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The Week in Fish Pictures" ~Year 4~ Week # 41-42 !!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. No matter what I tried I lost some mettallics and warm colors in my photos Aaaargh! [​IMG]
  2. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    Very nice guys!! Brown is very cool ! Awesome teeth work...... ;D


  3. Wow... not sure where to start, there is so much incredible work on here, especially all of the largemouth! Very inspiring all of it, and now I must get back to work on finishing some of my own up.
  4. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member

    Be ue ti full!

    Mike congratulations -

  5. jt

    jt Member

    I think everyone would be interested in your tutorial photos. Awesome Brownie Mike!
  6. bnoody

    bnoody Member

    Mike, that brown is amazing. One of the nicestest silver phase great lakes browns I've ever seen.
    Your scale tipping is so soft yet has the subtle variations that make it look live.

    X2 on the tutorial, let's see it.
  7. of

    of New Member

    So many awesome fish this week. Mike, that´s one of the best Brown Trouts (any color phase) that I´ve ever seen. Amazing detail and color understanding, just awesome!!!!
    Nothing special from me this week. Needlefish replica, 360° mount. That little metal ring at the head is for hanging it up, it´s supposed to be in a museum.

    Greetings from Germany


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  8. of

    of New Member

    different angle, like Mike said, I also loose a lot of metallics and shimmering in my pictures

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  9. WNWA

    WNWA New Member

    great looking fish mike and oliver
    3x on tutorial,
    im with brian lets see it....
  10. NOAH@aarrkk

    [email protected] Active Member

    Custom Mold/cast north GA 39" gar, long and lean S-curve Real head used.
  11. That Tigerfish is awesome, would love to get my hands on one of those! Needlefish looks great too. How big is that? gonna be a few days on the tutorial, Thanks for the nice comments. Alot of inspiring stuff this week.
  12. Mike that Brown may bethebest fish in years!! Yes, tuit of course and how about the teeth in that head!!
  13. WNWA

    WNWA New Member

    noah thats a grreat looking gar too, keep up the good work...
  14. RokSAN

    RokSAN New Member

    What a greate fish. My eays sucked out! How can you do scales like that. Please tall me!
  15. DT10Sam

    DT10Sam No flow no go!

    Awesome work on that brown trout Mike, very breathe taking.....caught a few great lakes browns this year all looking exactly like that.

    X3 on the tutorial.

    Best regards,
  16. Clete

    Clete The A-10. My kind of warthog

    That brown is smokin!! Very good week of pictures everyone. Here's one from me this week. A Fall steelhead, basic customer skin mount-----carved body, cast head, still life eye, real fins.

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  17. Great Lakes Brown .. Mike superior work! Your the man.
  18. hambone

    hambone Active Member

    A tutorial on a great lake brown would be very timely for me I am expecting one next week and would very much appreciate your effort.
  19. Great fish guys, been a while for me .Here is my Metal red snapper Hope you enjoy.

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  20. kbauman

    kbauman Active Member

    Simply amazing work. My personal painting nightmare is a White Crappie reproduction. So, I am braving embarrassment this week with this customer piece I just completed.

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