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Anybody deal with Aaron Manley

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by fish mount, May 27, 2010.

  1. Asta

    Asta New Member

    Oh, yes, you can be sued. The question is, is it worth suing someone over something worth less than $1000? I sure think it is, just on principle! Even if you couldn't be sued, that's no excuse to rip people off - you've clearly been here for a long time; how could you do this to people you know?? It'd be bad enough if they were strangers.
  2. Are you kidding patrick? I believe you are saying that on the wrong thread. As far as I know nick hasn't stuck his nose on here - it was the other post. I personally do have something to do with this thread as this aaron guy ripped me off a lot of money! Did he take anything from you or are u just here to run your mouth about people you don't know. The way I see it your comments are worse than his.

    And by the way, what was your first job?? I personally know a guy that works at pizza hut that makes moremoney than most of us on here. Now go ahead and fire back at me because that's what you do but this thread is concerning how we got ripped off and if you aren't involved then u stay out of it like you told me to do with the other thread. Then maybe we can get along!


  3. Although he may have offended you, we need Patrick on this site, and others like him to call out the morons.
  4. Ya but what everyone forgets is that I was the first to call him out and my thread got erased. I was the first person to say that aaron and trapperfred were the same guy and I got accused of being to quick to judge.
  5. Okay, I'll apologize for everyone here, and a merit badge is in the mail.

    Seriously though, thanks for the head's up.
  6. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    I guess that's what I get for having multiple windows open at a time. I moved my post to the right thread
  7. I found the smoking gun on Aaron/fred. I would post the pictures if I new how but go to google and type in "one and done los banos" look at the picture and read the articail, then go to trapperfreds avitar and look. Hummm!. By the way I am one that is getting ripped on and I for one want to thank patrick J. I also should have a supprise for Aaron when he gos to pick up the moose cape. Not to mention that I am going to send the Ca. wildlife his email on having a fresh tanned mt lion from Golden State tannery to trade.
  8. hunterofall

    hunterofall Active Member

  9. Well there you have it. If that's not proof then I don't know what is. Has anyone turned anything in to authorities on this guy yet? I would like to know who to contact to report my stuff to as well. I think if enough of us turn it in it will turn out better for us. Good work!!

  10. Smeja

    Smeja New Member

    Arron, I just dont get it. Its like you enjoy shooting yourself in the foot. You obviously dont plan to have any kind of future in trapping or taxidermy. Once again you are ruined. Everybody will remember this time. Specially me, anytime I see anybody from anywhere in CA selling an animal on ebay or any taxidermy or trapping site or when I see anybody looking for taxi work I'll stop and ask myself if its that thief Arron... If its you I'll be sure to let everyone know. If you have the balls to show your face at any of the California Taxidermist Competitions I will let everyone know You are a liar and a thief. If you enter any of the competitions I'll be sure to bump this thread to the top. I have a good memory...

    You really need to return everybody's stuff and admit what a liar and pos you've been. Show some character. Show some integrity. Do whats right. How do you sleep at night?

    Somebody should still do a post about bad dealings with trapperfred as to some members theres still some confusion about the two because the other thread was wrongfully deleted.

    Maybe somebody here can track down the phone number to Arrons parents and or grandparents. Call me old fashion but regardless of what age he is I really think they should hear what a liar and thief Arron has become. If somebody like patrick can track the numbers down they should post them up and or PM them to me and I'll make the calls.
  11. I totally agree! It makes you wonder who all bought stolen furs from "trapperfred" and didn't know any better. Its pretty sad really. Like I said in the deleted thread, I'm easy to get along with - I'm already over the things I lost. This whole ordeal makes me actually feel sorry for that POS Mr. Manley. He doesn't even realize how pathetic he really is and its sad to think that someone could be so low and not care in the slightest bit. I bet you are reading these posts and thinking this all is funny. Just wait till you get taken away in handcuffs and have to pay on fines for the rest of your life. I'm guessing you are broke as piss to be stealing all this stuff. I hope you lose everything you own and have no one there to help you so you will open your eyes and see how it feels to lose your possessions in exchange for nothing. Then you just might realize what you have done to so many honest people. You are a disgrace to the taxidermy community as well as to the animals you have stolen.

