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Degrease tank. I need help please

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by shawnc, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. shawnc

    shawnc New Member

    Hello, I've search for hours and cant seem to find what I'm looking for. I need to build a degrease tank. I thought about using a plastic stock tank but I need help on how to heat it. Everytime I search for my answer I find a post that says "use the search button" LOL.
    I went down to our local farm supply store and they only have little bucket heaters and the sales people say they wont keep the water as hot as I want it and it will only keep the water from freezing. I thought about using aquiriam heaters but I have read on here that people are having a hard time keeping the water hotter than 90.
    Can anyone point me in a good direction. There has got to be a good post on here on how to build one but I'm not the best with these computers (I'll have to get my kids on here to find it for me).

    Thanks for any help.
  2. tom k

    tom k New Member

    Use a water heater heating element. You can get them at Home Depot, Lowes, and also get a thermostat.

  3. emict326

    emict326 New Member

    x2 on the hot water heating element, you can also use a bucket heater (they are expensive) $45 and i have had shorting out probs
  4. aquarium heaters are not the best way to heat large quantities of water and they cost to much for what you get. the best way to heat water in large degreasers is with water heater elements and lower water heater thermostats. make sure you get the 110 volt heater element. you can get both for under $20 from Lowes and Home Depot
  5. shawnc

    shawnc New Member

    Hey thanks for the replys so far. I did find some interesting info from the archieve posted two years ago. If I remember right, it was RD not even using a heater. He was just using hot water in a ice chest and when it cooled he would change the water/grease and repeat.
    That does sound real cost effective....Maybe he will chime in on this...maybe he has a better method now??? I like the sounds of it. My power bill is already high enough.
    Thanks again for helping me out.
  6. bluetaxi69

    bluetaxi69 New Member

    try the heaters, you'll be glad you did.
  7. A water heating element & lower thermostat is the way to go HANDS DOWN!

    In a pinch, the Ice chest/or cooler works well. I modified the lid on mine and it holds the heat better longer.
  8. alfonso

    alfonso New Member

    use stainless steel tank
  9. jd1983

    jd1983 New Member

    I actually made a tank out of the drum from an old washing machine, a water heater element, and a thermostat. It took a little work to seal up the holes but it has been working pretty well. I picked it up at the local dump, which might be a good place to start your search.
  10. michael69

    michael69 Active Member

    Allied bucket heater 742, lower thermostat for hot water heater and half of a 55gallon plastic drum
  11. Shawn,
    Plywood box insulated with 1 1/2" foam all the way around and two layers on the bottom and two layers laying over the lid. Water heater element and lower thermostat. Black tote from lowes. ;D

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  12. JOtaxi

    JOtaxi Member

    I don't deal in the quantities that most people on here deal with. I use a 16 qt. roaster. I can usually get 2-3 skulls in it at a time. I know some guys that use a huge wash tub and a propane burner. That would cut down on your kilowatts.
  13. I currently have about 14 buckets ranging in size from a "I can't believe it's not butter" tub up to the largest closet storage container I could find out in my field and some in the shop degreasing everything from cats to horses... I've finally got fed up this summer and starting yesterday I started looking at water troughs and the space in my shop to see how I can fit a tank in there.

    The simpler ones I've seen here take a giant tub and just wrap it in insulation. Not that hard, I hope. Use a Caswell heater (3 heating rods hooked to one controller and one thermometer) and they cost less than any fish tank heater. AND they have excellent customer service. I emailed them about my broken heating rod and they replied within 12 hours saying that they have sent a replacement. That's it, no finagling or having to return the broken piece first.