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First Time Shipping Deer Shoulder Mount...Help.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by inkyspal, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. inkyspal

    inkyspal New Member

    Need some advice on shipping a deer shoulder mount. What kind of box/container do you recommend? Is it necessary to use a crate? What type of packing material is best?
  2. I build crates for all mine. 1/2" plywood top and bottom, 7/16" wafer board for the rest. 2"x2"'s in all corners on the inside. Expensive to ship this way but atleast I have confidance it will make the trip.

  3. Kelly

    Kelly New Member

    Don't waste your time and money ! get Kelly to make a crate.. "Ready To Go" 1 866 353 3101
  4. Trotax

    Trotax Member

    We use cardboard boxes for most deer. The size I think is 24x20x42. Brace them good with 2x2s inside and screw the backboard to the box using fender washers underneath. Weve had very few problems. I think the boxes cost abvout 6 dollars.
  5. never ship a shoulder mount in a cardboard box, even if it has a wood frame. The biggest reason is that no shipping company will stand behind an insurance claim, unless it is in a "hard"crate. I use a 2x2 frame with the least expensive plywood/waferboard I can find. Cardboard will not stand any type of blow/fall to the sides. Nor will it stand up to a smaller but heavier box sitting on top of itself while it is stacked and transported.
    I use to try the Cheapest way possible, but that didn't fit well with my mission statement. Besides, if a person was the money to buy an out of state licence, pay for lodging and transportation, and take time off of work, he/she can afford a "CUSTOM" built crate for $65 and shipping cost of $60 - $135.
  6. Pack box with foam peanuts too.........