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Anybody deal with Aaron Manley

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by fish mount, May 27, 2010.

  1. fish mount

    fish mount New Member

    I sent Aaron a caribou cape in exchange for a moose and bobcat. We emailed back and forth and he always replied very quickley. I sent him the cape on May 4th and now he will not return my emails and I'm getting worried.

  2. hunterofall

    hunterofall Active Member

    I emailed back and forth with him last night on an elk rack I have for sale on here. We where going to do a trade but he wanted me to send him the rack first and provide tracking number because he said he got stiffed by others on this site. Told him, since I was the seller and he wanted to buy my antlers, I would expect the trade item first before I sent the rack. Told him it would be no different if he was to pay for the rack via money, as I would not send the rack until i recieved the payment... Its not what he wanted to do so the trade was off..... Looks like I may have saved myself from losing a set of elk antlers.... good luck to you, hope your trade goes through

    His info and email address....

    [email protected]

    aaron manley
    1912 cielito dr
    modesto,ca 95358

  3. Hey there. I'm sorry to tell you but you for sure got stiffed. The same thing happened to me with this guy and I lost out on over $300 worth of stuff. Its been nearly a month with me and he kept telling me it was lost in the mail. He said he went to the post office and they showed him that it was in route and that it had got lost but was found now. Then two weeks later I knew exactly what was going on - he had robbed me. I was actually logging on to make a post to beware of this guy and saw this post. Sorry I wasn't sooner - maybe I could have saved you guys some aggrevation. He did mention to me that he was trying to get an account on this site and I would advise the person over this site to block him from getting an account. He stole an arctic fox, a coyote form, and a gray fox form from me. To make things worse he knows trapperfred from this site and I asked him what kind of person Aaron Manley was and he said he thought I could trust him.

  4. fish mount

    fish mount New Member

    I figured I got stiffed and now I know. This sucks since it is the first time dealing with someone on here. He gave me different address than the one hunterofall posted. His email is the same. Aaron Manley 1945 San Ramos Way,

    Well I hope this helps someone in the future.

  5. Smeja

    Smeja New Member

    thats not real far from me at all. sorry to hear you guys got ripped off. thanks for putting the word out to save us the hassle.
  6. Kevin, I having the same problems with this guy! I sent him 12 breakthrough magazines for a lifesize yote. I have confirmation at he got them but I have yet to see the yote. It sounds like he stiffed both of us. Wayne
  7. BearB8

    BearB8 Active Member

    Well you might as well add me to the list. Traded a LS fisher for a LS ringtail cat. Seemed like an alright dude till my ringer never showed up. I e-mailed him every other day and no response and called 4 different times then I talked to some Josh dude that said he never heard of Aaron. He sent me an e-mail 2 days ago after I told him I was going to post his name on here then he e-mailed the very next morning saying he honestly sent the ringtail and will send back the fisher till he tracks down the ringtail. Well took the air out my sails when I saw his name on here. Don't think thats gonna happen. Anyone know if he had a handel was on here. He only contacted me through my home E-mail.

    This is the address he gave me 1912 Cielito Dr.
    Modesto, CA 95358

    and the PH# 209-277-7871
  8. This just sickens me - and I know this prick is reading this post!! Here is the address he gave me.

    aaron manley
    1945 san ramos way
    modesto,ca 95358

    Whoever this guy is he sure knows how this site works. I think he's got an account on the site myself and I think the administrators should be looking into it. He's got the same BS story for me though. Said he sent it in the mail and he even had a tracking number for me. I was stupid and didn't check tracking before I mailed my box. Then the track number had no record of the number he gave me so I asked him about it. He said it was working on his computer. He kept telling me for a month that he honestly sent it but it must be lost in the mail. Then it went from getting ahold of him easily to no returned emails. What a low life! Its ok though. I work hard for what I have and take pride in that. If he wants to get a free ride off honest people then that's his own personal problem. I actually feel sorry for you mr. Manley. You really don't understand just how worthless you really are!

