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what's your real job

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by bchadcherry, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. justin_b

    justin_b Just sayin...

    Network Tech. Provision and maintain fiber optic and ethernet transport systems. Got my start in the industry in the Air Force back in 93.
  2. Retired for Grocery Industry after 28 yrs. This is IT now!

  3. Professional Textile Artist. Making mascots/costumes for both private owners and businesses. Sewing is my first love, bones my second.
  4. RBlack

    RBlack Member

    Playboy photo editor.
  5. big dan

    big dan Member

    Professional taxinet proofreader
  6. Active Duty Air Force, punching my ticket at the end of the year though

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  7. I'm a freelance artist specializing in reproduction taxidermy, animal movie/tv show props, animal-related props for the haunted attraction industry and also do some costuming, make and sell skull casts and of course clean bones (which is a fairly small fraction of my business).

    I did two dogs (pit bulls) for the original Law and Order tv show (one was in the very last episode before the series ended) and a dog for the cable show Always Sunny in Philadelphia (these are the ones I know about, since I am a sub-contractor for a prop maker in California; I'm not always privy to who the final user may be as often the props are rented rather than sold). Recently I made a Doberman Pinscher and a dead Yellow Labrador prop that were over-nighted to studios in New York, so they may turn up in some television show soon. So if you see any dead dogs in any tv shows in the future chances are I made them.

    Also had a nice government deal thru that propmaker - I made dozens upon dozens of donkeys, goats and a few horses. dogs and sheep (all repros) for a US Army base in San Diego that are being used in training simulations.

    I have also made lots of props that were animated by a company that supplies the haunted house industry.

    In addition I throw in some real taxidermy and sell that from time to time if I don't get enough of the above type stuff.
  8. bone-o

    bone-o New Member

    I used to watch Always Sunny and I think I might remember that episode. Was it a Border Terrier?

  9. This was the exact dog used in that show -
  10. bone-o

    bone-o New Member

    That's the one!

    I'm curious how the economics of your job works since you can't technically sell the furs. Do you rent them out?
  11. lorefuma

    lorefuma Member

    I think that he make dogs in artificial fur, so no legal issue...
  12. Lateral Line

    Lateral Line The Sea Refuses No River...

    " Fred Garvin... male prostitute."
  13. michael69

    michael69 Active Member

    Operating engineer
  14. cattledog

    cattledog Member

    Own a Window Cleaning business.Do Commercial and Residential Window cleaning & Gutter cleaning.Work on the Eastern and Western Shore of Md,De,and Washington D.C.Me and my wife do it together.Skull cleaning on the side.
  15. shadowride69

    shadowride69 New Member

    Re: Re: what's your real job

    everyone in the area needs to spit on the windows that this guy cleans (not to be mean) but job security if you do highrise buildings you Have more balls than i 8)

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  16. Somewhat convoluted...

    I retired from my "working career" as a Marine Biologist in Canada's Western Arctic quite some time ago now.

    Took a few years "off" until I got both Bored & Broke ;)

    So... These days:

    Commercial Salmon Troll starting in April, runs through to late May or early June most years.
    Switch hats, and Guide for Salmon & Halibut off the West Coast of Vancouver Island (Ucluelet) June through September.

    September / October is "Me Time" for the early hunting seasons.

    Then hop to Alberta and do some Guiding for Whitetails, Mulies and sometimes Elk.

    Back to BC for the late archery season on deer.

    Take Mid-December to April "off" to catch up on sausage making, and chasing steelhead in the local rivers. This year was a very poor year for steelhead returns, so turned to the skull work to keep the hands from being idle. And thus wandered across this Extremely Informative Site! ;D

    Keeps me near broke, but Damn Happy 99% of the time!

    Nog - Prepping for The Briney...
  17. I am a firefighter down here in Louisiana. We work 3 shifts on and 4 days off. I have a lot of time on my hands for side business. When you work with several hundred guys who deer hunt, you got a customer basis just waiting for you. Besides, I swore i would never mow lawns!
  18. Zombiegirl

    Zombiegirl Member

    Veterinary Technician working in a small animal clinic :)
  19. This is a great thread. We have some hard workers here for sure.

    I own a tattoo shop that my husband tattoos out of. We have three other artists who work on a rental basis. We are planning on opening our second location soon in this area, and have our eyes set on a third one that will be out of state. I worked for many years fulltime in phone-collections to get up the funds to do this. I also work part time at a local family-owned art supplies store. It's a really small, close-knit group there and I love it.

    I also do paintings for commission. I am doing portraits of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe for a guy now in watercolor. I am nuts about taxidermy and at this point I have done several novelty mounts and two LS squirrels and am gathering supplies for my first Wt deer shoulder mounts. I also do many artistic things such as sculpture, jewelry making, wallhanger/log-cabin-type decor art. I can say with surety that I will never regret saving up and opening a business. I absolutely hated collections work and though it was a steady and high paycheck, I am so much more at ease with life now.
  20. Prison nurse, 10 years and counting.........