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May have a real problem HELP!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Bubbas, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. First meeting 60 Days ago:
    Had a client come in with a 26 in long bass. Hes like it weights 18 and 1/2 lbs. Do ya'll have a scale? Me: No I dont have one. But I think its more like 7-8 lbs. He says No I have seen 7-8 lb ones its at least 18 to maybe 19 lbs. Me: Ok How you want it mounted? He tells me and leaves all excited.

    His daugther calls Dad died last week. And she wants to know when his 18 1/2 lb 26 in long bass will be done?

    Me: I am sorry to hear about your dad. Fish was mounted last week should be done in a couple of weeks.

    She: Says she is having a name plate made can I remember when he caught it I told her the date and that I know it was 26 ins BUT DONT KNOW THE WEIGHT!! Because we didnt weigh it here!! Well dad told me it was 18 1/2 lbs!!

    What in the he!! am I going to tell this lady when she sees this fish. A fool can see its not 18 1/2 lbs. BUT by goodness it is 26 ins.

  2. Dan Gill

    Dan Gill New Member

    tell them foam is liter than meat. ? not sure, but maybe it wont come up. good luck.

  3. I've been thinking about this and I don't think there is a perfect solution for this one. If you go along and a plaque is made up stating 18 lb fish the daughter might find out the HARD way from others reading this laughing in her face saying what a fish story. Or, you could be honest with her now and run into the danger of hurting her feelings and getting upset with you. I see this as a no win situation. I guess go with your gut if the weight thing comes up. Maybe the daughter might be very understanding about it all but then again, you won't know till she stands in front of you. Good luck buddy. :-\
  4. He brought in a 26 incher and she is leaving with a 26 incher. You can't do more than that.

  5. Bruce, the 26 inch is not at issue here. It is that name plate that may have the weight of the fish on it. Just not a perfect solution here should that topic arise.
  6. jtcjr

    jtcjr Member

    Fish would have to have had a 25.5 inch girth for that weight to be possible. One of the reasons I weigh each fish and but my weight on work order and have them sign.
  7. rebel

    rebel New Member

    i would make up 2 tags one with the weight and one without and wait till she comes in to pay and nice talk to her about it
    i wouldnt say anything about it over the phone so she dosnt get pissed and dosnt want to come and get it
  8. QBD

    QBD Active Member

    Sounds like a face to face explanation would be the best from your stand point. But after you explain it to her, if she wants to get a plate made that says it weighs 40 lbs., that is totally up to her. You did say in your first post that she was having a name plate made.

    She may not have any concept of how big a 18 1/2 lb. fish is and she may take what her Dad said as gospel and ignore you. But honesty is still the best policy. Just be nice about.
  9. finazducks

    finazducks EJ is not the only one to have two Wasco Awards

    Or, You could call Archie. You can get a thirty five pound large mouth with a 30 inch girth and you can get it painted for only nineteen ninety five.

    Disclaimer: I may be off on the length, weight, girth , and price but the rest is correct I'm sure.
  10. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    TRU-DAT! :eek: ;D
  11. copper

    copper Active Member

    use the formula for her, length x length x girth divided by whatever it is and show her the approx weight. That should suffice
  12. finazducks

    finazducks EJ is not the only one to have two Wasco Awards

    I've been told that girth is the most important measurement
  13. Eric E.

    Eric E. Member

    When my customers come in I explain to them as a fisherman I would be and think the same thing had I not been in the business so long and seen so many fish to know the difference. Tell her that if I had been your dad and caught a 26 inch fish I would have thought it was an 18 pound fish also! This way she can realize that fish are always bigger to an excited fisherman then a realistic taxidermist but that in no way minimizes this is a trophy fish to be cherished.

    I would also add that all you know was the fish was 26 inches long and had a girth of ?? and the weight was never checked. I would also add that even though you knew it was not 18 pounds when it was brought in it would not have been respectful to argue that point with her dad and take away from his excitement when it had no bearing on the quality of mount you were going to do for him. That way you can show her the length and girth are correct so she will know it is the correct fish and enjoy a priceless piece of her father’s history on the water.