  9. I think it's time for some of you guys that live close to this guy to maybe pay him alittle visit just to see what's going on. If you know what I mean!!
  10. Smeja

    Smeja New Member

    Ill wait to see how this plays out. Gettin screwed sucks, sorry to hear that guys. Not sure who is who at this point. We'll give whoever some time to respond. Im not against paying anybody a visit. Somebody might need a come to jesus meeting. Me him a couple of good owl boys and jesus. Ill help anyway i can
  11. trapperfred

    trapperfred New Member

    Justin i have seen you on here before and your really not that far. If your interested come down for a day check everything out so my name doesnt get ruined. I will be busy this week and next week with my graduation stuff but after that feel free
  12. fish mount

    fish mount New Member

    What was the address that you sent you mags to?
  13. trapperfred

    trapperfred New Member

    1912 Cielito Drive
    modesto,ca 95358
  14. fish mount

    fish mount New Member

    I just googled his address and it came up on a map. San Ramos way and Cielito drive are only a block or two apart. I still think its the same guy. Maybe he's using his mommies address.

  15. Rattrapper

    Rattrapper Member

    HMMM you know guys as a X-Marine I still have some hard hitter friends in the Camp Pendleton CA area, wonder how far this address is from there ? Maybe a couple of my NCO's would do me a personal favour, and a favour to all the honest people on here....pay him a weekend visit.....teach him a little something about water-boarding...bet they'd find your stuff in a hurry.
  16. Smeja

    Smeja New Member

    Theres a reason i worded my post like i did. ''i'm not sure whos who.'' i've seen several ''great dealings'' posts about you in the past and if i remember correctly you recently had quiet a few deals on here (selling traps, dvds, trap lures) i assume all went well as there was no bad dealings post about you, people rarley go from ''great guy to deal with'' to hey this guy ripped me off. so for the most part i rulled you out as being the culprit in my own mind...

    feel free to fill me (not me this really has nothing to do with me) feel free to fill whoever thought it was you or had stuff sent to your address in on how you got throughn in the middle of this mess. somebody said you told them arron manley was someone who could be trusted. So you know arron? lets through him under the bus and clear your name....

    anyways, folks i was just offering to help. maybe in the end me and trapperfred can go pay arron a visit and get everyone their stuff back. i hope it works out good for everybody....
  17. KAMoHunter

    KAMoHunter Proud member of the WVTA

    if i am not mistaken..... this is the kid that i had the run in with last year. he said that he had a bobcat and i traded him a flesher for it. Patrick J did some digging and found all kinds of crap like photos on his site of other peoples work. he basically shipped me a bobcat from CA to WV wrapped in a brown bag and no insulation. he then complained because the flesher i sent him has a heat shut off on it and he didn't like it. the issue ihad with him was that he gave me the run around about shipping the cat and said that it couldn't be shipped any other way than USPS ground. needless to say the cat was slipping like crazy and useless when it got there 7 days later. later on we found out that he is only a kid and Ken came back and blocked his account. looks like he got back on.
  18. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Member

    Well it looks like everything I posted and also the other thread got deleted for some reason. But I would bet about anything fred and aaron are one in the same. WHY would people get the same address to ship there stuff to as the same place where fred lives, and the rest of the stuff gets shipped up the street. Then he comes on here and makes a few post, and once someone calls him out, he says magazines have been shipped to his house(why didn't he say that in the first place). This isn't rocket science! Somebody should call the police and his parents.
  19. Western Wildlife Art Studio

    Western Wildlife Art Studio STUDIO PHONE (406) 356-2100

    here is the e-mail with PHONE #

    From: aaron manley [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Saturday, May 15, 2010 2:19 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: forms

    Sounds like a plan


    aaron manley
    1912 cielito dr
    modesto,ca 95358
  20. njjohnson81

    njjohnson81 New Member

    ya and why is it that the magazines that someone shipped out ended up at freds house and nothing else that has went missing. On top of that this guy is trying to gain credibility by saying to come on over to his house and check everything out. Ummm im in illinois for one and for two he needs two weeks notice before anyone shows up. Sounds like enough time to move all our shit to another one of his multiple addresses. And Smeja, There is not a single doubt in my mind fred and aaron are the same guy. How great a scheme to steal shit on one account and sell it under a great dealings profile that everyone trusts. This guy is no good and needs removed from the site... and this world...I have been needin to sight in my bow!!!