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What Defines a Currier Knife?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by John Janelli, May 29, 2010.

  1. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Surfing through ebay, I came across what I thought was a stoutly made beaming knife that was identified as a "Currier Working Knife".
    It was high priced for what it is. When I contaced the seller as to why he was calling a beaming knife a Currier knife, he wasn't exactly cordial about my knowledge of such tools. But anyway, if you're an experienced tanner and or taxidermist that is no stranger to this most essential implement, please see what you think this knife is on ebay: 280424507380 and if I'm wrong, I need to know it.
  2. I've always thought they were one in the same. 350.00 is way too much though. He might as well hang it on his own wall for that price.

  3. I've seen pictures of old Currier knives that looked like they had an inset blade, like a plane so you could control thickness. Basically the round knife replaced it, but we use good "beaming" knives on heavy skins as a Currier knife to get the weight down and make them pliable enough to run on a machine, the knife needs to be sharp enough you could skin with it, and it does take a wee bit of practice, yes, price wise they are out of their gourd!
  4. Tanner 101

    Tanner 101 New Member

    I been tanning since I was 16 years old .The Currier's knife was introduce to me buy Sinclair .Like Hudson said it is a T shape knife .It has 2 blades one on each side that is press between metal that is held together buy screws. each blade has its own edge.I was fortunate to learn how to turn the edge buy Sinclair. It takes a lot of practice.I seen him cut down elephants with it .Now that being said I see a lot of knifes that say they are Currier's .I'm not sure if it is just a name ,just like there are a lot of Bowie knifes or Tan-to knifes .As far as tanning goes there is only one Currier's knife .That is the one that Sinclair used. If I'm not mistaking I believe that John Jannelli has it maybe he can post a picture of it.If not I was told that JONAS Catolog sells one .
  5. The first knife I ever used as a tannery employee was a Currier's knife. The thing was double edged with an extremely sharp edge that was turned over on the edge. We sharpened it with tuning steels just like what we use on the round knife turned edge. It was held by machine screws on a metal T handle just like everyone has mentioned before in the thread. I recognize the Sheffield name, but a real Sheffield knife from England is double edged like the one John found on ebay, except it is equally sided and can be sharpened on each side as well. It is about $150. The American made Sheffield type blade is only $50 for the long knife and about $35 for the shorter version.
    The knife on ebay is more of a breaking knife or Sheffield type, not the conventional Currier's knife.