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Illinois Tannery

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Fathead, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Fathead

    Fathead New Member

    Can anyone help me I am looking for a respectable tannery here in Illinois, for deer capes, various hides including bear,.......
  2. jgrit8

    jgrit8 Age 43

    Me too!

  3. Arlington Cape in Arlington Ohio is close. Shipping is not that much more. try it you will like it.
  4. I have been using Micro Tan for about 8 years now for capes and flat hides. I love their capes. The stretch is great. They are really great people to deal with. Alan Easter is the owner and he is in the process of getting a refrigerated trailer of some kind to do some picking up. Most stuff they take is green. They will take salted stuff as well. But the picking up would make it really nice. These guys are in Blue Mound , Il. The phone # is 217-692-2792. I think you will be well pleased.
  5. shadowcat

    shadowcat Member

    I just started using Micro-tan this year and they do a great job. In fact I had a deer come in that had been in a freezer for 2 years. The ears were freezer burnt. I sent it to them and jsut recieved it back yesterday. Ears where finished all the way to the tips. You will be happy you made the switch.
  6. mk

    mk -30 below

    get ahold of "Hudson" on here he does some great wet tans for whitetail and does some really good dry tans as well. He's up in northern Ill.
  7. I am not recommending Micro Tan by just one deer cape. They have 164 deer capes of mine right now. And have done about 400 pieces a year for me for the last 8 to 9 years. The question was asked for a tannery in Ill. Just thought Id try and help. If you tan hides tell others thats what this forum is about.
  8. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Read posts in the tanning section and see how well received Hudsons opinions are to other tanners, and then contact him for a list of references. I have heard of his flat hide work through people here in this site. Just do your research and see. If there was a problem with his tanning, youd certainly have heard about it by now. I havent...
  9. I was in no way saying that there was any problems with his tanning. Someone just asked for a tannery in Illinois and I use one so I recommended Micro Tan nothing against Hudson. I dont know the guy Im sure he does great tanning. but I've had really good luck with Micro Tan. Thats all .
  10. Cannot speak highly enough of YOST in Sturgeon Bay, Wisc (not much further for you to ship for the quality). I have been a taxidermist and rugmaker for 23 years and hold them in high regard, especially for bears. I feel very confident in saying, you will be very pleased. Many others on this site use them. Give Elaine a call : 920-743-7162

    Kind regards,