad habits ... it takes time, and effort. Unfortunately, it's just that kind of time and effort that make losing them all the harder, and I just can't go there again. :-\ :'(

  8. choo choo charlie

    choo choo charlie I feel pretty good for the way I feel

    I think Shelby is doing what anyone with any horse sense would do,,,, creating a market for the horse! dead or alive.
    almost every day I have someone offer me a free horse.
    If you ever have a chance to vote to open a kill plant do the unwanted horses a favor and vote yes.
    great idea Shelby!
    my daughter has a paint that is almost a mirror image to that gelding!
  9. Oh god if I had the money I'd so take horse #1 in a heartbeat. I'd die for a lifesize paint skin. unfortunately 500 plus a tanning cost would kill me and my bank account xD
  10. 71Challenger R/T

    71Challenger R/T Member

    As much as we would love to believe that, the sad fact is they are domestic Horses, and as such, would not fair well in the "wild" at all. The saddest fact of all is that they have to die for no damned reason other than they are now no longer wanted. That's the tragedy! That bay is a beauty!

    Totally Wrong. Horses are one of the species that can make the transition from domestic to ferrel easily. In fact the over 100,000 wild horses roaming the American prairies, and deserts all are descendants of domestic stock. In The late 1980s the BLM turned loose a fine Arab stallion in an attempt to upgrade the wild horse herd outside Yellowstone. Not Only did he survive. and bread. But he was recaptured 4 years later, and returned to domestic life.

    That Is not to say that I agree with Museum Man. The simple fact is America Does not need any more wild horses. Although they are A majestic, and wondrous part of the American past. and a glorious spectacle to see. We currently have more wild horses roaming public land that it is capable of supporting. each year tens of thousands are rounded up and sold. The BLM adopt a horse program is becoming a miserable failure. with the economic conditions. However the horses cannot all stay. Even after reduction in numbers the remainders suffer cold windy winters with little food, on some of the most inhospitable land within this country. Although I do not like to see young healthy horses die. sometimes a quick relatively painless end is the most humane thing to do.
  11. Do you ever have long horse tail hair for sale?
  12. Turn them loose, you simply are wrong.

    There are already way to many horse on the loose in fragile areas now. Thousands of burros scattered across the western area along with the feral horses (some call Mustangs).

    Then here in Arkansas and parts of Missouri you have people turning them loose weekly on National Park and National Forest.

    What caused this, the animal lovers stopping the US horse slaughter plants.

    People not knowing anything about breeding horses and tons of people now who can nolonger afford to keep them.

    Charlie I know remembers the day when killer horses were sold, most of these were not nice and gentle majestic animals. These animals were genetically flawed and many were mentally challenged. Some would strike, some would kick and some were simply intent on killing a human. Some had such confirmation flaws that they would never be rideable or breeding stock.

    I have seen some high dollar Thoroughbreds, that were simply nuts go to the slaughter plant because they would notaccept training and were dangerous.

    You cannot save all the pretty horses. I have bought many rehabbed them and gotten them very good homes, but its a lot of work and it is not cheap!!!
  13. michelle127

    michelle127 Michelle and Ron Ream-Life Mbr - NRA,NAHC,DAV, VFW

    Some people do not understand that not all horses can be trained and some were meant not to be. A full grown horse can KILL you so if its temperment and attitude is not good then they should be slaughtered. I love horses and I have 4, 1 of my horses looks like the paint. I had a grey dapple that was ruined by the idiot i bought her from and we had to sell her at auction, $75.00 we got. She would have been a great rodeo horse cause she was a bucker. She ended up on a ranch and I am not sure what they are doing with her. MT shot down the horses packing plants. Those letting horses lose on Nat'l forest land best be careful that is a fed offense. Here if you take a horse into the wild and it dies you have to pack it out, yep, cut it up and pack it out instead of leaving it for the wild critters to feed. Its a shame cause they are some beautiful horses, but then again my wife says that I say that about every horse I see.
  14. Codi, I do stock Horse tails, when I can get them. Right now I have a tanned Sorrel Tail and a Trapper Dried Sorrel tail as well as a silver/black Tail- Salted. How long of tail are ya looking for?

    People do the same thing around here... Turn horses loose in "wild" Ground... Be it National forest, DNR lands, Private Ground etc.. The become a total PITA and start tearing down fencing and end up crippled or dead. Or they get on the highway and get killed or Kill someone.

    Recently one of the " GOOD" Souls has decided to "Rescue" Horses... So they have put wooden posts in a 10' by 10' grid. Between each post they put a knotted net of BALEING TWINE! as the fence... and Each horse, Including several studs have a 10' by 10' box corral. No pasture time, no real fencing... just a 10 by 10 outdoor stall with no shelter.

    THIS BY NO MEANS IS A SAVIOR FOR THE ANIMALS>>>> ITS TORTURE..... and these people think they can easily save 100 horses on their 40 acres... I have contacted our local animal control and asked them to check in on this property..

    I love horses, we have two that have a permanent home here. Till the day they die, as do many of our critters, including several cows and goats. But we have also owned horses that needed and have ended up in the Kill pen. I was almost crippled by one that was nuts, we spent more than 6 months trying to rehab this horse and he would still try to kill ya.

    Yes they can be Loved, Yes they can be Unwanted, But sometimes they just have to die. That's life... And from what I pay this guy for these, he can feed house and maintain the others and help support his youth program.
  15. alan webfoot

    alan webfoot New Member

    ask the people in Tenn. about those ''good souls'' turning loose horses because they couldn't afford to feed them now they're breeding and eating themselves out of food
  16. Three-ish feet or longer is best. Any colors are fine. If the three you have are 3 feet or longer I'll buy them.
  17. I'll check and get back with ya.
  18. RedWolf7

    RedWolf7 New Member

    I saw a gorgeous mini App rug on Ebay a couple of years ago. The markings really made the rug. And it was a convenient size for smaller domiciles. That pinto in particular could make a handsome rug and have the meat used for animal feed. I love horses and burros (had one) but if the animal is dangerous or incurably lame, why not utilize its parts?
  19. Yes the Paint will make a beautiful Rug. I've been debating whether or not they would look better with or without hooves... The last cow rug I did had hooves but cow hooves are easier to make flat than horse hooves. I guess it depends on if you are gonna mount the head or not... IF you wanted either of the two remaining horses cut for a rug without the hooves, with the face and hide turned and salted would be $450 plus shipping.

    The white horse Back skin is under salt and ready to ship.
  20. Nina Lukaszewicz

    Nina Lukaszewicz Outdoor Dreams Taxidermy

    these are beautiful, I love taxidermy specimens like these that you don't normally see.
    Would be interested in one if I had the space!