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State to State game laws

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Tmbrwlf52, May 22, 2010.

  1. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    I know it is a loaded question and there is the USF&W but jeez try and get simple answers on what can be legally sent from one state to another as far as North American animals go. I may not always be the brightest bulb on the tree but I'll be dammed if I can find a simple guide as to what can legally be shipped from state to state without special papers or tags. Maybe such a thing doesn't exist but does anyone know if something such as a state to state game law guide is available. Also is it up to the seller or buyer to be aware of such laws to be able purchase and to poses mounts. Again I am just talking about North American animals only.
  2. gunner62

    gunner62 Gunners Buckhorn Taxidermy

    Call your local game warden and ask him what your state laws permit, and make sure that any one you buy from or sell to know what they are doing, or you can get in a whole world of trouble with certain items crossing state lines. Just be careful and ask questions.

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    From the federal aspect, about the only thing that can cause you grief is shipping waterfowl without proper documentation, and CITES animals. After that, your only REAL concern is what YOUR state requires. If it's legal in YOUR state, you can send it anywhere you'd like within the US. NOW, if the person RECEIVING it can't possess it by HIS STATE LAWS, then the onus is on him. For example, if I had a bear for sale and a guy in North Carolina bought it, I don't have any problems. HOWEVER, North Carolina says it's illegal to buy and sell bear skins, so the guy in N.C. would be in deep doo doo if he accepted it. As gunner said, if you have questions, contact YOUR F&W folks so that YOU stay in the clear.
  4. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    Thank you guys. I have tried on so many occassions to get in touch with our F&W guy but he never calls back. Always having to leave a voice mail but he never calls back. I will keep trying obviously but again Thanks for the feedback .
  5. Your state may have the game laws on line.
  6. QBD

    QBD Active Member

    If you can not get in touch with your local warden, contact your state headquarters via phone or email. I actually prefer the email route so I can print out the response for future reference if necessary.