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First time caping a Mt. Goat, need pointers

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by charlie, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Hey all, got my first Mt. Goat in today. I have no experience with them. I need pointers on caping the head . I assume I should do it just like a deer, But do I need to do anything to the horns? Any specific measurements I need to take for setting the horns? It was going to be a rug but cut the back legs to the side of the hooves, I would have to sew it up and cut how I need it(extra charge). May end up doing a lifesize or half lifesize anyway. He didnt cut the butt right for a rug either. I usually go from the base of the tail along the back of the legs. He has about 10 extra inces beyond the anus that should be on the belly and legs . Any help would be apreciated. Hope I explained myselk well enough. Thanks.
  2. It really would help to decide on what is going to be done with this Mt.goat. If it is a lifesize, it would be cut differently then if it is for a rug or a shoulder mount. For a lifesize I would cut it up the back (dorsal cut) and pull the rest of the hide down the legs as if you would on a small mammal. If it is a rug, then belly cut it and cut the legs open on the inside. You would also have to split it up the chest to nearly the throat. If it is for a half lifesize do the dorsal cut and then Y or 7 over to the horn(s). For a shoulder mount, cape it out like a deer with the short insicion, either Y or 7 or T.

    You may want to take the eye to base of the horn core measurement before skinning the head. If you have not done any Mt.goats before, leave the skull intact until you get your form and then cut the skull plate with the horns off according to the form. This way your angle will be correct. To remove the horns off the core it is best to soak them in water or bag them up. :)

  3. Thanks for your reply!