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Thank you all ! from the family and friends of Jeff McAdam

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by wildwings, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. wildwings

    wildwings New Member


    Well this past weekend we laid Jeff D. McAdam to rest in the ground. It was amazing the number of people Jeff has touch and knew. Just doing a rough estimate on numbers at the wake I figured at least 500-1000 people came through to say goodbye. Anyhow I figured since some weren't able to attend I would explain the Sunday service because it was just AMAZING ! So I wake up at about 8am look out side complete down poor and 30+ mph winds it wasn't looking any worse weather for the funeral. Any how we got everyone in side the church and got the service under way. The service was really really good. It really hit home ! They explained how god was there to answer the hard questions. How he wasn't offended by being questioned and how things happen for certain reasons. We might not know why they happened right away however in the future we will get an answer. At the end of the service they showed the slide show of pictures. Any how I had to laugh to myself once I seen the picture of Bill Yox and Jeff together. I was thinking inside how could it be legal for those 2 balding guys to stand so close together and blinding the world :) Sorry Bill. Any how that weekend was the first time Jeff and I met at the Minnesota Taxidermy Show I think that was 05. Any how after that we were to carry Jeff to the burial site about 150 yards from the church so I was one of the first pallbearers to the door. Once it opened it was dried up sun shining birds chirping it was so beautiful out side then I looked down the ramp to the bottom and seen 2 lines of taxidermists lined up. To be honest I couldn't even make out faces it was a pretty blurry walk down that ramp. Then once we got to the bottom it was time for the walk across the grass to his resting site. Well if you met me or seen a picture of me you know that I am on the bigger size. Any how needless out of the 8 pallbearers 4 were at least my size and left footed just like me. So the walk across was slow and steady. We all could hear Jeff just laughing making fun of us like he would have. Lastly to top it off after the service was complete we went up by the church just talking and telling story's. Then we heard this honking from the heaven's and watched as a flock of Canada Geese flew right over the tent and to top it off no lie they were flying in the missing man formation. (the flying V with a loner off to way off to 1 side) It just topped it for us.

    As for the Iowa Taxidermist Association you may never know how much it meant to the Family and Friends to have you all there. Jeff considered you all like a second family. Once he got on the board last year he wouldn't stop talking about it. He was just honored to be voted in on the board.

    As for the Taxidermy.net crew. I wish you knew how much time he actually spent on here. He was basically self taught and this is where he got most of his answers. It is probably a good thing the Taxi Chat wasn't around anymore. He would have never left his computer to do anything. There were many of you Jeff looked up too. Trust me my email and I knew it. He would see pictures of peoples work and send me emails about it saying things like man did you see that or did you see this. Jeff also must have visited Todd Hoffman's studio once or twice in CO because I never heard the end of how awesome Hoffman's studio was.

    Lastly on October 9Th 2010 we will be holding a Memorial Benefit for Jeff. It will be held in Victor, IA. Jeff has a wife (Kristen) and 3 children Josh McAdam of Floris, Iowa, Vanadee McAdam of Victor, and Jerica McAdam of Floris. Any how I am not one to ask but if you would like to help us out. Please let us know. We are working right now to get a raffle going before the benefit. We are trying to get a Sportsmen 500 or 700 for the top prize. Like most of you know taxidermy isn't a get rich fast business and are trying to just help his family get on there feet. So if you have anything to donate or give please contact me thru Private Message. Also just to let you know we will have all the proper tax write off receipts forms.


    Lastly the normal picture of Jeff being goofy like usual !