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Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Taxi-lover, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Sweet display SD.
  2. alexm

    alexm New Member

    Great job Jeff Sweet
    Alex M


    TIM SCHLOSS Member

  4. nebs

    nebs New Member

    I really enjoy this thread and hope I will continue to see work from all the talented artist out there. I enjoy all types of birds, so please keep them coming guys! I do have to say Jeff, those are some sweet harlis. My blood gets going everytime I think about hitting the salt and chasing some seaducks! Great work.
  5. Beautiful piece SD. I love it. :)
  6. hodx

    hodx Herman Darr

    you know all the birds posted on here are great....so why all the ruckus
  7. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Nice birds along the discussion. Like I said before I just want to see here nice BIRDS. Bird has wings,so if it has feathers and it flies it is enough for me. I have never said what birds here should be shown and doesn't want to make any new rules like 3 ducks limit here...it would be ridiculous! I enjoy lookin ducks just as more as I like anything else. Predators are stunningly great looking birds also and where they can be mounted they are also wellcome here. It's same to me if someone could mount just house sparrows,but he makes it good he can post sparrows every week (not the same of course..). In my opinion this case is closed,forum operator has said his heavy word and we should respect that. This is not against the freedom of word or opinion,but the place is wrong! There's so many other ways and places where you can bring your opinions up to. I'm not saying we should be here like idiots to tell everyone that "wow thats so cool,you have done great",but we should be here in positive attitude and respect each other. And reason is clear why I want this to be critic free zone: EVERYONE CAN AND WILL HAVE a courage to post a picture without afraid of critic and hammering... And don't say that its only way to learn...could be so,but he can ask the critic from other topic than BotW if he/she want's. I hope no one wish there would be WW3 at the future..wars are made by people who don't give others respect and thought things are just like I say it would be,no matter what anyone else thinks. Lets keep the world in peace and this great website too!!!!

    Your's JP
  8. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    Well said JP I'm with you, looking forward to focusing on bird mounts.
  9. SD, Nice job on the birds and the base is dynamite. Always a pleasure to view the good work on here but I don't really care for thye other BS that goes on. I try to look right past it on to something good like the taxi work by other. Every body can't be great and we all started somewhere!!
  10. feather2009

    feather2009 Member

    haven't posted for a while, my week

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  11. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    fact is besides some of the hawks and owls..it is the "birds on a stick" that are plain and boring...no matter who can or cannot mount them....american taxidermists also seem to show more artistic skills as well....waterfowl mounts in different flying,swimming,diving poses with detailed dioramas.....sure I would love to have some more of the euro birds to add to the ones I have.....anyway I can grab my shotgun,walk out my back door and shoot whatever is in season......all year long..taxidermy collector....I said "ducks" not all birds
  12. lee tees valley

    lee tees valley tweety luvva.

    ;D the reason the duck's are dressed up so much is ,so ya can sell dem ;D duck is duck they need some help in sellin them ;) over here duck's are worthless, no matter how well mounted 8) folk dont want them :D :-*. the usa must be sinkin under stuffed ducks ;D i guess ya's have to come up with sumthing a bit differant to sell em ;D;D ;D euro collectors like nice well presented bird, the more variety or rarer the better 8) 8) the bird is the focus 8) no need for fussy arse scratchin poses or mountains of rock and vegatation ;D ;)
  13. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Can't "sell dem" (ducks) here.
    But people DO want them ;)
  14. "euro collectors like nice well presented bird, the more variety or rarer the better"

    Ah, that's where we differ...I prefer my ducks MEDIUM rare...
  15. drakeman

    drakeman Active Member

    Nice birds! GC that is a killer mallard and Atwater that is one of the coolest spoonie mounts I have seen. Nice work to all!
  16. GC, That Mallard Rocks... Don't let all the jellous fellows get under your skin... This is one of the first threads I look at , to see all the BIRD MOUNTS, not to sift through all the BS... Lets get back to BIRD OF THE WEEK... Not BS of the week...
  17. lee tees valley

    lee tees valley tweety luvva.

    only people who can own nothing else :'( ;D ;D ;)
  18. JBird

    JBird Member

    Great BOTW as always - wonderful taxidermy and images. Not really sure about the silly arguing - especially since I'm an American born and raised and have a HUGE collection of birds - very few of them ducks or gamebirds. Its definately NOT the only thing we can have, buy or sell. We just can't do anything endangered or native. There is a whole world of exotics and breeders who keep them here. I think that the American hunter takes his sport seriously and appreciates his "trophy" which includes the memory of the hunt - many times including special moments with friends and family - to me - that is what the "duck" or "pheasant" represent - and the reason behind their popularity - the memory of the hunt - and that is wat 99% of my duck and pheasant clients are having done for them - few if any of them are collectors -

    you want to talk about collectors - I can send you photo's of american collections that can rival any european collection. What a silly thing to make a big stink over -

    Keep all the bird pictures comming - last I checked - all ducks were birds too.
  19. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    i noticed the new Bird of the week hasn't been started yet. I hope JP didn't say screw it all because of one persons whining. ???
    He (taxidermycollecror)may not enjoy the bird of the weeks, but I sure do.
  20. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Oh...I scared that I really screwed but then noticed that this is first week of two week period! There has been little more "traffic" this week so it seemed that couple of weeks has past allready... I continue BotW no matter what,I won't let this fine topic to be runed by anyone. And we still live in free world,if someone don't like this thread he/she can stay away from it. This isn't place you MUST hang around if it won't please. And no worries,ducks will get chosen as a "winner" as allways if I like them that much. It still is a bird anyway... ;)

    So...second week is going on,bring those birds on,let's keep this rolling!! :D