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Trouble in Missouri

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by parttimetaxidermist, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. A.T.T.T.

    A.T.T.T. New Member

    I am "NO" sympathizer of a part time taxidermist, undercutter of everyones prices, doing it out of their house just for fun of it... type business operator!

    With that said: 1.) Are you undercutting his prices....if so...be brave enough to raise your prices and match his. Then maybe he'd not feel compelled to revert to such actions to protect his investments-labor and efforts
    2.) If you are doing it and have a license...go by the rules laid out buy the county and state that you live in! I wish that there was more laws that would hindered the pop up taxidermy shops, throughout America. They sometimes give the taxidermy business a bad name...here and gone...trophy and mounts ruined and missing...Who in the taxidermy business ,who's been in it for some time, can't tell a story about some fly by night who has done that in your area? AND 90% of the time...it's a home parttimer, for fun taxidermist and you know it is!!!!!

    Like I said...NO SYMPATHY HERE!
  2. Wiht that attitude, then if you dont have 30 years of experience you are part time. Store front dont mean squat. geez who thats been in the business for a bunch of years cant say they have seen a dozen store front shops close and disappear with everyone stuff.

    Maybe if you did good work then you would not worry about the part timers.

  3. A.T.T.T.

    A.T.T.T. New Member

    John C....you've probably seen some of my work from our other discussion ...if you went over to my F.B. page, I'm not the best nor am I'm I the worst. Take time and look at my work...I do good...better than good work! Will you be so kind to show me some of your work? How would you compair it to mine....There is "all taxidermists problems"...we rag on each others work. We undercut each other. I worked in a very large taxidermy shop in a northern state....they ragged on all other shops...ran down their competitions work to the MAX! It goes on in mom and pop's shops, to the biggest. I'll say it again...WHY can't we all get along? I believe that some of it is due to the undercutters and most of them are the ...for the fun of it part timers who under cut those who are trying to make a living doing taxidermy. I have other incomes...own two businesses and do alright...I graduate one of my students and their business sits there because of the undercutters.
    By the way...I am a Christian and I stand with Israel also!
  4. Whitetailart

    Whitetailart New Member

    I have a question for you A.T.T.T.
    You say you have 2 other business an do taxidermy also. In theses 3 other business are you the highest price in a 4 county area around you ?
  5. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    I just read this and was surprised. Years ago I had a business in Arnold and did obtain a license just like you and even one from Arnold and I did operate out of my house. Well as for as I know you can operate out of your house and work out of your house in the state of MO and in any county. There may be restriction from the city or even a sub division restrictions. The business I had in Arnold was there before it became a city so it was grand fatherd in. I now live in a sub division that says I can not operate a business out of there so I list another address but show the work being done in the subdivision. So for no complaints but I suspect I will eventually get some from the neighbors?????

    As for Paul Kantor, I know him and have been in his shop several time. Paul feels that us part timers are taking his business away from him... Well if he was as good as he believes he is this would not be a problem as the amount of work would be more than he can handle. His dis creptions on his net show his work which would not win a prize at any competition and his fish look like porcelain with a bad paint job. Well enough said as mine looks just as bad if not worse ..... so I am taking classes from others to do a better job than just commercial work.
    Thanks for the info though on Paul Kantor as I will tell others about him.