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Swan Hunting

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by jwprentice1, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. jwprentice1

    jwprentice1 New Member

    Hey! Waterfowlers-my hunting buddy wants to find a place to Swans-any ideas appreciated. I know he will have to travel away from New Mexico to get it done. Thanks
  2. Shawn73

    Shawn73 Active Member

    in the back of some of the hunting magazines there is a place in the Carolinas i think its North Carolina. i want to get down there too

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I think the Tarheel state is the only choice now. Surprisingly, any state COULD host swan hunting but the Feds have applied so many requirements, most opt out. The Feds want a special license bought and issued, the birds taken to be numbered and tagged, and all information forwarded to them. Most states opt out in not having to mess with the hassle as the profits won't pay for the cost of labor involved.
  4. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    I can put you onto a great guide in eastern NC. His property is located right across the road from Phelps lake where 1000s of swans roost every night. PM me for details. If you're interested in an eastern NC bear hunt, I can put you on a guide for that in the same area. Eastern NC has some of the world's largest (body size) black bears due to the lack of a long hibernation period. There was a 760lb bear taken with this guide last November.

    The NC draw system issues 5,000 permits each year. The cost to apply is $5 or $10. The state would not make any money that way, but they require every applicant to have a valid NC hunting license before applying. So, out-of-staters must buy a license first....this is where they make their money. The birds are plentiful in eastern NC during the winter, and make for a fun hunt. Lots of folks try to take them with a bow.
  5. HunterJohnson

    HunterJohnson Active Member

    We have swan hunting in North Dakota, they issue 2200 tags a yr. $5 , you do have to apply or buy one though the game and fish website after the auction what evers left. there's allways extra every yr. the dead line to apply wed. aug. 18, they are a state wide tag, I fill mine every yr. season opens oct. 1 -- Dec.

    the best time is the 3 week in oct. is when they really start coming down from canada. hope this helps and heres the ND wedsite, discovernd.com
  6. goducks20

    goducks20 New Member

    Some closer areas to him that have swan hunting are in Nevada and Utah. Check out their fish and wildlife sites.
  7. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    Montana offered hunting them years ago, they may still have a season.
  8. To clarify things up we are talking about TUNDRA swans. Some states also have the American native Trumpeter Swans (protected).

    If your buddy wants to have the Tundra swan mounted then the only real option is to hunt them late in the season. That would put him in second or third week of January. If he just wants to hunt them and eat them then absolutely he can hunt them in the Dakotas and other central flyway states where swan hunting is legal. If the goal is to eat one then a young grey bird would be best..the young ones are real tender.

    OK so lets say he wants to hunt one to mount it then early season birds (Oct, Nov) are full of pin-feathers and many taxidermists do not even take them in. So what are the options then for late season beautiful birds that are great for mounting...North Carolina (5,000 permits by lottery) or Virginia (500 permits by lottery).

    NC has couple of good guides. Jennette's Lodge in Englehard, NC has always produced good results.

    Another great character that I hunted with a long time ago was Booger Harris.
    Booger's lodge at the time was really dirty...however hunting was awesome and we laughed a lot :)

    Hunting swans is a privilege and every serious waterfowler in the States should atleast try it once in his/her lifetime.



    P.S. Mute swans are considered feral in many Northeastern states however the state that has the most (Maryland) has gone the greeney route and only the Fish & Wildlife department are allowed to shoot them. They have not opened it to the public and never will.
  9. Shawn73

    Shawn73 Active Member

    hey james how much does something like this run
  10. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    I would be interested in this also.. looks like it may be fun! ;D
  11. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    The swan guide charges $100 or $150 per day. You should have no problem killing a nice one within a couple hours of the start of the hunt. Price does not include lodging or meals. The bear guide charged around $2500 for a 5 day hunt with lodging/meals included and I believe he allows you to shoot deer also.
  12. northernmontana

    northernmontana Active Member

    We still ahve swan hunting in Montana. Drawing and you have about a 50% chance of drawing one. If you do draw you can drive to freezeout lake anout 30 mins. from my house and have one in a few hours as long as they are down form Canada. They even have a toll free number you can call and they'll tell you how many are on the lake that day. It's about four different lakes with a path going between each lake, we just sit on the path and shoot them when they fly over. No guide needed. Hope this helps, Jody