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Question for those that keep whitetails

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Andy M, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Andy M

    Andy M Member

    Hello there -

    I plan to build a barn next spring so my wife can have horses. I figured if I am going through the expense to build a barn I'll put up fencing to keep deer. I have approximately one and a half to two acres that I can fence in so to start off I'd only want one buck for live refernece, and in the future get a doe and breed them. My question is, is keeping just a few whitetail for live reference worth the effort and the expense of the right fence? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  2. gab

    gab Active Member

    I don't know the rules in nY,but in tx,you have to ahve a breeders permit and an inspected facility to keep deer in captivity

  3. timberlandtaxidermy

    timberlandtaxidermy Taxidermy Instructor NTA Certified Judge

    Get ahold of Bill Yox. Being he's from NY and has w.t's in a pen, he'd probably know ;)
    He should be easy to find on here as he's one of the moderators.

  4. Andy M

    Andy M Member

    Thanks for the tips. As for permits in NY there are two types, one to keep them as a "pet" and the other to buy and sell whitetail deer. I guess I can send Yox an e-mail.


  5. AFWS

    AFWS The lost Robertson

    Here's my 2 cents ;D dogs,cats, and deer is not a good combo ;D If you have any or anybody near you does,your gonna enjoy the constant battle ;D As for the rest ;) my deer is now MY LIFE ;D
  6. jt

    jt Member

    I had a buck and a doe for 5 years. AFWS is right, if there's dogs around , you got trouble. I've had dogs run my deer through the fence, run them around the fence to exhaustion when I wasn't home to stop them, my buck got his velvet antlers broke in the process. Bears are also a problem. The reference you can get from observing and photographing is invaluable, but, IMO, not worth the hassle when there's so many places to buy reference. If there's a place close by you that has deer, just go there and save alot of time, money, and headaches. Also, if you don't have enough space fenced in they're going to wear the place down to nothing but mud.
  7. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    Andy, NY does not allow deer for pets so don't ever refer it as that to them or you will not get a permit! how you fill out your application is key! along with providing them the required fenced area. without looking its 100x150 feet enclosure for 1 deer, it goes up from there per amount of deer. you should have 2 100x150 area's if you want to be able to separate them. also you need a containment area wich Bill can help you with whats required. there are 2 types of permits and you only need the cheaper one for what you want.
  8. Andy M

    Andy M Member

    Thanks for the additional info. I think I going to forget about keeping deer. As fun as it may seem, it sounds like too much work for the smiple fact of having one for live reference. I have no problem with the space, as I live on a 120 acre farm, would only have to re-fence the pastures. Oh well, I guess I'll stick to pheasants.

    Thanks again for all the input.


  9. i- know you have to have a federal wildlife permit for keeping any non domesticated species in captivity...ie deer bison etc.*-

    How many acres are you planning on having aside from the barn for the horses? 1 acre per horse is about the ASPCA norm...

    i should think deer in themselves would need at least 2 acres per 6 to 8 deer in a high fence pen...but i don't raise deer.
  10. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    elkhunter that doesnt apply in NY, only permit is state, them you need the deer to test ok for certain diseases and thats AG&MARKETS that is also done by state vets.. no federal period! same for my wild boar.I dont even need a state permit for them.
  11. damn NC requires all kinds of regulations and such i don't think you can even have them unless they are exotic species