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Thank you Mckenzie staff

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by boxerpet, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. boxerpet

    boxerpet Harry Paulson-grateful

    I and Mike Schlaback wish to thank the Mckenzie staff for their warm card and good wishes regarding our upcoming kidney surgeries which will happen on Sept 1 at the University of Washington hospital.It hunbles me to have such a responsible and well thought of taxidermy company contact us with good wishes. Myself and Mike have been very blessed by your warm wishes. I wish at this time with heart felt thanks want to thank all of my taxidermy friends for all your prayers and help with this up coming ordeal.I only wish I could personally thank each and everyone of you. God willing I may be able to personally thank each of you in the future at various taxidermy functions.I only wish that I may be able to help others who have their own crisis and needs in the very near future.
    Harry Paulson
  2. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Harry, that was a really nice card wasn't it!! I had a LONG HARD dang day today and when I got that card and read all the personal notes it totally changed my attitude/mood. It meant a lot!!

  3. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    That is fantastic. It is amazing how so many people and companies from all over have come together to show their support. Some very classy acts.