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BO vs. volume 40

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by shawnc, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. shawnc

    shawnc New Member

    Has anyone did a side by side test on the two to see which ones turns out better? I know the difference in % on the two but dose the end results look about the same with maybe a little more time in the Vol.40?
    Around here there is a difference in cost,... Any thoughts
  2. I used V-40 for a couple of years-- and was able to get it @$10./Gal-- which I thought was a good price--

    Last fall a biig swimming pool co (Ordini's in Paterson, N.J.) was having a sale on the BO- @ $11./gal--

    Since I can cut the BO 50/50/ w/ H20 and create 2gallons for $11. it seemed like a no brainer--

    As far as the results is concerned, I didn't do a side-by-side experiment- but none of my customers seemed to notice that I was using the BO

    I've done nearly a doz white tails, a couple of bears, an elk, several coyotes, and a buffalo-- and I still haven't used all of the 2nd gallon--

    If you live near to Paterson, NJ it would be worth the trip to go to Joe Ordini's in Sept for his fall sale-- don't bother w/ calling them for mail-order
    they won't send it UPS or by any other means--
    Hope this helps you with your decision

  3. shawnc

    shawnc New Member

    I have never tried the BO Yet (I have a family member that is bringing me some up this weekend to try ;D) but it dose make sense if you are able to cut the BO in half for about the same price.
    Once the BO is mixed 50/50 isn't that ratio about the same as Vol. 40??? I thought people use it straight or in a paste instead of diluting it....?
    I will experiment with it and post some pictures.
  4. Shawn,
    The BO can be used straight just fine, you shouldn't have any problems - just leave it in half the time. Look through the archives for "pink skulls", BO for some reason will turn skulls a very light pink occasionally. I had it happen after I had run about 15 skulls through a batch of BO, then a couple of wolverine turned light pink (last ones in it). I don't know the cause, but it could be contamination from organic matter (the other skulls) or residuals from the degreasing process. IF it happens, the pink comes out easily with "pure" peroxide (BO has additives to make it last longer), even 3% will remove the pink color.
    Nice seeing that big old cat again on the other thread.
  5. shawnc

    shawnc New Member

    Probably a silly question but where can you get "pure" peroxide? I heard there is a food grade peroxide out there but its hard to get. I used the volume 40 on the skulls I've did so far and liked the results.
    Thanks for your info
    Ooops one more question.... I was just searching the "Sallys beuty website" and noticed that they offer two different types of vol. 40.
    The one that I've used is Salon Care 40 Vol. clear developer and the other is Clairoxide 40 volume clear developer.

    Is there a differance in the two products in the skull whitening world?
  6. 40 volume would work just fine - I was just warning you about the BO, it does not happen to everyone..

    Probably a chemical supplier closer to you than these people - hopefully some one will chime in.


    Food grade 34% Liquik Bleach - non-chlorine.

    I Don't know anything about the Sally's stuff. :)
  7. By pure he meant anything besides BO, 3% would work too.

    I use the stronger stuff just to make it go faster. I've got about 30 heads that will all need whitened about the same time. Waiting a few more days doesnt seem like a big deal, unless you've got more in line behind it.....then you're talking a weekor more difference.

    I dont know what salon care 40 vol is, I've used the other you mentioned and its just like the brown bottle you get at walmart just a higher concentration. Its liquid, not a runny goo like some of the stuff is.
  8. I've used the salon care with no problems. Jess sifford
  9. I have used the clear developer from Sally's, it works great. I don't use paste any more. The secrete to a white skull is in the degreasing, perfect that and you will have no problems getting white skulls from even 3% peroxide. But if time is a factor, 3% is too slow, that's where BO comes in handy with its shorter soak times.
  10. Right there with you toxic. Degrease degrease and degrease is key to a white skull
    3% will whiten just fine, just takes a while
    BO will do a the same job, a little faster.

    I use 35%. For one I get it for 6.00 a gallon, cheaper than BO.
    I use it straight, with short soak times.
  11. osage outlaw

    osage outlaw New Member

    I use 50% and cut it with water. You can't buy that in a beauty supply store, only from chemical suppliers.
  12. I've always used 40% peroxide and for the most part it works just fine. I usually mix it with Basic White. Costs a lot more but I think it's worth it, though soaking it in 40% will do the trick too. I have never tried BO, but many swear by it. The only problems I have had with peroxide is weathered or over-boiled skulls. It doesn't seem to soak in right, and I end up re-bleaching them 3 or 4 times before they look right.
  13. Where do you get 50% never knew they made it. Jess Sifford
  14. eurosbyRT

    eurosbyRT Skull Designs

    Sifford, Hi valley chemical in centerville , utah has it, but its like $110 for 5 gallons. I have also used 75% stuff that a local meat packager uses
  15. Nice how long does it take to whiten say a bear skull like 6 hours. If only it was cost effective. Jess sifford
  16. Its also very dangerous.
  17. mahatma

    mahatma Vertex