  12. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Member

    THIS JUST IN!So I went back and did some looking through the 200 messages I have. I found the ones from TRAPPERFRED from when he just started using this site. He was trying to buy a bobcat from me. So earlier he said he didn't know why peoples stuff was showing up to his house, and he didn't know Aaron. Well in one of his pm's he sent me under the name trapperfred he sent me his email. You will notice he's always had it blocked in his personal info under trapperfred. It just happens to be the same email that he was using as Aaron Manley when he was communicating with everyone to steal there stuff. If anyone can imagine that. So explain away FRED or AARON, I'm not sure which one you want to be called.

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    Re: (No subject)
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    Your email is hidden, I need that to send pics. I was wrong on the way it is skinned. It is dorsal cut, and only has short relief cuts on the bottom of the back legs. Better for you, less sewing. I forgot how nice this cat was. approx. 1 7/8x18x35-36, If you get it, I would do your own measuring before ordering form.

    [email protected]

    the cat is already wet tanned right?


    Can't hold me down!
  13. Pretty sure he is bust now, there's enough evidence now and he can't keep hiding and lying about it. Really waiting to here if someone tell Fish and Game or the local authorities in California about this. I'm just wondering how much stuff he took.
  14. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Member

    I know if it was me who got taken for a bunch of stuff I would be calling everybody under the sun. FISH MOUNT should really go back and modify the subject line on this thread to include Trapperfreds name, so everybody knows they are the same. If you got dealings with Trapperfred going on, now would be a good time to start worrying.
  15. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    And he is only 160 pounds no matter how bad he tells you he is. Maybe we should just have our first ever taxi.net wrestling match. Let's see I got 12 years of wrestling in........maybe I can play.....LOL

    As far as suing goes......yes there is not enough money involved to even think about it. Each and every person would have to file their own suit in Aaron's county and attend court in Aaron's county...........costly or should I say not cost effective.

    See that is where the wonderfull world of law enforcement comes in. It seams that there are a couple of laws worth having these days. The first infraction on Aaron's part is called internet theft (federal), second would be postal fraud (federal) and third would be a whole slough of Fish and Game violations for the bear and mountain lion (I believe also federal but since he was trying to ship across state lines maybe even the Lacy Act may come into play).

    So what do you do?? Well you can contact the county sheriff, CA game wardens which I assume has already been done or file a complaint with USPS or any internet fraud division. The sheriff can compile all lost monies into one case and when the judge makes him pay restitution it will be divided evenly each and every time he pays and distributed to the people involved until each person has been paid back

    You need phone numbers all you have to do is ask
  16. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Member

  17. SHB

    SHB Hah, ....what trouble?

    Hi Pat. What does Jamie Rappaport Clark and the wolftards have to do with manley geniuses out in CA? lol. The fishing is really cranking here in the heartland right now.

    On a stupider note:

    I think we found out last year that young manley had a babymomma out in CO. I assume there's court mandated child support and such. Its hard to be cool like the other kids when your hustlin to make child support payments before your 20.

    Why are the stupidest people the most fertile?

    What's the over/under odds on young manley doing prison time before he's 40?
  18. Jay

    Jay Active Member

    Can someone just beat this Aaron guys arse and gettit over with!
  19. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    That wasn't me. I know I posted that on the Wyoming wolf thread in current events last night. That was twice in a day I posted something and it showed up in another thread I was involved in
  20. fozziebear

    fozziebear New Member

    This is the adress and name he gave me way back when I made a DUMB move and GIFTED the clown a fox!

    From: trapperfred on: June 09, 2009, 11:52:12 PM

    261 wabash dr

    fred blackburn