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Whitetail Photos - Rotated Eyes, Grooming, Flared Nostrils, and More.

Discussion in 'Deer & Gamehead Photos' started by whitetailedvisions, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. I hope these help someone, if anyone were to ever want these emailed to them in full size for reprinting just shoot me a message.[br][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br][​IMG][br][br]
  2. Thank you Whitetailedvisions. A lot of great information there.

  3. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Who says there's too much gloss on the nose hairs, not from the looks of that last pic, nice eye rotation shots.
  4. Fantastic pics. Thanks for posting.
  5. MAX-idermy

    MAX-idermy New Member

    Thanks...these helped a lot
  6. Thanks for posting the pics. My second wt tail mount is currently drying in my basement. These pics will be very useful for my finishing work!

  7. JBuresh@ICT

    [email protected] Turkey Creek Furs and Wildlife Studio

  8. deerhunt1985 they are sent
  9. Just remember when looking a reference, depending on what your doing to a mount, a stressed deer is not always the best reference. Some of those pics are very good reference, but some of them are not. here's a couple I'd not use as reference unless your going for that kind of look, it's not a relaxed deer for sure.

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  10. Can you email these pic's to me so I can print out, Thanks, Joe Brinkley, [email protected], Just what I have been looking for.