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Annual DNR check (2 1/2 hours)

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by trophy, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You let a burglar into your home, he steals from you and afterwards you call HIM up and ask him if he stole something from you??? I'd love to meet one damned bureaucrat that ever admitted that HE had done something wrong. Hell, Richard Nixon wouldn't even do that, so what would I expect out of the bunny cop head cheeze. Why didn't you call your state attorney general and see how HE read the Mike Showers case? But don't worry, you have nothing to hide cause you did nothing wrong, and, oh, by the way, he'll be back next year.
  2. trophy

    trophy New Member

    If you owned a meat packing plant in PA. ,can you denie the USDA inspectors access to only the area open to the public? Beleive me if I thought I could restrict him from places in my building I would. I dont have the time or energy to make a supreme court case out of this. Not sure how busy you are but Iam a year behind in work.I will deal with him next year ,but you can be certain it will go smooth.

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Just how we got from taxidermy to meat inspections I don't know, but if you (like me) are a year behind, the last thing you need in your shop is some overzealous game warden with a free reign. My shop's not partitioned either, but my freezers have lids on them. If he wants something out of my freezer,all he needs to do is ask me for it. Otherwise, he's not window shopping in my freezer without a warrant.
  4. Seahawk

    Seahawk New Member

    wow i think he was really trying to make you nervous. maybe he thought you would slip-up and not find something. 2.5 hours? wow i would've told him my shop was closing.
  5. hi i am just getting into taxidermy... i know for a fact that Dnr has the right to search in md. Oh by the way... im not sure but i think that mr.george was a stunt double in the movie "grumpy old men" lol
  6. Intimidate, every law officer should be mnice and polite and they know what they are allowed to search. They know when you allow them in the back, its like allowing one to search you car samething.

    If you allow them in the work area where the freezers are then they can search you have "IMPLIED CONSTIENT"

    Listen to what Pauls saying, and get a copy of it for the next time you are inspected.

    Annual inspection?? Guess your DNR reps have no poachers or anything else to do. I know mine are out busting their butts catching the real criminals.
  7. very good paul well said ;D are you sure your right about all this? because i would want to know this when one comes to me.

    and being a hunter i have a lot of practice birds hanging are they aloud to ask for records of these?
  8. trophy

    trophy New Member

    Hey Paul my taxidermy assoc. president Tommy Hyde said this has came up before in MD. and the DNR officer has all rights to inspect my premises where my work is being conducted. Not sure what qualifications it takes to become a association pres. other than your enjoyment of this feild and some followers that like you but iam taking sides with my pres that deals with our Dnr officials. That officer never came back to reveiw the missing log book today but he will. I strongly beleive that when you deal with something that is regulated by your local gov. there is going to be some strict guidelines to follow. Pres to Pres Iam sure if courious about MD laws you can contact MR. Hyde and get his input on our "free states " laws.
  9. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Well, Mr. Hyde is doing a poor job of representing you. In fact, I'd bet you he has about as much legal knowledge as most taxidermists. Maryland DNR does NOT have the right to violatge the 4th Amendment and anyone who claims they do is literally uneducated. Trophy, why don't YOU have Mr. Hyde contact Mr. Czarnecki. Paul doesn't have any vested interest in protecting you other than the brotherhood of taxidermy. Tommy Hyde was elected by your organization to represent YOU. But I can tell you for a fact that Maryland DNR only has the "right" to "inspect" your records keeping documentation. After that, it takes a warrant unless you roll belly up. If you do that, then they can look anywhere they'd like.

    John, you need to do a bit of reading as well. "Implied consent" only pertains to objects in "plaiin view" of the public. Would you hand him your wallet to look through? If you have a safe in your shop, would you open it for him? My freezers might be empty for all he knows and unless he has a warrant, that's all he's going to know.

    You guys should really sit down and READ the Mike Showers case before trying to act like sh1thous lawyers.
  10. http://www.dnr.state.md.us/dnrnews/pressrelease2007/022607.html Read the saint marry's part.
  11. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    xX, I don't see anything in that report that means diddly as to their authority. If YOU read it, check the part where he said he was charged with failure to maintain records. I'd bet a bundle he allowed them access earlier. Did you recognize the part where they ILLEGALLY confiscated certain animals from his shop. Now YOU READ THE MIKE SHOWERS CASE and stop trying to justify what you don't understand.
  12. trophy

    trophy New Member

    Please read the ST. Marys ad in that last posting.Iam sure those animals where not in a public area and in a freezer somewhere. Let me guess that "brainwashed stupid uninformed idiot " should not have let him in his freezer.

    MR. Showers might have set precident in at least in the district that includes PA to remove these "implied" warrantless search "laws" but I dont feel it has effected MD. DNR practices. Instead of debating this issue could show something relavant to my area. I want to beleive what your saying is correct but I have talked to some well respected taxidermist in MD. and they feel the same. In the ST. Marys Wathens case that all started after inspecting his business. It doesnt say his books.

    I know the ad doesnt give all the details but this is what we are up against. George you must be from PA as well.
  13. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    trophy, I'm through with you. I guess it must be inherited intelligence. Just where the hell do you think the Federal Appeals Court for Pennsylvania encompasses. I hate to tell you that Maryland is a part of the "northeast" in judicial areas. And I'm telling you just that, he allowed them in his freezers. If you even bothered to read the reference, you'd see the primary charge had to do with RECORDS KEEPING. That's ALL they have the right to inspect without a warrant or without your cooperation. "If you don't stand up for some things, you'll likely fall for anything".
  14. "38 sets of improperly tagged whitetail deer antlers; and 37 improperly tagged whitetail deer hides." this means that they where not on the form... in order for them to find these "hides" they had to look through his freezer.
  15. trophy

    trophy New Member

    There is no relation, I feel your just stuborn. God luck in you practices ! My show will go on tommorrow and this once a year bother will be soon forgotten . As long as I do my part in being straight with the laws my tough guy tony can look around all he wants.
  16. its not that serious but when it all boils down all that matters is that trophy is right :)
  17. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I'm with you trophy. Even if what George and Paul C. say are entirely correct (and I'm sure they are technically) it's not smart to tell someone in law enforcement a to get out. (whoops did I say someone was stupid). ;D

    A friend of mine did just that and guess what? They came back with the feds and made sure they found something wrong. Just for a minor violation on his gamebird tags they took all of his birds away and he didn't get them back for two years while the case was being prepared. Any yeah he won the case in the end but not after spending a big chunk of change on lawyers and no income from the birds. I guess you have to ask yourself if it's worth it. I'm as fiesty as anyone else but to me it's just not worth it. We don't live in a free country anyway. We just think we do.

    Here in m Indiana the taxidermy regs say that they have the right to search your shop at anytime if you have a taxidermy license. When you pay that fee and sign on the dotted line you give them the right.
  18. any hour of reson... i think the should not have came just before the store closed
  19. tazzy0429

    tazzy0429 Where Mounts Reflect Life

    George I read the showers case and I am glad this came up. I am a newbie so have not had an inspection yet. Did I read correctly that NC chooses to ignore the outcome of that case? I will sure address my concerns to my local taxi assoc. I read NC taxi laws and parts of it confused me so I called our local DNR officer to clear up my misunderstandings. I am releived that he only mentioned the records as being something that should be inspected . I am hoping that means he is a little more versed on the laws rights and ours. I copied the entire case statement to my HD so I can print it latter in case I should need it.
  20. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Cecil is right on. If you give them problems, they are going to give you problems. They have the right to come in your shop anytime, You guys crack me up. It's not a question of your rights, it a question of what's right.