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Letter from NTA President Steve Wolk

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NTAHQ, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. NTAHQ

    NTAHQ Dedicated to protecting the future of taxidermy

    An open letter to NTA Members and non-Members:

    In recent months, the NTA has endured some rough roads. Most of our problems have come in the way of accusations of wrong doings. Let me point out that there has been an investigation as to the claims that were brought forth and as of today NOTHING has been found that is wrong. The Board has reviewed documents that some have claimed did not exist. The NTA attorney has reviewed all documents that were in question and is thoroughly convinced that everything is there.

    The CPA which works for the NTA has reviewed financial records and also agrees that everything is available and accounted for. Say what you want, but these professional men are not going to jeopardize their jobs and long careers for a bunch of taxidermists. This is not to say that over the years that the NTA Board has not made mistakes. This is not to say that many years ago the financial reports could have been done in a different format that would make it more "user friendly" to review today. But, this is to say that if an individual took their time, asked the right questions, and had an absolute understanding of how things were done in the past, the math still adds up. Period.

    Currently the NTA Secretary Carol Janelli is voluntarily serving as the Interim Treasurer as well. Carol has made it very clear from the very beginning that she is not an accountant and does not have the equipment to present a fancy treasurer's report. But what Carol has done, is a fantastic job of making sure moneys are deposited in a timely manner, and that bills are also paid in a timely manner. The checkbook that she is responsible for balances to the penny, and has balanced to the penny since she has been doing this position. Also keep in mind that in years past, the treasurer's position was a paid position. Since the time Carol has taken over, she has not been compensated a dime for her time. If someone wanted to take the time, had the knowledge, and the right equipment, the numbers from the treasurer's report could be entered into a system and a fancy report could be provided. In a perfect world we would have that, but currently this organization does not have the funds to do so. However, we are checking into getting an accountant to take this position, but again, this requires funds to make it happen.

    In recent weeks there have been four Board Members resign with one of them being the President. As Vice President, I have stepped up to the plate to do the absolute best that I can to help build the NTA. I am not going to get into anyone's personal business and give my opinion about the resignations. As far as I am concerned it is water under the bridge. Dwelling on it is not going to help me, help you, or help the NTA. My goal as President of the NTA is to be as positive as possible, and to get back to what the NTA was all about when it was founded. We are here to serve you, the members. We are here to help protect you by working together, helping each other, and working with Conservation Force and other like minded groups. Just this week I received an email from Conservation Force with a note about them working with animal cruelty laws in the Supreme Court. Without these people, many laws would go against all taxidermists, and we would not be in business very long.

    I have no problem with anyone being in disagreement with the NTA, or the Board. What deeply concerns me is this. Our industry is being put under the microscope by PETA, HSUS, and several other anti gun and anti hunting organizations. Not one problem that we are seeing right now is coming from the "outside." Every one of our problems is coming from within our very own industry. Our very own back yards. These anti groups have not attacked us with too much fervor as of yet. So far it does not seem that they need to. Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that we are too busy stabbing our own in the back? I am asking that all taxidermists try our best to look at the big picture, and to promote our industry in a constructive and professional manner. Again, this does not mean we cannot disagree, but we must be respectful to each other. Not one taxidermist will benefit, if the entire industry is viewed by the outside world, as a profession that eats its own.

    The NTA convention in Springfield, Illinois is rapidly approaching. You have my word that I, the entire Board, and NTA Headquarters will do everything humanly possible to make this a great show for you and your family to attend. We totally understand that money is tight for a lot of people and that it is a sacrifice to come to any convention. I look forward to meeting each of you at the convention. Please get to know the NTA and discover the great people, friends, knowledge, and lifetime of memories that will be at your fingertips.

    Please visit the NTA web site for additional information about the upcoming convention in Springfield, Illinois or contact NTA Headquarters for assistance with any of your convention needs. Again, we are here to serve you the membership.

    Below are several notes of interest:

    • Deadline for the Crowne Plaza Springfield early reservations are June 27th. After that date rooms will be available on a space available basis. There are other great hotels nearby should you miss the deadline. For reservations you can phone 888.303.1755 with the group code: NTX for the $81.00 rates.
    • Thank you to the Illinois Taxidermy Association for supplying backboards for the competition area. If you are able to donate a few hours to assist in setting up the area your help would be appreciated on Wednesday morning @ 8:00 am at the Crowne Plaza.
    • Friday night, July 16th there will be an auction and general membership meeting. However, to have a general membership meeting there must be participation. If you would like to attend the meeting it will start directly at the close of the auction.
    • Cabela’s has generously donated event coupons to the first 500 registrants at the NTA Convention which provide $20 off $120 Purchase or $10 off of a $75 Purchase.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Steve Wolk
    NTA President
  2. Joe Winsor

    Joe Winsor Active Member

    To the top. Thanks Steve for your leadership and dedication.

  3. shammy

    shammy New Member

    Thank you for the post Steve. Hoping I can make it there.