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Help from you Mears Fans

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by bw, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. I had the same problems with a fox form and a repro fish head I purchased from them. The measurments were way off from the catalog. I called them about it but I don't think they really cared.
  2. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    The mannikin is just a rough starting point, I suppose.

  3. bw

    bw New Member

    I listed the measurements for that exact form at the beginning of the thread. Check it out!! If you have trouble with the fit, be sure to let McKenzie know. Maybe they might measure that series and change the next catalog.
  4. IAtaxi

    IAtaxi Member

    Hopefully I'll be OK, this was the biggest deer I've ever been apart of dragging out of the woods.
  5. scandler

    scandler New Member

    george, no need to get p*****off for no reason. i was just stating that i like the forms and use alot of them and have learned how to measure them thats all. if i were to change up the forms im using then i may have to change up the way i measure things. im sure their are better forms out their that fit your still of mounting and thats great, mears works great for me, thanks.
  6. jorgy

    jorgy Member

    Yep, they always seem too big not where you measure, but more down in the mid neck area. I have always been able to get the sewn up, but I hate fighting mounts.

    I have found that they do look really nice with the really huge bodied deer.
  7. bw

    bw New Member

    Got replacements yesterday.

    SUO-176 7 1/2 x 21 1/2 x 22
    ACTUAL 7 5/8 x 22 x 23 1/2

    SUO-178 7 3/4 x 22 1/4 x 23
    ACTUAL 8 x 22 1/4 x 24
  8. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    We are trying to mount a 25 x 28 cape on a Mears 24 x 27 form today. We have a better chance of getting that cape on a caribou form than we do this deer form. This is the first & last one Im trying.
  9. bw

    bw New Member

    Bill, what are the actual measurements of the form?

    The sad part is, it isn't Bens fault. If the measurements in the catalog were accurate, we would be getting the right forms....instead of cussing the ones we order unknowingly.
  10. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Why don't they just measure them and change the catalog??? Very simple solution.
  11. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Why would I be "pissed" about anything???????? The only guy who manages that is that IDIOT Frogbrain. Just stating opinion.

    And actually, it IS Ben's fault. He sculpts them and measures differently from what we've always accepted as the "industry standard". He sold his company to McKenzie "as is" and they're simply duplicating his measurements in their catalog. Most of this crap started when the sculptors had to get stupid and start supplying A-B-C-D and E measurements. Why not stick with the Eye/Nose and Tight under the jaw/chin??? I understand that pre-rut/rut/post rut crap but build them anatomically correct and just sell them the sizes and the seasons instead of this crap. Now McKenzie has a bag full of crap trying to make it all work out. They need to start by demanding that their suppliers all comply with their measuring standards.

    Many of you don't recall McKenzie when it started. They advertised that they sold the "most anatomically correct" deer shoulder forms than anyone in the business. Well, they bought up all those other companies from that time and should look back at their advertising and get it done CORRECTLY.
  12. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    So Ben should go back and resculpt the masters and make new molds for something he sold off to McKenzie?
    Don't see that happening.
    Just order the next smaller size and be a taxidermist.
  13. Steve W

    Steve W Member

    Here's the measurement on my Mears

    Listed actual
    7 1/2 7 1/2

    21 1/2 21 3/4

    23 24 1/4

    Mckenzie "D" 28"
    This is the ss-26 semi sneak Although the "D" measurement is not listed, this would be a buck with a very heavy swell at the mid neck. Steve
  14. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Greg, did you ever watch "Quigley Down Under?" Tom Selleck has the best line in all cowboy Westerns at the end. "Never said I couldn't use one. Said I never much cared for them." Well that's how I feel about this issue. If you want to get rid of a customer, then sell him something he didn't buy. It's not that I CAN'T alter Mears forms, it's just that I won't choose to. It's simpler to order what I want and get it from some other supplier than having to play with my ass and guess what the measurements really are.
  15. OSS-206

    Mckenzie 7 1/4 x 21 x 19 1/2
    actual 7 x 22 1/4 x 19 3/4
  16. bw

    bw New Member

    I didn't realize the measurements came from Ben. If that's the case, then the first forms I had....there was something really wrong when they were measured. It was listed as 22 1/4 at the smalles point. There was no where on that form that measured less than 23, unless you measured around the bridge of the nose.

    I agree with Greg in that McKenzie could solve this by measuring all the forms and correcting the catalog. That's my main reason for starting this thread.

    And George has echoed my other reason. If the catalog says it's 22 x 24....that's what I expect....at least within a 1/4 inch or so at the swell.

    Glad to see some more measurements listed. Keep them coming, I'm adding them to my McKenzie catalog!!!
  17. godawgsrw

    godawgsrw New Member

    George, aside from the awesome portrayal of the 1874 Sharps Buffalo rifle, it was pretty funny when Matthew Quigley's sidekick Crazy Cora says "Don't worry, on a new job it's quite common for things not to go well at first."
  18. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    No excuse for a manikin to measure out differently than what is listed. If I need a 22 and order a 22, I expect a 22. Not a 24.


    This is just my theory and experiences with Mears forms. They are short in neck length. Some by as much as 3 to 4 inches. The capes will fit as listed BUT they are pulled forward to accommodate the swell. Not anatomically correct but customer pleasers, as the mounted deer will show larger than actual. Test me and see if you don't end up agreeing.

    My wording on this sounds stupid, but hopefully you understand what I'm trying to explain. They will fit, but just not the way we are accustom to. I think the listing is the way it is in that it is how Ben sculpted them. Short and fat whereas others are sculpted long and skinnier. The fit comes in making the cape stretch short and fat like the mannikin.
  19. bw

    bw New Member

    I agree that they are short necked forms. But when I stretched that 23 incher onto that 24 1/2 inch form (supposed to be 23)....the brisket was 4 inches from where it needed to be. No where near the anatomical markers on the form we use to line those patterns up. Not to mention there was no way in hell I would have ever gotten that incision sewed up.

    If it weren't for the excellent stretch my tanner produced, it never would have even gotten to that point. The tans I see in other guys shops never would have even been close.

    Hopefully someone from McKenzie is reading all this.
  20. Mears is not the only problem here . I ordered a Matt Thompson (63/4x17x18x201/2) and got a (63/4x16x17x18) way to small :mad: